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Selena Gomez Fed Up With Justin Bieber's Constant Need For Attention?! Jelena Split Is Permanent!

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Selena Gomez might've loved Justin Bieber like a love song, but she'll never hit rep-e-e-e-eat again!!

Despite reports that Selener and Justin broke up because of a wandering eye, we’re now hearing the caput relationship was also due to a very needy Bieby.

Jelena ended for good after a string of break ups and reunions back in December while the couple vacationed together in Mexico as a result of her boyfriend’s constant need for attention!!!

A close friend to the pop princess said:

“Justin is super needy and can be a big baby around Selena. It’s hard for him to make real friends because he likes the temporary attention of strangers, but didn’t realize how it hurt Selena. Selena didn’t feel Justin was respectful of their relationship. She was constantly catching him in positions with other girls that would make her uncomfortable. She would get super jealous. Selena is Justin’s first love and he’s still young enough that he desperately tries to make it work. But Selena is mature enough to just know when to end it and be realistic that it isn’t working.”

Right on, Selena!!! We always knew you were super mature for your age!

What can you expect from Justin, though?! He is a true artist and artists are emotional, sensitive creatures!!!!

Hopefully Justin will come to understand that young love usually doesn’t last forever and will stop wallowing in the ganja!! Drugs may numb you temporarily, but they won’t cure your broken heart!

[Image via WENN.]

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23 comments to “Selena Gomez Fed Up With Justin Bieber's Constant Need For Attention?! Jelena Split Is Permanent!”

  1. 1



  2. 2

    I could see that Selena probably did catch Justin flirting with girls. That's what he does. That's part of his charm. I think this is just a young relationship that they will both move on from and learn some life lessons.

  3. jenn says – reply to this


    Justin seems like a real douche, hes young and naïve. just give him time to grow and learn. as for selena, I think she needs a real mature man like zac efron, or ryan gosling. selena is too mature for Justin.

  4. katie says – reply to this


    I think selena should switch boyfriends with miley cyrus. selena and liam seem like a better fit. miley and Justin have a lot in common. they both smoke weed, act like sluts and embarrasses their families

  5. MaryDtn9 says – reply to this


    Jelena and Haylor are done, yester news. The doctor prescribes corrective surgery to install thermostats and a reset buttons. For the next year take Jaylor twice a day, a prescription for BFF with benefits. With similar schedules and careers they will rarely see each other, when they do, no drama, no BS, just fun. Some fans (cutters) need to get a life. Because of Media BS real strength and survival for celebs resides within supporting each other. On February 9th when JB hosts SNL he should bring along a surprise guest? Is TS or CRJ available? Let’s dedicate 2013 to fewer drama queens and more fun. As a side observation, JB could also kick start his acting career by portraying autobiographies of JT and or EMINƎM in their earlier careers. There are visual and vocal resemblances. Have a great day.

  6. 6

    She was sick of a boy… Selena wants a real man to rock her world baby. You know what I mean. Oh Justin…..

  7. fid says – reply to this


    I know his stylist is his friend but he needs to get fired. I thought those diaper pants were "in" like 5 years ago and will be remembered as one of the worst fashion trends in history. Why is he trying to bring it back?

  8. ihatelies says – reply to this


    how the hell do you guys know they broke up i mean they Havant even confirmed it

  9. 9

    how do you guys knw all this is true like leave justin alone 2013 looks like is going to be a bad year for the poor mr bieber

  10. 10

    Re: ihatelies – i agree with you 100%nhow do you guys knw

  11. Eva says – reply to this


    yeah selena is mature enough with 20 years, but when justin will be 20, he will still be kid for people around

  12. Sarah says – reply to this


    this is good, finally justin will have chance to find normal girlfriend

  13. molly says – reply to this


    ya shes way mutrue she's pretty smart he's not cute smart she can do better right ????

  14. Bieber Love says – reply to this


    Honestly…. Selena have tp understand that Justin is a Celebrity .. he has fans who is girls… an the fans ask 4 photos with him he will not refuse them bcuz of Selena! Justin fans is what got him were he is today! Selena is only part of his life! She suppose to respect the other half! She said she understand his fan base… but she lied! All of sudden Justin is too needy and he's a baby an he likes attention! WHAT KIND OF BS IS THAT?! IN THE FIRST PLACE WHY DID SHE WENT WITH HIM FOR ?!! SELENA ALWAYS DO THIS! SHE MAKES EVERY NICE GUY SHE DATE FALL IN LOVE WITH HER AN THEN SHE DUMPS THEM AN MAKE UP OF ALL OF STUPID SHE ABOUT THEM! I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN! I JUST FEEL SORRY FOR JUSTIN… HE HAD TO GO TRUE A HEART BREAK! :( I ALWAYS KNEW SHE WOULD RUIN HIM BUT JUSTIN IS STRONG HE WILL RAISE AGAIN… EVERY BELIEBER OUT THERE IS PRAYING FOR HIM AN HANDING HIS HANDS! I LOVE YOU JUSTIN! DON'T LIKE THIS BRING YOU DOWN! YOU HAVE MY SUPPORT ! ;)

  15. 15

    I knew this was going to happen.slutena needed somebody else for more fame and money.i bet she will go for one of the members of one direction.

  16. Kiss my ass says – reply to this



  17. OOOOOO says – reply to this


    Everyone has periods of weakness. Everyone has times of need. If a mate bails on you in your time of need, it suggests they are selfish or insecure in their capacity to love and nurture.

    Perhaps he's better off without her.

    Granted, it doesn't help to flirt and hang with other women either, as it creates insecurity within the relationship.

    The pot thing ….so what?

    Mr. Bieber, if you are reading…. You're young, rich, handsome, talented, etc…go live large, have as much fun and get as much pungtang as you can. You'll find a good one eventually.

  18. m. lowry says – reply to this


    Re: OOOOOO – dear selena gomez, i might be yours and justins oldest fan.( 79) i am very sad to see what is happening to the both of you. i wish i could sit down with both of you and talk about your relationship. i don't know what you have been going through and am not blaming you. i'm sure you are very hurt as is justin.

  19. nimako twummaa says – reply to this


    salena now i know dat u're cheap,slut,fuck,bitch,ugly n a jerk.at 1 i used 2 luv u,bt now u're de worst of al.

  20. MidnightGlacer says – reply to this


    Re: Kiss my ass – Yeah….Riiight… *sarcastic* Dude…..You barely even know them…Have you even met these people in person? This might be an old saying but…NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT"S COVER…

  21. Blumebieber says – reply to this


    Im a selenator and also a bieliber so pliz make up bcoz u looked so cute together .PS Jb drugs will kill ya nt heal ya

  22. Blumebieber says – reply to this


    Re: sskiles – oh shut up katie.no offence

  23. Blumebieber says – reply to this


    Re: Kiss my ass – im wid ya dude