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Lance Armstrong Plans To Answer ALL Oprah's Doping Questions Directly In Tell-All Interview Airing This Week!

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We guess there's good reason that Lance Armstrong's upcoming televised interview with Oprah Winfrey will be shown across various international markets like Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America almost immediately after it airs in the US on January 17th!

The disgraced cyclist will apparently be holding NOTHING back from the talk show queen…which will hopefully mean that he plans to not only come clean about the doping scandal that has essentially destroyed his career, but also apologize for letting down all of the people who had looked to him as a source inspiration and perseverance!

When he sits down with the Big O for the interview, scheduled to be recorded tomorrow night at his home in Austin, Texas, Armstrong admits:

"I told her [Winfrey] to go wherever she wants and I'll answer the questions directly, honestly and candidly. That's all I can say."

Well, seeing as he's refused to say anything so far about not only the scandal, but the fall-out that has resulted in multiple lawsuits, possible court charges, and a slew of lost endorsement deals, we think it's about time he start talking…AND APOLOGIZING!

Guess we'll find out soon enough, though!

What do U think? Will/Should Armstrong come clean?

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13 comments to “Lance Armstrong Plans To Answer ALL Oprah's Doping Questions Directly In Tell-All Interview Airing This Week!”

  1. 1

    Look at his mouth in this picture: that's how much he's going to tell?

  2. 2

    It has been proven that if the teams have the money they doped or did blood transfusions. I just want to know about his friends,people that stood by him through cancer when he wasn't racing…and he said he would destroy them in their community he called them liars and criminals. These were Dr.s and other cyclist some that were put under oath…will she ask him about that????

  3. shelly says – reply to this


    He's a rage cadet. it'll be interesting to see how he comes off. he's created so much ill will.

  4. skankeliminator says – reply to this


    Just because he answers her questions, doesn't mean he will tell the truth! Serious denial! SKANK!

  5. irishone says – reply to this


    He will say he is sorry, that he did things he wasn't proud of but that he did them to race on a level playing field. A few tears will be shed and lots of cancer talk. He literally ruined racer's careers. He was like the mob boss and if anyone spoke out about doping their carrier, or business, was over. He loved to harass racer's wives. One rider, who testified, his wife got a text from Lance that said Run, don't walk. A brave woman who spoke out got a text from one of Lance's people about hoping someone would take a baseball bat to her head. Lance is bat shit crazy. I worked with a woman whose husband died from doping, many died, so when people say to let them dope it really pisses me off. Lance will only say what he needs to say in order to look good in the public eye again and to compete in triathlons. He couldn't care less about the truth, and O just needs an interview to save her sinking ship. I doubt she cares about the truth. The tax payers paid for a portion of the doping since Lance was on the Postal Team, so we all paid for his lies. also, Livestrong does not support cancer research, hasn't for years. It is only for "awareness" and Lance earned hefty appearance fees when he showed up to speak and ride. He is a farce from beginning to end and O isn't helping the situation. If it sounds like I take it to personally, I do. I worked in the industry and we have a mutual friend that believed all his lies.

  6. 6

    I don't for one minute believe he will confess. Seems to be if he does confess, he runs the risk of prosecution or lawsuits. If I were his sponsors and he admitted that he doped, I'd sue him for every dime my company gave him. He will NOT confess. Oprah desperately needs ratings and she will get them with this interview but it will most likely be disappointing. I'll watch the news coverage that will run every 5 minutes.

  7. 7

    oprah won't ask probing questions and he wont tell the truth….waste of time softball interview as is oprahs style

  8. 8

    I know Oprah is an experienced interviewer, but I hope she reaches out to the Tom Brokaws and Mike Wallaces of interviewers. They wouldn't interview him if they couldn't ask anything. I think what he did for Cancer is with Livestrong is big. I have watched how they have been there for a few friends. I can't help believe he also did it to protect him from his lies. With out Livestrong people would be harder on him. He lives in town and you see him. He needs to know that he needs to come clean and hopefully time will show his true colors.

  9. Rodzzz says – reply to this


    There is a preview of the interview at

  10. DougMH says – reply to this


    If he says he doped, even a little bit, it confirms he's a liar. Everything he says after that is suspect. Keep that in mind.

  11. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Sorry, do not get herchannel and cannot afford it,just notthat interested in his story, will wait for results on the Internet. Thanks.

  12. krystallos says – reply to this


    I think he will tell you want you want to hear, which will make him a liar. He wouldn't be a liar because he "did it and is now coming clean", he would be a liar for admitting that he did it just to "get clean", which will give him the money that he lost and then some. Endorsement gaining and then lack thereof, can tie a person's hands and cause them to admit to something they really didn't do, for the sake of keeping a roof over their heads. He would be a sellout, just a much worse of a sellout, like Judas betraying the trust of Jesus for money. Betraying righteousness for greed. He will lose all respect from me when he does this, as well as he would lose respect from his hometown who know him best, because he would be selling out. I respected him more for adamantly denying doping, regardless of him not fighting the USADA decision. He had no physical proof of doping, other than his teammates (possibly paid) saying that Lance along with themselves doped. He stood up for himself, and didn't let money force him into admitting something that maybe false. Now it seems that Oprah will force him to say it. I'm just waiting for him to sell himself like some whore….what shame. I wonder if he'll die like Judas….

  13. 13