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We've been in a Teenage Dream ever since Darren Criss first serenaded us on Glee, but our three season long dream might turn into a nightmare!!! Darren'… Read more…

13 comments to “Darren Criss To Be Killed Off Glee?! Blaine's Future Uncertain!”

  1. Jessice says – reply to this


    all he said is that he wasn't sure what was happening… you're so dramatic. killed? really?

  2. Terra says – reply to this


    How did you go from being uncertain to him being killed off? He just means that maybe he won't have as big of a role, but he's hoping they'll keep his character around. That doesn't mean they're going to kill Blaine off…

  3. Isistelle says – reply to this


    Stupidest thing ever! Even Glee wouldn't make such a thing happening

  4. Marie says – reply to this


    You're just a drama queen, like if Ryan would kill his best seller ! Dimbass

  5. Steph Strain says – reply to this


    Absolutely correct. Do NOT panic, folks. (a) Blaine is a popular character, (b) he pretty much will be watching over TWGD (Burt) for Kurt and (c) Darren is a very talented and popular performer. "Future uncertain" > no less than the others, the year before - but with tentative plans to apply to NYADA. It would be ludicrous to expect killing off, particularly for a comedy.

    My first thought would be that this (or any departure for Darren Criss) would only happen if Darren himself obtained an opportunity elsewhere that he preferred (which doesn't sound to be the case) or contract negotiations fell through.

  6. david says – reply to this


    Maybe not killed of but a cameo ala puck, i would HATE that and will hackle the hell out this show if they plan to put Darren in the background like that!!
    After all Darren has done for this show to treat him with such little respect.
    First do character assasination on Blaine then put him in the background (as will most likely be the case for the rest of the season) then remove him completly next season and hope nobody notices it. Oh yea and bring in some replacement in this oliver guy, FUCK YOU RIB, FUCK YOU!!
    god i'm pissed of!!

  7. jane smith says – reply to this


    Re: david

    if Darren criss is either 'killed off' or put on a recurring status, I'm done with Glee

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  9. Me says – reply to this


    I can't stand him or his character so having him killed off would probably improve the show.

  10. klaine sucks says – reply to this


    aww, you got my hopes up.

  11. cookiegirl says – reply to this


    It's his fault why the writers can make a decent storyline or backstory on Blaine,there was a time Brad Fulchuk ask him to tell about himself so they can adopt anything special about the cast since most of Glee's character was base on the actors/actors life experience. It was his shot to represents American teenage Hapa's since there are escalating of mixed race in America (hello Obama is great example). Instead he declined to contribute and I'm guessing it right he's just faking his I love my being half-Filipino advocacy since he's too afraid for those Filipinos are very opinionated on the internet. How stupid of him not to take advantage of his Filipino side cause just like Blaine they obsessed in singing particularly in karaoke and as Ellen DeGeneres said most of the singers came from the Philippines. How do I know this I am married to one and been living here for 3 years and my hubby just like Britanny said Filipinos are hard workers and family is important to them.

  12. Skiwoman60 says – reply to this


    No way as I love Blaine.One of my favorite characters

  13. Liz says – reply to this


    Lol. People think Darren Criss is famous for playing Blaine. WRONG. He's Harry Freakin' Potter.