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OMG! How amazingly awkward! Jennifer Lopez found herself caught in the middle of a uncomfortable man-sandwich at the Weinstein Golden Globes after party … Read more…

9 comments to “Awkward! Jennifer Lopez Introduces Casper To Her Ex, Diddy At Golden Globes After Party!”

  1. raymondj says – reply to this


    "PDiddy, this is my gay boyfriend Casper".. LOL…. ridiculous.. not even remotely believable

  2. 2

    oh please, are you in high school? jennifer and diddy are grown ups, their relationship was YEARS ago. stop trying to make something out of nothing. i'm sure this encounter was the furthest thing from awkard. jennifer has "fallen in love" with so many men, i highly doubt meeting one of them from THIRTEEN years ago is that big of a deal. ben affleck was also there, and jennifer was engaged to him, and again, they're all grown up and civil enough that i'm sure that encounter was also friendly. these celebs have moved on from their past relationships. you should too.

  3. 3

    Nothing awkward. Everything seems perfectly ok as we can easily see in this photo.

  4. tempe says – reply to this


    This posting is whats aaaamazingly stupid. Why is Perez in the business now of "creating" friction, falsehoods when CLEARLY there isn't any 'awkwardness". Come on ! All three are grown human beings.
    Grow up Perez, youre 34.

  5. sm87 says – reply to this


    Girl had a few exes present in the room; lest we forget Bennifer - she's been around.

  6. 6

    Sex would still be steaming hot w Diddy boy…. That's what that expression is about.

  7. jen says – reply to this


    Think Diddy and Jen had a special chemistry shame it didnt last between them. But its great how they'e remained on good terms. Never know perhaps a future love reunion.

  8. lmlol says – reply to this


    Why oh why oh why is that otherwise-savvy woman with that horrible boyfriend? What is wrong with Jennifer Lopez that she fell for that nobody..it is embarrassing…I sure hope she gets over him quickly.

  9. Jessica says – reply to this


    I guess public don't know that JLO is a scientologist cult member. Her dad has been a scientologist for over 20 years. JLo and Marc Anthony (at the time being still married) were lured by one of the cult's existing celeb member (Leah Remini) who were ordered by David Miscavige (cult leader) to get JLo and Marc involved in the church before she was pregnant with her twins.
    Apparently JLo was having trouble getting pregnant so the cult, through Leah Remini, convinced her that scientology can help them with it.
    Soon JLo became a devoted scientologist. Marc and JLo started hanging out with Tom Cruise which was very impressive for JLo and Marc. And they became good friends.
    Marc and JLo's divorce was ordered by the cult leader David Miscavige as he was the reason for Tom cruise's failed marriages and his wife auditing.
    The cult's main teaching is how to create a "good" PR. As we are seeing with JLo when she bumps into her ex at the Golden Glob and also with Tom cruise while appearing in public.
    As it has been reported through many media outlets, Tom cruise is a total abuser and criminal when not in public. Reference: Vanity Fair Oct 2012 issue is a good example of Tom and his buddy David Miscavige's crimes.
    I witness many of Tom and David Miscavige's crimes while I was in their close circle. I am no longer a cult member and am glad for those, specially Katie Holmes, who got out of that dangerous cult.