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Lindsay Lohan Planned WHAT With Elizabeth Taylor's Jewels?!

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We feel like this story is becoming its own Lifetime original movie, LOL! Seriously, the absurdity is killing us! But where's that popcorn…

As we just discussed, Lindsay Lohan has been accused of stealing a priceless bracelet that once belonged to the great Elizabeth Taylor.

Given to her nurse as a gift, Elizabeth left the jewels with a longtime confidante. But those jewels were later found missing after the nurse showed them to Linds during the filming of Liz and Dick.

Now, simply stealing them would be horrific enough, but the next chapter of this story is truly disturbing. The source revealing the deets on the situation reveals:

"Lindsay had taken the bracelet that was owned by Taylor – and left to her long-time nurse after she died – without the nurse’s knowledge or permission, to a jeweler. Lindsay wanted the jeweler to reproduce a fake replica of the bracelet and she planned on giving that one back to the nurse. Lindsay planned on keeping the original and bragged to friends about her brilliant plan. However, the plan was thwarted when the nurse demanded that Lindsay return the treasured piece, or she was going to the cops. One of Lindsay’s minions returned the bracelet shortly thereafter."

And GET THIS… the source also says that during the nurse's panic, Linds had the audacity to text her and say:

"Elizabeth would be very upset with how you are behaving."

Riiiight… cuz Linds totally spent more time with Liz than the nurse did, so she's definitely the authority on the matter. LOL!

Again, we're not 100% sold on the legitimacy of the story here, but we're not 100% convinced it's false either. Where there's smoke, there's fire…

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5 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Planned WHAT With Elizabeth Taylor's Jewels?!”

  1. 1

    That's horrible, but it doesn't surprise me at all. You should do us all a favor and stop posting anything about her. Maybe then she will drop off the scene and none of us have to hear about her undeserving life. She isn't going to change unless she is forced to do a year stint in jail, even then that's reaching.

  2. BobbieFisher2 says – reply to this


    Well, now I've heard everything. How low can this heartless imbecile sink? And Lady Gaga hangs out with her?! What's up with that? I used to love Gaga way back in The Fame days when she first came out - what happened to her? I used to think her "Fame" lust was a sarcastic commentary on people just like Lohan - and now I wonder if Gaga has fallen into the same trap. But back to Lohan - someday, somehow, somewhere - it's all going to come crashing down. It's crashing down in slo-mo right now as we are reading this. The NY Times article, the court cases, the IRS, her parents, the still clubbing hag, the physical assaults, the drinking, the drugs, the furs - and now stealing from a kind, old woman and bragging about it. Like I said - I think she is beyond redemption.

    And there's no work in sight for her. And she's going to have a HUGE tax bill for 2012 with no money in her birkin bag. Just a water bottle filled with vodka, cigarettes and her small cache of cocaine. The IRS is going to be living up her ass for a long time. The sh(t is going to hit the fan soon, friends. Very soon. And I won't be sorry for at all.

  3. 3

    From what I was told, the woman still has the text and it's from Lindsay's number. That's proof enough for me.

  4. 4

    This story had been debunked two days ago.

    Perez, you really like to stir shit even though you know the story is fake.

  5. 5

    lindsay, kanye and the kardashits should all be in jail…fuck'm all.