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The Real Reason Behind Bethenny Frankel's Divorce!

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Why do U think Bethenny and Jason split????

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This Week In Celebrity Twitpics & Instagrams!
This Week In Celebrity Twitpics & Instagrams!
This Week In Celebrity Twitpics & Instagrams!
This Week In Celebrity Twitpics & Instagrams!
This Week In Celebrity Twitpics & Instagrams!

31 comments to “The Real Reason Behind Bethenny Frankel's Divorce!”

  1. Cookie says – reply to this


    Perez do you even have to ask? If I have to see another one of her lame products being marketed I will need some serious medication. Bethany has used her pr strings to do some major damage control but guess what….her "fans" are no longer drinking her kool aide..the tide has turned and I can't seem to feel any pity for her.

  2. Queen says – reply to this


    I personally watched the show and in my opinion they rushed into marriage prematurely. He seemed like a very down to earth person, while she on the other hand had herself on a higher pedestal. Her interactions in his hometown, his parents, among many other things I personally found alarming (Red Flag). A very Opinionated woman again in my opinion. I knew their marriage was destined for failure because they seem like to opposite people. Different goals, views of reality, and growing old and living with one another. Things are always double sided and were only seeing one at this time. Time will only tell what lead to the demise of their marriage. Were the outsiders here and were honestly not the ones to judge here.

  3. sidney says – reply to this


    First, I love Bethanny, I think shes hilarious! I'm so sad that the marriage didnt work out but I cant say I didnt see it coming. Bethanny and Jason were totally different people from the beginning. In the show it was obvious she was not interested in spending time with Jason's family, who he was really close to. And that for me was a majorrrrr red flag for Jason! If she didnt want to put in the effort to become part of jason's family I just didnt see how they would ever last. They obviously had different priorities. Bethanny seems to be very independent and career driven, and couldnt let herself be vulnerable and dependent on Jason for anything, especially things that would upset her, shed tell her therapist before she would tell her husband.

  4. shleezball says – reply to this


    I think Bethany has become fame hungry. Her husband is so easy going and i believe she should try and make it work they are so cute together but expecially for their little baby girl.

  5. me says – reply to this


    Bethenny is worried about Bethenny and that is it (and her daughter). She married a good guy, but she should have married a sleezy, fast lane entreprenuer, someone superficial like herself. She is greedy and selfish and only cares about the brass ring. Bethenny is arrogant, narcisstic and ME, ME, ME! I guess her Mom was right. Bethanny, could I have Jason's phone #??

  6. Jan says – reply to this


    Jason liked who Bethenny was when he hooked up with her. After the premature birth of their daughter, he expressed that he wanted MORE children. Bethenny was concerned due to her age but he pressured her into getting pregnant again but Bethenny had a miscarriage which is hard on anyone's marriage. Jason is too attached to his clinging parents and pushed Bethenny to spend more time with them. Jason needs a YOUNGER wife that likes to spend every weekend and holiday with HIS parents and that wants to have a lot of babies.

  7. Chrissy says – reply to this


    They are both wonderful people. They have figured out themselves that they are not wonderful together and made a decision that was best for them. No one has the right to judge them. Those that are judging are not immune to flaws. Jason is a great guy and Bethenny is an amazing woman. I wish them both the best!

  8. Jan says – reply to this


    Jason was looking for a wife to stay pregnant and spend weekends and holidays with HIS family in PA. Clearly picking a businesswoman in a bar in NYC was not the wisest decision. He needs to find a younger girl in PA that shares his desires. I do not think NYC has too many that fit that bill.

  9. 9

    the reality show is over, Jason is no longer needed. Its as simple as that. bethany frankel is for bethany frankel and thats it. her daughter will hate her guts by the time she is 15

  10. Snowhite says – reply to this


    I was a huge fan of Bethany and saw every episode I do blame her she never bent for Jason it seemed like….It always about her career and more more more she is doing too much and letting him get to her every comment he made she turned into a fight she was tired and cranky from all her gigs if you want a marriage to work it is work I have been married 7 years and will say the first two years were the hardest living with someone is really hard especially when are raised very differently but it gets better you learn how to work together as a team I am a fan of bethany no longer she is nice but get out of the spot light for years and the marriage would have worked also catholic marriage retreats I hear are good she should have gone to his church

  11. Sarah Beautiful 78 says – reply to this


    I am a huge Bethenny fan and I did watch Bethenny ever after. I feel like she is getting attacked for not wanting to spend time with his parents. I understand that when you marry you do marry into the family, but Bethenny like myself doesn't come from a close family. I feel that Jason used that against her many times, I've heard him say it, I've heard Bethenny discuss it with her Dr. I don't think that was a red flag at all. I think she feared getting close to the family because Jason kept telling her there was something wrong with her for not wanting to spend every wknd with them which is insane. He needs to cut the cord from his Mummy and should've stepped up to support the family he made. He always stated he never wanted his wife to be more financially well off then him (red flag for Bethenny) and I believe she tried everything she possibly could.

