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Tom Cruise Is Moving To Korea?!

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..Not quite, but it's not out of the question now!

During Tom Cruise's press tour for Jack Reacher, the 50-year-old will stop in Busan, Korea and they're so excited to have the action star that they're granting him honorary citizenship on Thursday.

An official from the South Korean city said:

"The visit of a top star and director will contribute to promoting Busan’s important status in Asia for cinema. The city has decided to award the honorary citizenship to Mr. Cruise in recognition to his contribution to the industry."

He is a BIG contributor and Busan also happens to be home to Asia's largest film festival, but this will mark the first time the city will host a red carpet premiere for a foreign movie not apart of the festival.

That does sound pretty major!

Korean fans love Tom so much that they call him "friendly Uncle Tom"…

..and we can just imagine all the new friends he'll make.

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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4 comments to “Tom Cruise Is Moving To Korea?!”

  1. GenXY says – reply to this


    indeed, tis would be the place where Tom Cat can rebound after the rest of the world speculate on his consistent success formulas all these years. why? bc those fans only remember him in that white shirt only (TG).

  2. Mr Pete says – reply to this


    I just hope when I'M 50,
    I look half that good
    Good living does pay off

  3. 3

    Get off the O's
    & Get ole those snowflakes onto the people.
    Your looking OT.one-seven!!!
    If it's real - its gotta be. [WAY.to.go.O.Tom]
    Now's the time to read 'One Straw Revolution' too.(Whether you're in
    Korea or Century City.)

  4. Maurizio says – reply to this