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Lindsay Lohan A Terror On Set, But WOWS Canyons Peeps With Emotional Performance!

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That talented actress we once knew so well IS still present under Lindsay Lohan's layers of makeup! YES YES YES!!

Earlier, we explained how Little Miss Lilo was a wildchild on set of the Bret Easton Ellis-penned, Paul Schrader directed indie flick The Canyons, AND how let slip about her father Michael Lohan's abusive ways during a physically aggressive scene…

BUT it wasn't all holly-come-latley and alcohol-fueled sex scenes, as apparently Schrader was MIGHTY impressed by Lindsay's acting skillz, and in one scene in particular, Lindsay's performance PROVED she was perfect for the film!

In a recent article detailing The Canyons' production, the author describes:

"All that remained was to get a close-up of Deen touching Lohan’s face with a blood-streaked finger. Only half of Lohan’s face would be in the shot. Most actresses would pop in some Visine to well their eyes with tears and be done with it. Instead, Lohan went back to her room, and everyone waited.

I was standing by her door, and soon I could hear her crying. It began quietly, almost a whimper, but rose to a guttural howl. It was the sobbing of a child lost in the woods.

She came out of her room, and I watched the shot on a monitor. Now, without the garish makeup, Lohan looked sadly beautiful, and it was easy to see why men like Schrader were willing to put their lives in her hands. The camera rolled, and Deen moved in slowly to touch her face. Then Schrader cursed.

'That blood looks completely fake. It’s supposed to look hours old, and it looks fresh. We’ll have to fix it in post. We’re done."

Thank the movie lords that Linds-hay is NOT just a bundle of chaotic failures, and that she can still pull out the big acting guns when need be!

But, we obviously have to see the film before we can start singing her praises.

We DO believe in you Lindsay! Now, just get these current legal issues sorted, and return for your post-comeback comeback!

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6 comments to “Lindsay Lohan A Terror On Set, But WOWS Canyons Peeps With Emotional Performance!”

  1. 1

    If I am not mistaken your writers were making fun of "The Canyons' Didn't you show a clip and say it would be her worst fail ever? Did they re-edit. I thought it might be camp.

  2. 2

    She's really not a bad actress. I've always thought she was good. What she chooses to do on her own time is her business. However, once she gets on camera I think that all goes away and she brings back the Lindsay we once knew from the Parent Trap. But I know we can all agree that her reputation isn't exactly lovely considering everything that she has put herself through and all the bad decisions she has made. We all make mistakes though. However, I don't think taking Elizabeth Taylor's jewels, (something she was accused of), was a very smart idea. I mean, how rude!

  3. BobbieFisher2 says – reply to this


    Crying and howling like a child lost in the woods - does not an actor make. In fact, it shows how fake her acting chops are. Any student from Juilliard could have done that scene with real tears, without going into a closet and think about the pet goldfish dying when they were six years old. They could have done by Method - of actually inhabiting the character and actually portray Tara crying - instead of Lohan crying. I'm not reserving judgement - I'm going to say flat out, without ever seeing it - that this film is going to be complete and utter trash. Lohan's talent is gone. She hated doing the film. And her lack of committment to the project (so obvious from the article) is going to shine a spotlight on her fake sighing and terrible acting. I can't wait for the nasty reviews - which Lohan deserves from top to bottom of the barrel.

  4. 4

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  5. Dia Zerva says – reply to this


    oh yeah, real oscar material we got right here *rolleye

  6. Really says – reply to this


    She is a good actress with one messy personal life, simple as that! People are always going to be critical of lindsay because of her bad reputation, but she will also always bring in attention because of it. People would not even know this film existed if lindsay lohan wasn't in it