  12. sarah beautiful 78 says – reply to this


    Re: Jan – I couldn't agree more Jan

  13. fanofbethennyfrankel says – reply to this


    Jan I agree with all you say. I did like Jason though and hoped that they would last the pace..
    I just feel that it is so unfair the things that are being said about Bethanny, such nasty comments on other social networks.
    They have decided to part company, it is their decision and no-one has the right to interfere nor do they have the right to condemn her and her alone for this break-up..I wish them both well..

  14. TreatOthers says – reply to this


    I have been a fan of Bethenny's for awhile, but have to say that although I am not surprised about her filing for divorce; I am disappointed. I think that she hides behind her past, uses it as an excuse to act the way that she does. The truth is that she seems scared; scared to put herself out there, she has built a wall and every time that her husband does something that she doesn't like she uses all that pain and fear to push him away. She started her marriage with the thought, in the back of her mind, that it wasn't going to work out. Is marriage easy?? No, but nothing worthwhile in life is. You make a commitment to something and you do what you have to do to help it along. Of course, I don't believe that people should stay together if all that they do is fight in front of their children. But can she honestly say that she did everything that she could to make her marriage work. Did she work as hard on her marriage as she does marketing her brand?? I don't think so and if she is honest with herself, she knows she didn't.

  15. easy says – reply to this


    Bethany doesn't have any long term close adult relationships. I am not saying this is her fault. I am sure she is a product of her upbringing. She needed a man that was emotionally unavailable and away a lot though it is obvious leaving a situation is her only comfort zone. I just hope she doesn't have custody of her daughter and if Jason lets her have it he is not the man he portrayed himself to be.

  16. Heather says – reply to this


    I think one can never REALLY know what is going on in someone's home and a 'reality' show of their lives is not going to give a true gauge either because everyone knows those shows are - at least to an extent and some more than others - scripted. Just from interviews and from watching episodes of BEA and taking into account that the show was somewhat scripted, I think Bethenny is a girl who probably wouldn't last in ANY long-term relationship. She's about Bethenny. She has to be the center of attention at all times. There's no room for anyone else to be the focus, including a husband or partner, and eventually, this will be true of her daughter. She will likely always try and find someone who is content with being in the background, the brunt of her jokes and never having a voice. And I think that was Jason. I think his personality leans that way. The problem with this - and why it ultimately fails - is Bethenny ends up losing respect for him in the long run and ultimately resenting him for not stepping up and taking charge. The problem that will arise if she DOES find a mate who is not afraid to step up and take charge is she won't allow that because SHE has to be in charge and the main attraction. It's a viscious cycle. It's also the definition of a narcissist.

  17. IsmellBS says – reply to this


    Re: Heather – Jason put up with it because he is the kind that wouldn't walk away from his daughter and his personal happiness comes second. She has much more money to fight him, lawyers don't come cheap, so if he doesn't "win" ( are there ever any winners in divorce?) don't think it is because of lack of want.
    And, yes, she is a BIG ole narcissist!

  18. jadeh says – reply to this


    I like Bethenny and Jason. But I do not like the way she treated people especially his parents. She also came to the area and consistently criticzed and put down the people of that PA area as though she was above everyone. The show was also produced in part by her in which she was able to spin the way she made people appear. Only they know what happened and he deserves his say too. It does appear she is using every channel to show how sad she is to protect her image after her divorce demands. She also made sure she filed before she fled to Aspen. Seems there is a bit more to it all. I think she has a lesson to learn the hard way. She keeps putting it out there how sad she is and may be but then criticizes those that don't agree with her. If the public ignore her and this mess maybe she will learn she is not "all that."

  19. smart1 says – reply to this


    Use some common sense to define Bethanney Frankel. Bethanney is a self absorbed crazy fame whore who has a dumpster truck mouth and zero values and is a "role model" to no one but her own fantasies. She was rude and disrespectful to a lot of people on her reality show and never treated Jason with love and respect. It is actually healthy and normal to want to spend time with aging parents who love and support you and Bethanney was jealous, controlling and divisive and wanted to keep Jason away from his loving family because she never had one. Jason wanted to spend more time with his family because his parents lost a son. I hope Jason gets full custody of his little girl otherwise, we will be seeing the crazy Bethanny repeat in 20 years.

