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Britney Spears Wasn’t Worth The $18 Million She Wanted For X Factor

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Britney Spears 18 Million X Factor

But Britney Spears is priceless!

Apparently not to X Factor executives, as it is rumored she was DENIED a raise for a second season — and that was the push she needed to walk away from the show!

While Brit Brit has said she's leaving the X Factor gang because she wants to get back to performing, it seems she might be stretching the truth.

The little lady apparently requested a $3 million raise to return to the show — but what Britney wants, Britney doesn’t always get. A source revealed:

“[A]fter much deliberation, they just felt that Britney wasn’t worth that much because she wasn’t bringing enough to the table. Her performance as a judge was scrutinized, and she didn’t really add anything to the show. They felt she didn’t warrant a $3 million pay hike.”


Have they seen her HIGHlarious reactions?

We might not be able to pay $3 million more for them, but we’re sure Simon Cowell has some spare change he could’ve used to secure another season of her classic cringes and eyerolls.

Guess we’ll just have to hit up Las Vegas to get some Brit Brit time.

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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10 comments to “Britney Spears Wasn’t Worth The $18 Million She Wanted For X Factor

  1. 1

    I found her completely boring as a judge. I agree that she added nothing to the show.

  2. 2

    I only watched a couple of episodes but… In my opinion she wasn't worth the original 15 million.

  3. JM says – reply to this


    Makes sense, and I question whether they would have even renewed her at $15M unless they were obligated contractually. She may have been worth the dough the first year because of 'train wreck' effect…people tuning in to see how crazy she would act…but with that worn off her value to the show was marginal at best.

  4. Alvfst says – reply to this


    Who she thinks she is !!! she can barely sing and she's asking for a raise??? really ?
    I used to love Britney before she fell down in some craziness… and i thought according to X FACTOR she has changed, she's more mature now. Well I guess I was wrong jaja.
    She's so not humble. poor girl.

  5. Cady says – reply to this


    OMG, I love her but she seems not to be ok yet. She was boring to death in the show. And I haven't seen her spark in years. So sad.

  6. 6

    she was horrible as a judge. She was odd!!! She wasn't worth the 15 mill either.

  7. watwat says – reply to this


    I see Simon playing dirty again! When he'll learn trash talking about others won't help him in America??

  8. CC says – reply to this


    Well Duh…. of course she sucked. Everyone expected it. She should have never been picked for the show anyway, SHE CAN"T SING??? And now I hear she might have a Vegas show. YEah right?!? How many times do you think she's going to wig out and cancel a show? Besides, she lip syncs and dances from the waist up. I'd rather go to circus circus.

  9. Benzir Siddiqui says – reply to this


    Simon is pathetic. His shows don't get ratings because of him yet he always blames others. In season 1 he blamed the host Steve jones, Nicole and Paula. Then everyone knew he was going to fire britney anyway because he wanted 'crazy' britney. He wanted her to have a public meltdown on live tv for ratings but instead he got normal britney. And because he beat her to it and quit he tries to plant this bullshit. Pathetic loser I hope the voice smashes X factor in ratings once again

  10. RubyM says – reply to this


    'Wasn't worth it' - they're only saying that because she acted NORMAL.
    If she flipped out and went crazy like they everyone thought she would, she'd be getting totally bagged out on.
    Britney's way too good for the X factor show, she should never have stooped that low but at least it got people to see that the 'crazy' Britney is made up from paparazzi shots.