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Taylor Swift Already Has FIVE Songs About Harry Styles… Wait, Really?!?

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harry styles taylor swift five songs

No doubt about it!

Taylor Swift will release a song or two about Harry Styles, everyone and their mother is 99.9% sure of this.

But according to new reports, our angel-haired gurl already has FIVE FREAKING songs about him down in her cute lil' diary!


Man! How will One Directioners respond to them?!

It won't be pretty, we're sure! LOL!!

The source divulging the deets says:

"They only dated for a short time but there were very strong feelings, so it’s been a tough comedown. Lyrics have been written, but Taylor hasn't come close to deciding whether she’ll ever release them. A song about it will surface at some point but it won’t be anything like the way she had a dig at her other ex John Mayer in one of her other tracks."

Mmhmm… well we'll see about that!

Five seems like a bit too much, no? Even for an emotional break-up, we'd imagine Swifty's got other things to do with her time — like looking heartbroken with her family.

But three songs? We'd totally believe that!

CLICK HERE to find out what really REALLY happened between them!

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56 comments to “Taylor Swift Already Has FIVE Songs About Harry Styles… Wait, Really?!?”

  1. 1

    My god, will ya let it go already! What a coincidence that she just happens to have all these songs written 10 minutes after they "break up." Further proof that their relationship was for publicity. By the way, she needs to go a different route with the singing. Same old story - date them, break up, look forlorn, write a song about it. Yawn.

  2. Dan85 says – reply to this


    Is she trying to have her own Jagged Little Pill album?

  3. Jennnnnnny says – reply to this


    Chooch I was going to say the same thing!

  4. 4

    i defended her when she was younger.. now she's becoming a self absorbed rich kid little bitch who expects the world to spin around her from little kids. 2 months is not a relationship.. there's nothing to write about. She's losing a ton of respect doing this crap now.

  5. terija says – reply to this


    Gurl grow up & move on, jeez you dated for several weeks! Keep this up and you'll grow old all by yourself listening to these songs…

  6. 6

    I don't think anyone is surprised! That's her gimmick! Taylor needs to grow a pair, you only "dated" him for 2 months!

  7. TayyTay says – reply to this


    Did Taylor really get a Bob job? I heard rumors but I didn't believe them now I think they might be true because they look way too far apart.

  8. 8

    yes likely shell spill her guts for months on this one i hope they write one back saying how she behaved in all her stalkerismic nature

  9. 9

    Re: charliechaplin@ – I did too! I thought it was great to have a young singer songwriter who played guitar and kept her closthes on. However she has turned into quit the little tramp. She needs to grow up, her fans are!

  10. shanghai says – reply to this


    Taylor is just becoming a joke with people think the girl needs to take it slow and not make anything public until the relationship is solid. That and date appropriate guys not 18 not 30 and try and find a genuine person who is not in the public eye.

  11. carina says – reply to this


    I'm equally puzzled by anyone calling this a relationship, to why anyone cares about this jr. highschool mentality .She does come across as desperate and clingy, though! It's not like she married the guy, had a family and gave her whole life to him only to be blind sided and alone at 50. This was a couple weeks and a few dates at best.

  12. Hate taylor says – reply to this


    Wtf this bitch already has 5! Songs about harry I mean come on Taylor at least stay in a relationship for about a year u broke with someone for being to young then you go to someone who is YOUNGER than you

  13. 13

    She is crazy! Hun, if you have this many issues with guys.. it's not them, it's you. Get some help! Psycho!

  14. 14


  15. jjjj says – reply to this


    It would be nice if she would show that her talent was a bit more diverse then break up songs.

  16. Talisa says – reply to this


    one of them! xx

  17. fang says – reply to this


    No offence but she's kind of pathetic and immature. She's should act like her own mature age, she's not a teenager anymore.

  18. bobbishly says – reply to this


    i sincerely hope THEY write a song, or 5, about HER this time. seriously, this is getting ridiculous. she's embarrassing herself. being a total skank and fucking everyone she meets and then writing songs about them when it doesn't "work out"? grow the fuck up, Taylor - i know you didn't have a conventional childhood but really, you're acting like a 15 y/o trailerpark ho.

  19. CMae says – reply to this


    She's even more hate driven than imagined. If she's heartbroken over a relationship that never really started she should be in an institution not a recording studio. All of the drama surrounding her songs is just a smoke screen for cheesy cheap song writing. She makes millions and is on top but I bet it's lonely up there.

  20. 20

    That's her own thing, making break-up song for a guy she dated, after that she is gonna humiliate the person that she dated with, now is hottie brit boy harry styles, she gonna make another STUPID CRAP BREAK-UP SONG FOR A GUY……….And taylor you need to GROW UP with your NASTY PERSONALITY it's NOT FUNNY ANYMORE, because you know what you are becoming LADY BLONDE WITCH BITCH, god GROW UP WILL YOU……….

