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Adam Lambert DROPPED From Label!

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adam lambert dropped from label

Was Adam Lambert spending a lil' too much time harshly critiquing Les Mis to ensure longevity at his record label?

The fiery-mouthed American Idol alum and 19 Recordings have split the eff up, doing so "amicably" according to both parties' reps.

While he and 19 Management broke up back in August 2011, the current move with 19R is one that's being sung as the next step in Adam's "evolution."

…apparently January was the expiration date for his contract, though he's still currently on the roster at RCA Records.

One of the insiders close to the situation insists:

"It's good for both sides. Adam can move forward with his plans and 19 isn't stuck in the middle."

Hmm.. we wonder what Adam's evolution will include.

Maybe he'll get with Roger Ebert now! Then he can get PAID for his movie reviews! Ha!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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78 comments to “Adam Lambert DROPPED From Label!”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    oh pez hilton. your wank post about Adam's label switch is right on schedule. you never disappoint in how u distort facts for headlines/buzz

  3. beach says – reply to this


    Perez, quit making shit up to make headlines. You are pathetic to most of us, and only worthy to idiots that believe your shit. And that is a fact. Something to be real proud of, huh? Loser.

  4. 4

    Perez. This is who you are: :) Please, back to the street and leave alone Adam :)

    The "American Idol" season eight runner-up gets ready to take the next step in his "evolution" as an artist.

    Adam Lambert and 19 Recordings have parted ways, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

    According to sources, January marked the expiration for that contract, although he is still on the roster at RCA Records. “It’s good for both sides,” says an insider. “Adam can move forward with his plans and 19 isn’t stuck in the middle.”

    AND THIS: !!!!!!!A rep for Lambert says the two parties leave “amicably and with the utmost respect for each other,” adding that the decision is but one part of the singer’s “evolution,” which began when he joined Direct Management Group, home to Katy Perry among other clients.!!!!!

    AND THIS: !!!!As for his third album, conversations with the label about direction have already begun.!!!!

    So brace yourself, the Adaminator will be back, dumbass ;)

  5. ccarter says – reply to this


    NOT dropped - please get your facts right Pez. you're obviously still sulking that Adam Lambert wants nothing to do with you (very smart man!)

  6. Blake555 says – reply to this


    Hey! Adam Lambert is THE BEST! Hot, Hot Hot! Trespassing makes me so happy!

  7. Djer says – reply to this


    I think Adam's management should sue beatch Perez Hilton. Someone needs to punch Hilton's lights outs again

  8. 8

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  9. 9

    Earth to Glamberts. 19R was his record label. He is only LICENSED to RCA. When he was dropped by 19R he lost any relationship with RCA.

  10. 10

    who cares? he sucks.

  11. 11

    ADAM LAMBERT Still w RCA via Tweet by: @keith_caulfield (Associate Director of Charts at @ Billboard): But still on RCA. RT “@shirleyhalperin: Exclusive: @AdamLambert and 19 Recordings Part Ways

  12. barb says – reply to this


    Haven't heard the name in ages….so no great loss!!!!!

  13. Music Lover says – reply to this


    Can someone please take away this cheesy, shrill, OLD, boyfriend beating creeps recording career now, please? Cant dance. OVERATED voice. Terrible taste in clothes and music. GO AWAY MADAM!

  14. glitzylady says – reply to this


    Oh Mr. Hilton… What you failed to mention here (Oh my goodness! ooops!!) Is that Adam Lambert was not "dropped from his label" but instead chose to leave after his obligatory contract with them expired this month. "Parted ways" does not automatically translate as "Dropped from his Label"…Mr. Lambert chose to also part ways with 19 MANAGEMENT in August 2011, but stayed with 19 RECORDINGS (a separate arm of 19) until now, as per his legal contract. He signed on with DIRECT MANAGEMENT GROUP (DMG) quite some time ago, no doubt in anticipation of eventually leaving 19 Recordings when his contract expired. Who wants to pay TWO companies when you don't have to?? So now was the time to shed one of them. Its a basic financial decision based on logic, plain and simple. DMG has some very high profile clients like Katy Perry, so I seriously doubt this is in any way, shape or form a step down at all. And he is STILL with his RCA record label at this point in time according to "sources" (He is still on their roster..). I suspect you are well aware of all of this but simply forgot to include this in your blog post, right?? Just trying to keep it real…