  20. 20

    Jason is a nice guy, but he can also be a whiny bitch sometimes. What was that whole thing about him being uncomfortable with his wife being more successful than him. Get over it Jason. They are both whiny bitches actually. They are good looking, rich people with a beautiful healthy child ( which bethenny should be happy about considering her age). I mean how lucky could your lives be. Yeah bethenny you had mommy issues growing up, but who doesn't? They need to get over themselves and grow up. They took vows and have a child to think of. Make it work people

  21. Dee says – reply to this


    Well, these are real people here, this happens everyday to couples. I feel for Bethenny, I think everything came to quick for this couple. I think they got engaged, married, had a baby and her business exploding - it all happened in such a short time span. I think that they needed to date longer to see if they were truly compatible because from what I witnessed on the shows is that they weren't. They are such different people with different ambitions and different backgrounds. I think both will find love again, they should, everyone deserves it. I hope that they are able to work everything out as painless and amicable as possibly for Bryn. I don't know why everyone is trashing Bethenny - she is a celebrity with a lot of money yes, but she is a real person too, I am sure she would have loved to have her fairytale marriage but it didn't happen. Let them get on in peace.

  22. Chaarr says – reply to this


    I'm not sure what I believe with Beth. She planned almost the same thing with her hairdresser on RHONY. Not sure what season it was but she told him if she didn't have a child by 39 would he marry her? She said he could basically do whatever he wanted to do and she would take care of him and they could divorce whenever he was ready or something like that. That's kind of what happened to Jason isn't it? Bethenny will use whatever she can to further herself and when I see her tweeting things like she fell asleep watching TV with Bryn and who knows Bryn may have been watching porn while Bethenny was asleep. That's funny to her but how do you think Jason's parents feel? She's always very improper and she needs to come clean about herself to he public and herself. She has been pretending.

  23. fanofbethennyfrankel says – reply to this


    Re: Cookie – Absolute rubbish to say that her fans no longer drink her products. If you dont like her dont comment. Who asked you to pity her fgs

  24. fanofbethennyfrankel says – reply to this


    Re: Chaarr – She said to her gay hairdresser that if were both still single when she reached 40 that they could have a baby. She was joking about the television thing with Bryn fgs. Why make things up about a person?? Jason is not snow white here, he was pretty nasty to her on camera many times. how come you did not see that??? Leave the woman alone

  25. fanofbethennyfrankel says – reply to this


    Re: Dee – Dee how lovely and refreshing to see a nice comment about Bethenny and her situation. I do not understand all the backlash that only he is receiving regarding their private lives, I just dont get it. I wish them both all the best although at times I was angry at how rude Jason was towards his wife in front of staff etc. I know she is no angel but she does not deserve to get all the blame for this break up, which is the mentality of some who are posting about her. They both love their little girl, that is clear to see.

  26. fanofbethennyfrankel says – reply to this


    Re: smart1 – Nasty!

  27. Fair says – reply to this


    I was an avid watcher of RHONY and Bethenny Ever After, and I also remember her from Martha Stewart Apprentice days.Bethenny and Jason both come across as good people, but just way too different. Jason seems homegrown and sweet, and close to his family. Bethenny's huge jaded personality eclipsed and emasculated him. She also came from a broken, dysfunctional home, and didn't seem to understand the close relationship Jason had with his parents. They seemed to welcome her and it was like she was scared of people being nice to her and pushed it away. There was also a situation in Jason's family that created an unusual family dynamic, his brother passed away, and that can make a surviving child so much closer and more obliged to his parents. Lastly, Bethenny's flirting with other men necame very blatant and sexually charged. As time went on, it exceeded appropriate boundaries, even making the target uncomfortable. This peaked when she spent the night with her male skating partner in the same residence and it just looked very bad. I wish botj parties good luck, and hope they can be positive coparents for their sweet daughter.

  28. Leah Bee says – reply to this


    I'm sorry I have never been a Bethenny fan. I thought she was annoying on RHONY. I thought the way she was with kelly was wrong. I know I know Kelly's a mental midget but Bethenny is a neurotic bully. She'll be delighted to know that I did watch her show and i saw her call her husband an idot. Go off on her in-laws and general act as though she was the queen of the world and everyone around her existed to serve her. She is so self-centered. And her obsession with her not comparably bad childhood is just an extension of her egoism. I saw Julie's resignation coming and I saw the inevitability of her divorce. Jason seems like a relatively level-headed nice guy who is good-looking, he has no reason to put up with the mental lashings she's doling out. And another thing, people who are willing to watch her talk show and take her advice on life need to have their head examined. The only thing Bethenny can teach any woman is how to get on TV and self-promote–and good luck with that. She is not my kind of girl.

  29. Oeseph says – reply to this


    Run Run Jason & Bre as far away from Narcissist Bethenny
    She is a very unhealthy fake healthy person

  30. Bobbi says – reply to this


    Bethenny had it all husband ,money for the three of them, a beautiful daughter,lovely home. What more does she want? Her husband adored her,he has a supportive family who would be there for them.she has become too power hungry . She said that she will be lonely……well baby you will be. She does not know a good thing when she had it.when she is on her own then she will realize the mistake she made divorcing Jason.

  31. 31

    No question that it was coming. He did not GET her. He made her feel responsible for being miserable when in fact it was him doing it. Who could deal with that - being told all the time you are DAMAGED! He is boring, his parents are boring, move on Bethany. You deserve more.