  21. 21

    with her break up is the new word for fcuk buddies

  22. Traise says – reply to this


    Taylor needs to calm the fuck down. She dates to many guys and thats the problem

  23. Emily says – reply to this


    another fake article from perez. These 'sources' are probably just himself trying to stir the pot. No one really knows what happened, and everyone is clearly getting over it besides Perez, since he keeps posting all of these ridiciulous articles about. No one knows whose fault it was, so stop creating more drama by making things up.

  24. Jane says – reply to this


    Wow i love taylor.s but she better not be to mean or harsh in her song!like maybe she was da wroung 1 ! Or she WILL lose many fans like me but who knows it might be a nice song bout harry

  25. 25

    I know inspiration can come from many places, but I do hope she writes some music personal to her, that is not about relationships past, to put on her albums. I personally wouldn't be happy to have all of my creative achievements to be about other people

  26. kimcheee says – reply to this


    BuckCherry wrote a song about Taylor. It's called "Crazy Bitch". They had a premonition

  27. 27

    Do I see a bad boobjob?

  28. hatersgonnahate says – reply to this


    she should write a song about her really ugly boobjob

  29. 29

    Man, Taylor ought to read these comments.
    Pretty much agree with all of 'em. Girl needs to grow the hell up.
    It's not all about boys, sweetheart! Get a grip, and get a life!
    Personally, I suspect she's got some major Daddy issues; trying to please an emotionally absent father. Each time there's a break up in her life, it draws out emotions she can't express to her dad, and the only thing she can focus on is making the ex-boyfriend feel bad. If she stopped trying to please the men in her life, (and trashing them when they don't do as she wishes) she might be able to focus on herself and learn and grow.
    Or, maybe she pushed the marriage issue. Maybe that even explains the white dress at the awards show… Oh, well, the next single will clear it up for us.
    Re: bobbishly
    Nice! I hope they write a song or two about her too.

  30. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Sorry getting tired of stories about her. I sure miss the good old days of country music, One weekend we went to see Waylon Jennings (RIP) one night, an Irish band the next night and ballet with Barishnikov the last night. Also concer

  31. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Sorry getting tired of stories about her. I sure miss the good old days of country music, One weekend we went to see Waylon Jennings (RIP) one night, an Irish band the next night and ballet with Barishnikov the last night. Also concert prices were a lot more affordable then, saw Jimmy Buffett (great performer and we got offered lots of Jello shots on our way in) at the Anaheim Pond (now the Honda Center) for $60pp and had a great German dinner at the nearby Phoenix Club.

  32. yesenia says – reply to this


    im a directioner and im not happy me and my friend Alee were at school ventin about this like badly i threatened to go all ape shit this is messed up here our convo
    "Alee did you hear about harry and taylor swift.."
    "im pissed were is her ass i kick it and serve it on a plater!"
    "i know….we all knew it was going to happen.."
    "yay but seriously i didnt think it would happen so fast lets face it who has 23 boyfriend and 23 hit songs.."
    "im goin to write her a well worth message about how she is makin BAD MOVE she is setting herself up for social suicide!like seriously there are directioners all over the world!"

    Then i the bell rang and we left lunch to our seperate classes 1 did i write the tweet hell yay just finished it righ now…2 what will happen beats me like seriously we will protect OUR boysnif our life depended on it so dont go under estimating us…3 i am done venting soo bye

  33. 33

    shhe is actin lik a b—- and seriously she is jus havin her revenges in songs

  34. 34

    Have you heard her songs?… your surprised she has 5? She knows maybe 4 guitar chords. She makes up lyrics, that sound like notes I passed in JR. high….Though I know this is a fake story Perez's writers just need to have something about Taylor

  35. Yafa says – reply to this


    So what she wrote 5 songs she'll just choose the one song to release it. Songs go written and unused all the time it's no big deal.

  36. Canada Guy says – reply to this


    I wonder if anyone has told her how ridiculous that botched boob job looks. You can drive a jeep between those bolt ons. Doesn't look anywhere near natural.

  37. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: charliechaplin@ – Agree. Two months = very strong feelings? Lolol.
    Some people don't know from love vs. school girl crush.

  38. Thera says – reply to this


    I used to be a big fan of hers, but now with all this date one person, break-up and find another crap, it is getting old. What is she telling girls? That you have to be in a relationship 99% of the time? That it's okay to bash them publicly in repetitive songs? It's time for her to move on and grow up.

  39. lizzie says – reply to this


    "strong feelings"?? really?? she always have strong feelings with everybody cuz' she always writte song about them and it's starting to looks ridiculous and stupid, she can't wrote song about anything else?? there's not just love in the world, well maybe to her it is -.- She's so boring now -.-

  40. free says – reply to this


    I heard of method acting, but what's this? Method musicianing?

  41. 41

    Re: Dan85 – Blasphemous! This tart will never make anything remotely close to being compared to Jagged Little Pill.

