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It’s over! It’s finally over! Sure, Bristol Palin’s reality TV show, Life's a Tripp, has been over for months now, but the dramz surrounding it has… Read more…

5 comments to “Bristol Palin’s Reality Show Dramz Finally Ends: Kyle Massey Settles Lawsuit!”

  1. JM says – reply to this


    Shit, Bristol Palin looks even worse than before after all that ELECTIVE surgery on her face…what the hell are these people thinking!!

  2. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    This Fugly Alaskan Out-Back Whore is just a money-grubbing, two-timing Slut, who spread her legs for Levi, 'claimed' she was drunk, and popped out a retarded kid…..just as pathetic as her stupid mother. Must be killing her that she is not in the spotlight ! Alll that plastic surgery, and she still looks like a dog from yer local pound ! LOL !

  3. EMC says – reply to this


    I'll bet part of the settlement required the Masseys, mom and sons, to sign a non-disclosure agreement that prevents them from talking about Bristol or any other of the Palins.

    Particularly preventing talking about the diaper-changing the boys were doing in early 2011 (Tripp was more than 2 years old by then), and the only DWTS contestant to gain 20 pounds in 8 weeks of practice and competition, Bristol the Blob. Also preventing them from talking about the Stage Mother from Hell, Bristol's mom.

  4. Mabel says – reply to this


    Sarah Palin has a team of lawyers on speed dial. She is so used to having valid ethical complaints filed about her money making schemes and knifing people in the back that she no longer can tell how a human should treat another human being. Thinks she is God and it is her duty to decide who should be punished and who should be praised. Nothing like being the elephant that never forgets and always is carrying grudges. Bristol is the same–it's all about getting ahead and pushing others out of the way. Only thing we know for sure is that Levi has become more popular in public opinion that Bristol is; and that the Lawyers make sure that whoever they settle with has a clause saying that if they talk about the settlement, the money goes back to Sarah. Levi is bound by these terms; so is Tripp (Todd's mistress); the wife of Todd's former business partner (who named Sarah as having an affair with her husband when she filed for divorce); so is Bristol's former employer (the dermatologist who is supposedly paying Bristol to never come to work as his office manager); also Gino and Ben and Andy and the buy in the bar. Many former State workers who wanted to blow the lid on Sarah's self promotion and coverups of unethical behavior as Governor are also on this list. You can just betcha that Sarah has had to pay the Masseys but we will never know all the terms of the agreement.

  5. Terri says – reply to this


    The neat thing about the Palins is they don't care who they screw–if the guy is a good looking guy and it means that they will come out on top, they will crew you one way–and if they will come out ahead monetarily, they will screw you threw the jugular vein. Lesson to any guy who meets them: nothing the Palins do matters as much as them getting attention for themselves or getting money in their bank accounts. After all, they need all the money so their LLC can find people who are desperate and fiancially underwater on their homes and have to sell their house at a huge loss. Time for the fmaily of grifters to get another house for themseleves.