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Did Jason Trawick Talk Shiz Behind Britney Spears' Back While They Were Together?!

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Well, it's not going to matter now, folks!

Because whether or not Jason Trawick actually was terrible enough to smack-talk his now-ex-fiance Britney Spears during their relationship and subsequent engagement, he most certainly won't have that privilege much longer…as he signed a confidentiality agreement that bans him from EVER talking about their time together publicly!

While reports have surfaced since the pair called off their wedding that a main source of contention between them was the pop sensation's desire to have more children, sources close to Jason have now come forward and revealed that he rarely, if ever, had anything nice to say about his lady friend!

Ugh! SO sad!

Thankfully, even if this guy was awful enough to betray his girlfriend, other insiders have maintained that none of his feelings can EVER be made public, as he willingly signed over his rights to do so when he was brought on as her co-conservator, five months after the announcement of their engagement!

HOWEVER, it's also important to note that according this source, Jason respects Britney too much to ever even think about trashing her in the press…regardless of any legal constrictions!

And hopefully, that's the God's-honest truth!

Calling off an engagement is difficult enough, and we sincerely hope that they're both dealing with their heartbreak and disappointment as healthfully as possible, if for no one else's sake than her adorable little boys!

Stay strong, guys!

You're in our thoughts!

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18 comments to “Did Jason Trawick Talk Shiz Behind Britney Spears' Back While They Were Together?!”

  1. beach says – reply to this


    More S O U R C E S that can't be named. You jerks make money off of bullshit every god damn day. SHAME ON YOU. Name sources.

  2. 2

    What happened to her saying "her work" saved her? I wonder how she would lose he boys if she had them more….of course ahe is NOT their custodian.

  3. 3

    Other people have gotten fired to but she was terminated from the xfactor-she doesn't have to be Britney spears there anymore.

  4. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    She shaved her head…she swore at reporters, and tried to hit them…she was removed from her by paramedics mansion when she was going loco…I hardly believe his talking 'shiz' about her behind her back is making her look bad…Just Say'n !

  5. 5

    I feel sorry for Britney. She doesn't seem in control enough to be on her own without someone to watch her every move and keep her alcohol and drug free. Her stint on X factor was not very well received and she never seemed too comfortable as a judge. She needs to spend more time being a mom instead of a performer.

  6. Pete says – reply to this


    What I don't understand is with all her money, why doesn't she live in a remote place out in the country away from it all (like her sister, out of the spotlight). She could build a huge house with everything and anything her and the boys needed, hire help if needed and live happily ever after for life. If she truly wants to not be Britney Spears anymore why doesn't she get out of the spotlight?

  7. terija says – reply to this


    ANSWER THIS: why is she finalizing a $100M + deal in Vegas? She is not stable enough to pull this off, but her Dad & handlers all make a cut of the deals they put together!

  8. 8

    Do these two DO ANYTHING on the planet that matters?

  9. 9

    Thank goodness, they did get her medicated to stop that crazy stuff she used to do. Maybe her meds need to be adjusted, or maybe she's sick of the spotlight.

  10. 10

    He must be exhausted by her, she's a medicated woman with no education….

  11. 11

    Re: terija – Her father takes a salary but HE dos NOT take a cut of any of her deals that is how he wanted it.Re: Pete – She could do it in a heartbeat her mother and father first wanted to drag her out of California anywhere but there, She wanted fame while she is still marketable,

  12. 12

    Four goddamn pages already of chicks in craptacular dresses!!!!!!!!!!
    Shit, it's bad enough we can't comment on any of the pictures, but to know that with each click on each page Perez is making ad cash…ARGHGHHHH!HHHHHHHH!
    Dammit, I'm having a hot flash.

  13. skankeliminator says – reply to this


    She has not wanted to be Britney Spears for the last 8 yrs. Girl needs to pack up her things and go enjoy the rest of her life in the country. She can afford it. P.S. All that time she spent in her youth sun bathing has paid off in her looking much older than her years. She looks mid to late 30's . Stay out of the sun.

  14. teeter totter says – reply to this


    OPre=6306937]Re: Brainiac[/re] I agree most of the dresses are pretty, wish Perez would let us comment on them. I promise no hateful language.OT, I have not heard her music in awhile and seldom go to Vegas, but personally I do not think she is mentally up for this hard of an act. Wish her the best, and think she would be happiest with her boys.

  15. B-Fan says – reply to this


    Jason is not talking shizz. Hes speaking the truth. I have been saying all of this for 5 years now..Britney once said "once yuor famous, you can never go back". She would love a normal life..and she cannot function without the meds. She lacks that fire, she has no passion for this business anymore. My concern is why the hell is her father and management keep making deals for her. Leave her alone. Britney needs to go away for awhile..a nice long break to find herself. Its so sad to see her struggle and Im tired of the negative ignorant comments about her mental health. Where is her damn MOMMA.?? maybe if her mother stepped up to the plate a long time ago none of this kfed/breakdown shit would have happend. I love Britney and will always love her..I want the best for her..and if it means a 10 year leave out of the business..so be it.

  16. GossipingPens says – reply to this


    You may want to SOURCE the article you blatatly ripped off that quote from. a DCMA complaint has been lodged against you and your website.

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    Sources? How about naming names or it didn't happen? Forgettaboudit.

  18. CC says – reply to this


    I think he was in it for the money and then realized being with crazy wasn't worth it. Do you really think anyone would want to marry Britney if she was not a big star? Me thinks not.