  42. lola says – reply to this


    Bullshit. As Always.

  43. Tee says – reply to this


    I hate her. I felt sorry for her when West pushed her and overshadowed her acceptance speech at MTV award but she's annoying. At her age I had a normal log term relationship and she's on to the next 1. She has the right to date around and all but she dates guys dumps them and releases songs for the whole world to hear what happened and how they wronged her. STFU

  44. 44

    i never found that taylor had much talent in comparison to other country singers. She sings the same type of songs, and they all sound the same, but she gets rich because teenage girls are naive and willing to buy her album and listen to her songs.

    No matter whether this article is true or not, funniest thing is that if its true, none of us would be surprised.

  45. 45

    well duh. she's a publicity whore, the whole relationship was fake. obviously she thought that there was something more. what an idiot. this is so stupid. taylor, you're very untalented and you do not count as country. i'm tired of the press (especially you, Perez) kissing ass for her and shit. she is a whore. she dates way too many guys, and she tries to make it seem like they break up with her because she won't put out. she has nudies out, and i believe they break up with her because she's INSANE. she's not a goody goody girl. she's a SLUT. i know those are harsh words considering i've never met her, but it's true. she writes about "there's nothing stopping me from going out with all of your best friends". she's a vindictive little bitch acting like a child, when she's 23 years old. GROW UP, TAYLOR.

  46. puch says – reply to this


    Not really shocked. That's the Taylor Swift logic. She'll date a guy then write a song about their break-up or anything else she hates about that person.

  47. Bunny says – reply to this


    Why are you all getting on her for dating around if she was a man it wouldn't be a big deal but because she's a women with feelings she's a bad person? That is just ridiculous and judgement. She expresses her feelings in a song all these guys know that she writes her own music unlike a lot of singers theses days so they shouldn't be surprised.

  48. KpKafle says – reply to this


    The Stones wrote a song about her, Sympathy For The Devil.

  49. this is getting old says – reply to this


    ok honestly, this is all bullshit, she most likely does not have 5 songs written about him all ready… its GOSSIP! second, who are we to judge them?? like theres probably a ton of relationships at your school or that took place when you were in high school that only lasted a couple of months, like its honestly perfectly normal. And everybodys different, theres nothing wrong with the fact that it didnt last very long, they thought they liked eachother, then they hit a rough patch, IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. And maybe taylor had a crush on him before or vice versa, so its still heart breaking, especially when they both thought it was going to go somewhere. It's soo confusing going from being really happy and in what u thought was love, to being dumped, and then bullied about it. These people did not become famous to have every aspect of their life analyzed, so its none of our business to do that, especially since thres gonna be times when we dont know the whole story. Its gotten to the point of cyber bullying when ur calling her a whore, and its so degrading and disrespectful, and nobody diserves to be called that, especially since we dont know Taylor

  50. this is getting old says – reply to this


    i also think you should all shut your mouths until ur as rich, famous, and as successful as either one direction or taylor swift, so shut up already

  51. heather says – reply to this


    WOW, all I can say is how horrible some of you assume about people. A whore? Do you hear the hate in all of your comments? Its so cruel and mean, you don't even know her. She gets her inspirtation from songs about her relationships but honestly what artist doesn't? I personally think it was a bit mean for Harry to not tell his fans to calm down with the hate talk. Honestly, its pretty harsh. I honestly would hate being in one direction mainly because the fans are obsessive and think the guys should have no life. I find it pretty sick how you all are talking about people.

  52. 52

    I think being in the spot light has stunted her maturity growth. She is 23 years old. By 23 people start to have meaningful relationships. They go into relationships more cautiously and usually dont make it offical right away. She is still in high school mentally of "oh this boy is cute so now he is my boyfriend." If she wants to sleep around, stop hiding behind "relationships" and be more sneaky.

  53. Denise says – reply to this


    Taylor swift is a mother fucking bitch i do not like taylor swift and i do not harry but i hate taylor so much but i dont want her bullshit to ruin one direction because she is already a hoe and dates too many people and i bet she is only usingher for his fame and them dumping his ygly ass dick so taylor swift should just leave him the fuck alone because i care about one direction mostly niall zayn louie and liam but i dont give a shit about harry so if one direction split up because of taylor i will go all the way to taylor house walk up to her sand say "stop being a motherfuckin bitch and leave Harry alone" and then i will bitch slap her so if taylor is reading this she should fuck off her lazy saggy wrinkly ass of harry

  54. george says – reply to this


    i thot 13 was alucky number,2013 is staring badly for her,that is what yu get wen you sell yr soul for fame

  55. stoptheshit says – reply to this


    Re: Denise – this was honestly the dumbest, most unrealistic, inaccurate post Ive ever read! her and harry are over, she's not doing anything to tear them apart!! like honestly back off, and stop being so dramatic!

  56. this is getting old says – reply to this


    Re: heather – AMEN!