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Lindsay Lohan Alluded To Father's Abuse AND Drank Before 4-Way Sex Scene During Canyons Filming!

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Oh Lindsay, darling dear Lindsay…

An explosive article detailing the production of Lindsay Lohan's post-Liz & Dick film The Canyons sheds light onto a troubled starlet desperate for the public to see what she sees in herself: a talented actress worthy of recognition.

Unfortunately, Lindsay's highly publicized shenanigans are also well-documented, including her consistent lateness, her blatant arrogance towards director Paul Schrader, and her boozy partying ways.

In fact, during The Canyon's initial filming stages Lindsay almost lost her role in the the micro-budget indie flick because she straight up disappeared, prompting Paul to FIRE her!

The article recalls:

"Lohan canceled the first day but promised she’d be there the next morning, a Sunday. She never showed. [Paul] Schrader and [Braxton] Pope texted and left messages on her phone. There was no answer. Schrader thought about what he should do. Right now, he had the upper hand; there really was an actress waiting in Paris. But once they started shooting, he’d lose the power. Lohan could hold the entire production hostage. So he fired her.

Lohan headed for the Orlando. She pounded on doors until she found Schrader’s room. As she banged on his door, she texted him manically. Schrader could hear her crying but wouldn’t let her in. He texted her instead.

'Lindsay, go home.'

The hotel manager rang up to ask if he should call the cops. Schrader told him no and sat down on his bed. Lohan stayed out in the hall sobbing for another 90 minutes before she finally left.

Luckily for Lindsay, the other actress Schrader was considering for her part just didn't cut it in comparative screen tests, thus Lilo was given another chance.

As production progressed, Lindz semi-got her sh*t together and was present on set.

But then something happened that, in light of recent abuse/rape allegations concerning her father Michael Lohan, is VERY telling!

After a scene where lead man James Deen has to knock Lindsay to the ground, someone complimented Lindsay on her work, to which Lilo replies:

"Well, I’ve got a lot of experience with that from my dad."

And we say again, oh Lindsay! Darling, dear Lindsay!

But the comment slipped by largely unnoticed, and production moved on.

The article goes on to describe how Lindsay talked back on set, tried to control scenes, DRANK before getting behind the wheel of a car, how she screwed over filming when she stayed up late partying with Lady Gaga, and how, before filming a four-way sex scene, Lilo REFUSED to strip naked, and holed up in her dressing room with a pal, DRINKING!

It took the director stripping naked in front of her for Lindsay to even agree to shoot the scene!

Goodness gracious!

But despite ALL the negativity that Lindsay brought to The Canyons set, she still impressed her fellow actors and Mr. Schrader with her vulnerable, emotional acting!

Stay vigilant, oh readers, for Lindsay redeems herself, and we're gonna tell you HOW…


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5 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Alluded To Father's Abuse AND Drank Before 4-Way Sex Scene During Canyons Filming!”

  1. 1

    good god man,, you're 24 hours late copying the copied article from NYT. Can't you guys fucking read??

  2. irvinegirl says – reply to this


    Bitch is a no-talent loser. There must be thousands of actresses in this town that could do the same or way better job than this tool. Nobody's going to watch this movie just because she's in it.

  3. BobbieFisher2 says – reply to this


    Yes, admittedly this disappointing. A day late and more than a dollar short. I was hoping for more from this site.

  4. Shank says – reply to this


    Slowly but surely she moves towards her destiny as a broken down old porn whore with smeared makeup and a glass of scotch in her hand.

  5. 5

    She's barely good enough to stick in high school drama class.