    Hollywood Reporter:

  15. wtf2 says – reply to this


    Still so jealous, what a shame. Adam has looks and talent and fame, and you just have… well……

  16. staciegirlie says – reply to this


    Re: MasterClass

    Earth to MasterClass,

    19 MANAGEMENT is not a record label. 19 RECORDINGS is now part of UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP under INTERSCOPE. Has Adem ever been signed by UNIVERSAL MUSIC or INTERSCOPE? NO! He has a contract with RCA where he's planning a 3rd album. Like they're going to let him go as much demand as he's in all over the world.

  17. Internetos says – reply to this


    Perez, you are a miserable jealous PIG. You know you are distorting the reality, you know you pout Adam in a bad light WITHOUT ANY REASON but you still doing this dirty job because you can't help your self in your dirtiness.
    ADAM HAS SWITCHED THE LABELS (IN HIS ADVANTAGE) LONG TIME AGO! This when the actual contract ends (i.e. this is the last moment when the parasite label still took money out of Adam). THIS IS LIBERATION AND GREAT NEWS FOR MR. ADAM LAMBERT!

  18. 18

    Earth to staciegirl. You are totally wrong. Watch for Adamofficial.com and his official fan club, owned by 19/RCA, to disappear shortly (unless Adam can afford to buy them out).

  19. yup says – reply to this


    He sucks…the only decent song he sang was written by Pink (she is great)…what does that tell you? He is nothing but a no-talent that Amer. Idol spits out…no talent no talent- just like all the other…with the exception of the two women…Kelly Clarkson and the talented blonde country gal…that is IT! The rest we never hear from again becayse they SUCK!

  20. Paul says – reply to this


    Remember when Adam Lambert was famous for a few days?

  21. Miss Kay says – reply to this


    Perez, FACT CHECK BB. He was NOT dropped!! He is still with RCA.

  22. 22

    One night when Adam performed on the Idol stage I thought he was going to turn into a snake and start slithering on the floor. That's how freaky he is. But he is talented.


  23. 23

    Re: Music Lover – LOL TO MADAM

  24. 24

    Record labels are notoriously slow to delete dropped artists from their roster. David Cook was on the RCA artists roster for weeks after they announced that he was dropped. It means nothing that Adam is still on the list.

  25. kandycane says – reply to this


    He got such the big head when he finished AI and he is more of a drunk than anything. Diva crap killed his career

  26. 26

    there was one thing he was right about, if you want to hear good vocalists dont go to Les Mis they are crap. its only good for a history lesson and mediocre acting.

  27. Cristiana says – reply to this


    Oh Perry Dearest!!!

    Quote: *Maybe he'll get with Roger Ebert now! Then he can get PAID for his movie reviews! Ha! *

    And… What if? You get paid to tell the truth in a blog…
    Truth… ;D

  28. JakerBee says – reply to this


    I don't see what the big deal is. He's still with RCA and has plans to continue with recording. Not that it matters - he seems content to be a celebrity no matter how it happens - fashion shows, tv hosting, drunken bar fights & the slammer - anything to stay in the limelight. He'll still have his glamberts. Truly NBD.

  29. Trixie says – reply to this


    How is it that he was "dropped" from his label and yet they seperate amicably?

  30. 30

    He is not still with RCA unless there was a new contract which I doubt. Why would RCA want a failure on their label?

