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Lindsay Lohan Admits She WAS A Nightmare On Canyons Set But Denies Boozing!

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Well, we didn't doubt it for a second!

An insightful article recently came out detailing Lindsay Lohan's misadventures on the set of micro-budget indie flick The Canyons

And in the the exquisite piece of entertainment journalism, the author describes how lindsay was FIRED for not showing up, her arrogance on set, her hard pAArtying ways, how she refused to get naked for a 4 way sex-scene until director Paul Schrader stripped down too, AND how she apparently got behind the wheel of a car after drinking alcohol!

And you know what? Lindsay says it's all true! Well, mostly.

Our Lady of Perpetual Chaos is apparently telling friends that yes, the article IS pretty accurate, however the allegations of her driving under the influence are complete BULL POOP.

In fact, Lilo is reportedly claiming that she didn't drink at all during The Canyons production, and that even though director Paul Schrader would pour vodka shots at the end of a day's filming, she did NOT partake!

And we totes believe you Lindz!

Cause Lindsay Lohan does NOT drink, you guys!


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8 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Admits She WAS A Nightmare On Canyons Set But Denies Boozing!”

  1. 1

    getting a little better there PERV-ez, only 12 hours late with this copied story.

  2. BobbieFisher2 says – reply to this


    Let's call a spade, a spade here. Schrader the director fired Lohan - KNOWING that she wouldn't stay fired. It was all an unethical show. Why? Please don't tell me he had a "French Actress" in the wings ready to go. That's Bull. You mean there wasn't a single good, up and coming actress in all of la la land that was not fit to play the role of Tara? C'mon. Schrader used Lohan for one thing and one thing only - PUBLICITY FOR HIS FAILING CAREER. That is the ONLY ONLY ONLY reason he hired her for this film - because otherwise none of us would have ever heard of The Canyons otherwise. If Lohan had not shown up to any other set in Hollywood - she would have been fired and STAYED FIRED. But not with this slimey director. Believe me - her talent was not worth it - her on set behavior was not worth it - ah, but the PUBLICITY? Priceless. Now Schrader is going to end his career on a high note of unethical filmmaking as well as a shitty film. Good for him - he might make a few bucks to pay the electricty bill on his house and Bret might actually wind up being caught up on his tiny mortgage on his tiny condo. But they used Lohan - and Lohan knew it. She had no alternative but to do this crappy film because she's not going to be hired for a major motion picture ever again in her lifetime.

  3. Dia says – reply to this


    Anyone who hires this hot mess hasbeen in a professional capacity deserves every drop of grief and bad publicity she can throw at them, and then some.

  4. maymacgiadat says – reply to this


  5. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Mods please ban spammer
    ellswerthwanzer0 .
    OT - I have no plans to see this movie and think it will go to video.

  6. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: BobbieFisher2 – Who cares, it's just another Hollywood production jockeying for attention for profit like all the rest.

  7. 7

    Re: teeter totter
    Actually, it's going straight to the internet. If you haven't read the 12 page article about Lohan, you should. Very interestimg. =•)

  8. 8

    Re: teeter totter
    Actually, it's expected to go straight to the internet. XD