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It's Tom Cruise's Mission In Life To Expel The Evil Aliens That Live Inside Us All…And MORE Details From New Scientology Exposé!

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Oh boy…

We all knew the CRAZY was coming in a big way when it was announced that Pulitzer Prize-winning author Lawrence Wright would be releasing an expose on Scientology called Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood & the Prison of Belief, but now that it's set to be released this week and is already garnering critical praise left and right, new details about just WHAT exactly goes down in the religious organization are spilling out…and they make the earlier excerpts regarding Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's marriage look like the paradigm of sanity and logic!

In fact, according to new details, the controversial actor, who has been praising Xenu since he was only 23, was able to rise to the top of Scientology because of his celebrity status and friendship with David Miscavige and now, is reportedly number three in the hierarchy!

As he apparently told his former girlfriend Naz Boniadi when she "disrespected" he and Miscavige by suffering from menstrual cramps during a dinner engagement:

“You don’t get it. It goes like this. First, there’s L. Ron Hubbard. Then, there’s COB [Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center David Miscavige]. Then there’s me.”

And what does such a high, respected status in Scientology do for Tom?

It gives him a billion year contract, means to expel mental blockages caused by trauma that keep us oppressed and afraid, which would ultimately leave us "going clear" and unimpaired, so we can fight back against the alien entities that reside inside of all humanity and want to destroy the planet!

Oh, and of course, free renovations on his mansion by under-paid workers indentured to Scientology! How LOVELY!

But don't scold the actor, guys!

Those are all just small perks compared to the burden he must carry knowing the "truth" about the world in which we live, as well as the responsibility of having to convert the rest of humanity to his belief system!

As he apparently once proclaimed:

“Look. I wish the world was a different place. I’d like to go on vacation, and go and romp and play, you know what I mean? But I can’t. Because I know. I know. I have to do something about it. You can sit here and wish it was different, but there’s that moment where you go, ‘You know, I have to do something. Don’t I?’”

Yeah, Tom.

We can think of a FEW things you probably have to do.

Sadly, none of them involve expelling malevolent alien entities from society (like so!) and should instead probably focus on whatever void in yourself that you're attempting to fill with a money-hungry, controlling organization that has used your wealth and status to manipulate you into thinking you're some sort of salvation for humanity.

Just saying!

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15 comments to “It's Tom Cruise's Mission In Life To Expel The Evil Aliens That Live Inside Us All…And MORE Details From New Scientology Exposé!”

  1. clamrocks says – reply to this


    Thanks Perez for having the guts to speak out against this insanity…thank GOD KATIE HAD A CARING fATHER TO HELP HER ESCAPE.

  2. Liverwurst says – reply to this


    Ewww fake laugh…never makes it to his eyes.

  3. 3

    Hah. Knowing the "truth."
    Tommy Boy couldn't handle the truth if it were handed to him on a silver platter.
    L. Ron Blubbard was a space-case drug addict, Miscavige is a delusional homosexual eternally trapped in the closet, and Tom's the most successful case of brainwashing we've ever seen.
    I'd love to break him, tell him a few truths of my own.
    (Or at least break that front tooth we're all tired of looking at.)

    Fly to x 0 e 0 n 0 u 0 dot n 0 e 0 t for a great read, folks.
    Can't wait for this book.

  4. Mr Pete says – reply to this


    Lots of people dislike Tom, because he never got caught up in that Hollywood BS
    I dont ever remember reading stories of him and DUI, or OD ing on drugs,
    The man is an excellent actor, seems like a very good father, and is doing something right to look that hot at 50
    God bless you Tommy

  5. Rose says – reply to this


    Tom should be boiled in oil. We all know it's the devil, Satan, and his minions we have to protect ourselves from. Oh wait, that's about the same, isn't it? And Tom is always gentlemanly and kind, while Perez is always nasty and heterophobic towards young women (unless they are so famous they could squish his ass.)hmmm maybe Perez's problem is he had a void in said derrière.)

  6. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: Mr Pete – Ditto!!

  7. 7

    Im waiting for the scientologist to say thing's to defuse this….

  8. eh says – reply to this



  9. 9

    just before I saw the check which had said $6667, I didn't believe that my neighbours mother woz like actually bringing in money part-time on-line.. there neighbour started doing this for under 18 months and recently repayed the dept on there house and bought a great new Alfa Romeo. this is where I went, ====>>bit90.com<<====

  10. Jessica says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – You are definitely delusional like your master Tom cruise.
    Yes, he has done heavy duty drugs, alcohol, had gay relationship, abused women and all the people close to him. Tommy boy is a criminal and will be brought to justice, either you like to confront this truth or not.
    Tick Tock!!!!

  11. 11

    Perez, Perez, you don't even– you're glib. You don’t know the history of this planet. I do.

  12. carla says – reply to this


    Parem de crucificar o cara. Essas mulheres (Kidman, Cruz, Boniadi, Pecoraro e Holmes) são oportunistas que queriam alavancar a carreira. Inocentes nesta história só os filhos que foram usados como adornos por egoístas. Vamos dar uma pausa ao cara. Ninguém é perfeito ele também tem falhas. É um fraco de espírito e reprimido.

  13. 13


    blame mime rogers she took him there

  14. @v@ says – reply to this


    No vacation ever? Really? Did Katy have to leave to finally get one? Balance matters.

  15. Nikky says – reply to this


    He needs a Latin wife to get rid Of his bad habits, friends, religion and adopted children. Also confront him with the truth about his age, his ex wife being bad in bed and him not getting to see or get advice from his father R.I.P. Then the wife will give him loads Of sex, Mexican Food, take good care of him so he doesn't need that role in scientology and tell him it's ok to go to work and not have Starbucks every freaking day like ex wife Katie.