  31. nina says – reply to this


    19 is an American idol label. He's letting go of his idol status u douche bag he is with RCA now. BTW no one would let Adam go he's already collaborated with kiss, queen, lady gaga etc. He is one the most wanted wanted artists in the industry and Perez get your facts straight and go suck a Dick while your at!!!!!

  32. staciegirlie says – reply to this


    Re: MasterClass

    Earth to Masterclass,

    19 Management and 19 Recordings are 2 different things. One is a MANAGEMENT company and the other is A RECORD company of which ADam was NEVER signed to. RCA is a part of Sony Music Group, do do head.

  33. 33

    perez always has a reason and i think this relates back to ages ago….

  34. whateverPez says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton DROPPED on his head.

    hey @MasterClass - Clay Aiken, is that you???

  35. Kris says – reply to this


    Who's Adam Lambert?

  36. 36


    You are one stubborn retard. Adam was just dropped from 19 Recordings. the label you claim he was never with. LOL

  37. LaCingara says – reply to this


    The AdamOfficial site has removed 19Recordings, and only shows RCA and Sony Entertainment, dated 2013. 19Recordings' contract with Adam expired this month, and both decided to let it do so. Why would Adam want to keep another entity to be skimming off his earnings and doing nothing for it? As usual, Perez twists everything - he has not recovered from Adam going to Gaga's birthday party with the Scissor Sisters instead of Perez's Blue Party. Sad and pathetic.

  38. nicoleT says – reply to this


    I don't know why anyone replies to MasterClass - no matter the facts, she has always been a Clay A fan and hated Adam, so she is only gloating and hoping it's true (it may be it may not) since that's exactly what happened to Clay. I seriously would not believe anything she or Perez said (we all know he has lied about Adam in the past) - so let's just wait for official announcement. Adam just tweeted he is working on 3rd album

    "Glamberts! I have so many ideas for my third studio album!!! So excited to start creating new recordings for you all! 2013 is gonna rock!! We have evolved together with For Your Entertainment and Trespassing…. #3 will be a brand new exploration! :) "

    I'm excited!!

  39. staciegirlie says – reply to this


    Re: MasterClass

    I know you're holding your breath so long, waiting for Adam to get dropped form his label. But don't think for a moment that if some freaky crap like that happened, another record company wouldn't snap him up in a heartbeat.

  40. staciegirlie says – reply to this


    Re: MasterClass

    No, you are stubborn and delusional. I have SEVERAL CD's of Adam's. Would you like me to fax you one? I bet your dumbazz would be sitting at the fax machine thinking it would actually pop out cause you believe everything perez sez.

  41. Mal says – reply to this


    Geez I thought at least in 2013 you would try to be a more authentic blogger–nope same old crap from you. This didn't happen–Adam was waiting for this contract to run out-he was already going over to Direct Management Group. What is with you and Adam? Jealous? Envious? Spurned Lover? or just a Mean Spirited nasty disingenuous person. Probably all of the above –don't forget –#KARMA

  42. 42

    Geez I thought at least in 2013 you would try to be a more authentic blogger–nope same old crap from you. This didn't happen–Adam was waiting for this contract to run out-he was already going over to Direct Management Group. What is with you and Adam? Jealous? Envious? Spurned Lover? or just a Mean Spirited nasty disingenuous person. Probably all of the above –don't forget –#KARMA

  43. Elaine says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse number 777 – whatever suck up get a life!

  44. 44

    At least, this is a beautiful pic of Addy :')

  45. 45

    From the cover of the Trespassing Album:

    (copyright) 2012 19 Recordings Limited under exclusive license to RCA Records

    UNDER LICENSE TO RCA. He has lost his record deal.

  46. Kittykatsz says – reply to this


    You aren't a journalist by any stretch of the imagination! And your reading skills aren't very good either! I concur with others here, and won't repeat the facts. I will just refer people to ViviennC's comments below if they want to know the truth!

