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Kristen Stewart: On The Road Naked Scenes Were Cake Compared To Dancing!

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Well DUH Kristen Stewart is ok with being a little sexually assertive now and then, she seduced a married director just last year!


KStew recently discussed that even though she filmed naked, sexy scenes — tittays OUT — for indie flick On The Road, those were NOTHING compared to portraying a character who lets loose and dances like noone's watching!

The Stew revealed:

"Everyone asks about the nude scenes in On The Road, but I also had to dance, and dancing is harder than being naked. My character, Marylou, is so exuberant, and I had five minutes to do something that showed she was sort of like the craziest motherf**ker around. In the book, it says, ‘Dean takes Marylou and they do a love dance and no one can take their eyes off them.’ It’s one sentence. And I was mad intimidated by it.

We did the dance four times to the song ‘Salt Peanut’. By the end, I was as red as fire truck. I was holding onto Garrett because I was going to fall over. I almost passed out ever single time."


Kristen Stew had trouble relaxing and going with the flow of things? Color us completely NOT shocked, but there ya go.

It seems obvious to us that Kristen is wound up so tight inside like a clockwork mouse, and that she needs to chiiiiilllllll.

We figured the fact that her and Robert Pattnson reportedly constantly get freaky in the boudoir, Fifty Shades of Grey style, would help her unwind


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14 comments to “Kristen Stewart: On The Road Naked Scenes Were Cake Compared To Dancing!”

  1. me says – reply to this


    Perez - you are a d!ck.

  2. 2

    Bloody fucking hell, Perez.
    "…she seduced a married director..!"
    As if it doesn't take two to kiss behind the bushes.
    You are such a fucking jackass.
    Get some therapy - and soon - to deal with your hatred of women.
    You only just today complimented Jodi Foster for her words of support for Kristen, and then you blatantly objectify and insult her with this ignorant and offensive BS.

  3. 3

    Re: me
    Hiya, me… I say shit directed towards Perez in these comment sections too, (a great way to vent, and let other people know your own humble opinion) but the thing is, he never reads them, so here's an idea:
    Email the bastard a copy each and every time you write. Maybe if we all did that he'd actually get a fucking clue.
    (I imagine for the most part he only gets emails from the lame & braindead morons who kiss his hairy ass.)

  4. 4

    UUUH She doesn't say they were cake compared to her dancing scenes you idiot, way to put words in her mouth and make her look like an even worse person (like you do everytime you write about her)

    stop bringing up the cheating, WE GET IT, it is over and done with it. Move on you fucking asshole.

  5. Knuckelhead says – reply to this


    I'm an old biker, (56) and when I watched the first twilight I was blown away, then I seen the thing how U have been acting for so long. Well little Lady, I just watched U in the yellow handkerchief, and blown away again. You remind "all" I'm sure, Of my own daughter. I'm sure U know how U make us feel, I have never sent any one that's A celeb even as much As A comment so U must do something good. Hell I can barely type, and computers yea right. Keep it up, I'm definitely A fan. wow I said all that!! Me

  6. FU says – reply to this


    Eat shit, Perez. Kristen gets to fuck Rob all she wants and you'll never have him. You're pathetic, creepy man obsessed with this girl.

  7. robsten forever says – reply to this


    Why are you still posting about her cheating!!
    stop bringing up the cheating, WE GET IT and forgive her.
    Stop being fucking childish!! Leave her alone!!!

  8. robsten forever says – reply to this


    And wait a second if rupert was acting like a married me!! This would never happend!! So stop blaming her!! He did It also! Move on leave her alone! If rob can move on who the hell are you!!

  9. Marthrixe says – reply to this


    I'm never known any mind blowing celeb. as Kstew but getting soo flaked by this leech (perez) is another. I think he needs to get some therapy or meet a… psychologist… or a… psychiatrist on his misogynistic nature. He's… an anomaly among other humans. Keep it up Kstew, LUV you…

  10. Pitty says – reply to this



  11. Cu20Me says – reply to this


    Perez you're worse than a leech!
    You need help from a psychiatrist urgently!
    I think it's the only way that you can free yourself from the unhealthy obsession that you have with Kristen.

  12. gff1 says – reply to this


    It's amazing how prejudiced you are…it never even dawned on you that old 40-something Rupert might have seduced Kristen!! Since she is 22 and he's in his 40s, how many young girls has he seduced over the years? Probably none of them had photographers following them around all of the time like Kristen! When I was 22, I might have considered it a compliment if a person I admired showed an interest in me!!

  13. perezisajerk says – reply to this


    What is your problem with this girl? Did she take your man? LOLZ! You are a big loser!

  14. the big lover of krist says – reply to this


    Hey kristen , you are a star you are beautiful young lady , you acting very nice , never maind you married with him or no't i still love you and love your's film's . I love you kristen <3