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14 comments to “Rihanna Begs For Chris Brown's Attention With Topless Photos”

  1. Cannon says – reply to this


    Rihanna is nothing more then a cheap tramp with zero class. She isnt as pretty as his other girlfriend, and she needs to realize that Chris isnt going to give up the more beautiful one. Rihanna has destroyed any kind of dignity she has left, by posting these nude pictures of herself. The public doesnt want to see your private parts!!!

  2. Whitney says – reply to this


    She's so classy. She should open a finishing school so other young girls can benefit from her knowledge.

  3. kiki says – reply to this



  4. 4

    This is so fucking sad.

    Any of her fans who still think she's "cool" or "hot" or "confident," should be realizing by now - I sincerely hope! - that these are the actions of a desperate and delusional young woman who severely needs some psychological help.
    If the only way you feel that you can get validation from others is by showing off your body, (especially if you have to make it "public") you have become a disgrace, not just to yourself, but to other women and our progress in the world.
    Basically, you're a WHORE, by the most simplistic definition.
    (So not cool.)
    And you're only opening up a whole world of trouble for yourself as you age, if all you rely on is how people (men) perceive you; depending on others to give you a reason to live.
    Once the "looks" go, what will you have left? How will you handle raising children? THEY need validation too; will you teach them it's all about sex appeal & appearance? Or will you help them develop as people, too?
    How will keep a relationship if all you feel you are "good" at is catering to a man's every whim, and looking "hot" ?
    How the hell will you handle MENOPAUSE?!
    (Trust me, menopause is no barrel of laughs. Been there, and done that. Psychologically it can wreck you, if you are not already confident in yourself as a PERSON, let alone as a woman.)

    Rihanna has become a shallow shell of herself, with absolutely no self-respect.
    What a damn shame.

  5. 5

    trying too hard. love isn't hard.

  6. Sandra Hicks says – reply to this


    Hi -

    I don't believe she's begging…



    Today on MTO, there's a photo of Rihanna out on a date with her ex, Matt Kemp - AFTER I posted the above…

  7. Hiafa says – reply to this


    She is just a slut!

  8. 8

    Bitches be doing this on thier instagram every fucking day. Taking a suggestive picture doesn't make you slut, does anyone every remember what a slut is anymore? This isn't a cry of attention its a vain gorgeous sexy female, girls do this all the fucking time they just aren't famous.

  9. Marie says – reply to this


    Begging for his attention???? He is in the picture!!!!! Don't you see a hand across her chest and in her hair? Start from the bottom, left of the picture. You will see a light skinned arm next to her chest. Follow it up and you will see a hand tangled in her hair.

  10. 10

    she's really boring lately…this Chris brown circus needs to stop and she needs to find something new and interesting to constantly prove to the world. For someone who seems to like private life and love…she sure begs for people to watch her.

  11. 11

    everyone has seen the desperados tits and there is really nothing to see eggs flat in a frypan

  12. 12

    This is getting rediculous. Where is her 'mentor' (y'know, the one that made big $$$ off of her) now? Doesn't she have parents to make her see why she should NOT be doing this sort of shit? Doesn't she have friends to beg her to stop being so pathetic? She's famous worldwide, has good looks and lots of cash. hat the hell does she need a lowlife starfucker like him for? He is ugly inside & out!

  13. al or nothing says – reply to this


    really riri if u hve to still worry bout him cheating well…!

  14. heblamesme says – reply to this


    This chic is a hot mess! I don't get this whole she is a bombshell thing!!! That forehead of hers arrives everywhere before she does and I don't think she is that hot! Is she really biracial because a long time ago when her first album flopped I saw her with her father and he is black. I thought her mother was too!