  47. Kittykatsz says – reply to this


    Re: MasterClass – He is STILL with RCA, check it out further and you will see that for yourself. (or refer to ViviennC comments below) FACT.

  48. 48

    LIE much!! Perez you are the most vile creature on the face of the earth not to mention a disgrace to the human race!!

  49. 49

    Adam Lambert was NEVER SIGNED TO RCA.

  50. 50

    Re: MasterClass – Nope, incorrect

  51. Kris says – reply to this


    I wish this 30 something, wannabe who never was would just go away. His last album was a big flop, no matter how his fans want to spin it. Idol rejected him as a judge. He needs to stick to what he does best – appear on Joan Rivers’ Fashion Police. The guy so is ridiculous fame hungry.

  52. NE1 says – reply to this


    I hope he has a comeback. He's a good singer but his last album was kind of blah, I could see why none of the songs made it on the radio.

  53. fancypants66 says – reply to this


    Oh — very smart people. In June and December, record labels get rid of people who are not pulling their weight (or making money back for the label - obviously). It is a business decision. Make room for the new and out with the old or stagnant. The label probably saw Adam as a liability more than a money maker. It is not a big deal. Artists get dropped all the time - it is very commonplace. Not a big deal. Another label picks them up. This is not a big news item.

  54. Ali Smith says – reply to this


    Don't be stupid, Perez! This was already planned a long time ago, and he was NOT dropped. They parted on good terms, and Adam is moving on to bigger and better things. I am tempted to say some very unkind things about you, but I'm not about to stoop to your level.

  55. barbls says – reply to this


    Perez, I see you are the same Ass Hole you have always been. This is great for Adam that 19/AI is no longer a part of his life. Now Adam can deal with his label directly. Can' wait for new album in 2013! Adam is excited and I cannot tell you how excited I am! Trespassing, which won critical acclaim throughout the world, deserved better than the lack of support from 19, radio and award shows! Cheers to more Adam in 2013!! Eat your heart out Perez! Also, Perez you keep forgetting the NY Times, The New Yorker, Slate and so many more agreed with Adam bout MIS! You on the other hand do not have an opinion worth reading about. Adam's went viral around the world because it was intelligent and had something of consequence to say!

  56. L.B says – reply to this


    I guess that with his voice he can do whatever he wants and yes, even giving an opinion about a MUSICAL movie.
    I think that he also did not want to stay with that same label, they are not very good so better for Adam to part ways and find some better label.

  57. barbls says – reply to this


    Re: Ali Smith – You people need to go back to school to learn to read and comprehend. 19 is not his label but was his management team until Aug 2011 when Adam split from them to a new management, DMG (same as Katy Perry). There still was a contract til now, which has expired and not renewed. Listen closely 19 is not his label, RCA is his label. 19 was in the middle of all this and royally screwed Trespassing. Trespassing won critical acclaim worldwide! Great music that I see a lot of you will never listen to cause mediocrity is what you live for and is the only music you know for the most part! I am sure there are exceptions. Adam has now put himself in the best possible position and 2013 has already been scheduled for a new album! Love how people get off on wanting others to fail. Ain't going to happen with Adam. He has something most of you people cannot even pronounce or able to recognize "TALENT." The last laugh will be on all you haters!! Ha, Ha!!!

  58. Angela Hodgson says – reply to this


    DO NOT worry about me!! It is VERY dangerous in Guelph indeed I do live on the downside of the Turf Grass Institute!! I know i couldddd.. drink pyrethrins but would you just let everyone KNOW that the science investigations being done at the University of Guelph end up in the air, soil and water!! And they dont test for tetracycline levels either!!

    Nicolas Cage so very much loves my Aunty Cher!!!! AMH

    Oh by the way, I think Keenau Reeves is living in one of those famous houses in Guelph that has LEAD pipes…. But he still is a mean dad because he will NOT?! pick up the tickets of passage so his kids can go to Johnny Depps private island… So there!!

  59. Ynochr says – reply to this


    Taste your own medicine bitchhh

  60. kittykat says – reply to this


    Re: MasterClass – You are very much mistaken!!! Adam's management was asked point blank tonight by a fan which label his third album would be under, and they confirmed RCA! Why you even care enough to debate this is beyond me! lol!

  61. kittykat says – reply to this


    Here is the FACT of the matter from a legitimate news source:

    On January 11, it was reported that Lambert would be leaving 19 Recordings, where his contract had expired, but remaining with RCA Records. It was also announced that work would begin on the direction of a third studio album.

  62. kittykat says – reply to this


    Quoted from a legitimate news source:

    On January 11, it was reported that Lambert would be leaving 19 Recordings, where his contract had expired, but remaining with RCA Records. It was also announced that work would begin on the direction of a third studio album.[267]

  63. Eriskay Cavan says – reply to this


    You little pissant!! Why don't you write the truth. Methinks you're still
    jealous. :)

  64. fckperez says – reply to this


    You're such a dick Perez!

  65. cari says – reply to this


    While your take on the story is dead wrong….because you don't read. Illiterate or lazy?
    Lambert is still overrated because he over sings, over rants and is over the top in his opinion of himself. Immaturity? perhaps. Maybe he'll grow out of it and actually make something of himself. He IS TALENTED, but his ego gets in the way too much.

  66. Lizzibanne says – reply to this


    Who gives a shit? He's never had a hit, he's a waste of life.

  67. @v@ says – reply to this


    He has a voice that could lift and propel any stage production. Profitable song vehicles are few and far between.

  68. 68

    ROFL … his "evolution." His management/label isn't going to fight to keep an "artist" that isn't making money for them. Flamebert appeals to a very narrow audience, one that enjoys his screechy voice and his ugly face caked with makeup to hide his acne scars. But, at the end of the day, Flamebert has more talent and better looks than YOU do, homo. You're an ape-faced, talentless hack. You can't even get respect from your shitty site's visitors, you worthless fuck.

  69. 69

    Re: perez posse number 777 – You're not Australian right? If you are please leave. You're a misogynist who is too lazy to even capitalise! Your posts are only ever hateful to women or defending Perez.

  70. Frank says – reply to this


    HE WAS NOT DROPPED. Get your facts straight!!

  71. Tatille says – reply to this


    Perez, you still want to fuck Adam Lambert so bad? Poor poor Perez… You know that he will never give it to you, so don't even bother with trying.

  72. me says – reply to this


    You continue to show your lack of class because Adam rejected your clumsy advances in 2010. You can't stand that he wouldn't look at you twice and you've been knocking him since. Just get over yourself and stop distoring things and stop hating on Adam.

  73. Dutton says – reply to this


    Facts are once again missing, anythin to sling a story! Do a bit of research please!

  74. Anne says – reply to this


    LMAO! Perez Perez Perez — you are one cray cray girl! U really like Adam a lot! Unfortunately, he is taken.

    And get your sensationalize facts straight.

  75. anne says – reply to this


    Re: nicoleT – Yeah he is such a troll.

  76. Janet says – reply to this


    Perez, isn't it about time you learned to research facts. Adam hasn't been dropped from label, he's had a change in management he's still on the roster with RCA records. He's with new management which I think will be a great thing. How do you make a living. ?

  77. Sofia says – reply to this


    Dear Perez, I HOPE that your death will be painful.

  78. Ali Smith says – reply to this


    Re: Angela Hodgson – Angela, why are you replying to *ME*? I am saying the same thing that you are. I'm not one of the haters. I totally agree that RCA was his label and 19 was his management team, and that he chose to leave at the end of the contract.. I also agree that the management did a horrible job and royally screwed up with them not doing their job in promoting Trespassing. There are so many great songs that should have been released as singles. Adam has more talent in his little finger than these haters could ever even dream of having. I am looking forward to the new album. I always have been and always will be an Adam supporter.