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Selena Gomez is single, ready to mingle and movin’ on! We previously told you how Selenita and bestie Vanessa Hudgens were both spotted out party hoppiRead more…

39 comments to “Justin Bieber, Who? Selena Gomez Hit Up The After Party With Josh Hutcherson… & Left With Him, Too!”

  1. kat says – reply to this


    Selena is a user when it comes to guys!!!

    When Jonas brothers were famous, she dated Nick. Twilight= Taylor Lautner, Justin Bieber, and now she's going after Josh cuz Hunger Games is huge!!!

    what a Tramp!!!

  2. Hailey says – reply to this


    Hi I'm you'er biggest fan i love your songs oh and this is hailey Ann Dodwell

  3. Sophie says – reply to this


    Love you Josh!! Stay single for a while though. My sister is up for Annie in the Hunger Games, so (fingers crossed) I might be able to visit you on set!

  4. Sophie says – reply to this


    my sister is on this:

  5. 5

    Everyone chill out lol. She's just having a good time and probably hoping Justin sees the pictures.

  6. javi says – reply to this


    perez you are an ass. she left the party with ashley tisdale. theres a video on youtube. and so what she's allowed to hang with who ever she wants unfortunately that dude is too short.it would be like dating another justin

  7. truth says – reply to this


    when the jonas brothers where blowing up, selena dates nick, when twilight came out and everyone was going crazy, selena "dates" taylor lautner, when justin came to the light and he was the big teen popstar, selena dates him, and now she was holding hands with josh hutcherson in the golden globes, the boy starring at the most famous movie of 2012, coincidence? i dont think so…

  8. michelle says – reply to this


    relax, she's just enjoying, what would you do if you just broke up with someone ? i wouldn't judge her, we don't know what really happened between the amazing selena and justin. you never know are they really broken up ?

  9. 9

    Vanessa should stick to porn

  10. RB says – reply to this


    Hell, Josh couldn't score with Chloe Bridges. Bieber! She doesn't have purity ring. It's your move. Lets go!!

  11. kAHO says – reply to this


    perez you are an ass. she left the party with ashley tisdale. theres a video on youtube. and so what she's allowed to hang with who ever she wants unfortunately that dude is too short.it would be like dating another justin


  12. giin says – reply to this


    justin bieber has served his purpose which was to keep her in the limelight until spring breakers is released next month. i think he will do much better in a creative sense without her. she tries to pass herself off as seasoned and mature but is more cringeworthy than anything, played too many games and i don't think he felt loved at all.

  13. 13

    For all you Magoo out there — Selena was not "holding" Josh's hand, she was actually holding Vanessa's hand.

  14. 14

    Bieber couldn't care less . He's already moved on with one of his dancers (Elyssandra)

  15. didi says – reply to this


    *cough cough*SLUT

  16. 16

    Re: kat – ur a jealous idiot

  17. 17

    Re: truth – u got proof she's dating josh? no? then stfu u idiot

  18. 18

    Re: didi – yes u are a slut

  19. alexa says – reply to this


    THIS BITCH! OHH! She just broke up with Justin and she is now all over Josh!! She needs to stop! I'm mad because like always she is going to use him for being very famous and because he is the NEW hot guy of Hollywood because he is Hunger Games which is right now's BOOM! She is a slut! she sells herself!

  20. Kelly says – reply to this


    Re: alexa – josh hutcherson isn't that famous and they have been friends for a long time. The fact that you honestly believe
    That his article is true shows that your an idiot. It was shown selena left with ashely Tisdale.leave all that shit talking for the people who get paid for it ya dumb broad.

  21. Jelena says – reply to this


    Gomez she won't chat josh just mak fun with him we can dance with anyone how can u say that she flirt with him . we believed jelena one day they will getting back jelena forever we love u we need u getting back .4get about stupid baarbara

  22. 22

    Okay I have nothing against her but she is just like Taylor, no offense. They both use guys who are at the moment big in the music/ film industry. When Nick Jonas was huge, she dated him. When Taylor Lautner was popular, dated. And then Justin Bieber happened. Now that Josh is famous with The Hunger Games, she's there too. Take a break girl!

  23. Belieber says – reply to this


    i think that all of the gossip site should just stop making runmors, its fucking annoying……. leave them alone!

    if she has moved on, than good for her, and if u see justin, he looks happy… soo.. yeah

  24. Ravee oli says – reply to this


    I think Selena just go for fun with friend.. my friends used to spent a night with their friend's house too… don't be upset Justin. you should understand……

  25. True story bro says – reply to this


    Re: truth – omg you are so right both selena and taylor are like that remember even tay went out with joe jonas and then taylor lautner and then cory moneith and a bunch of guys when they were famous and recently she was going out with harry styles cuz 1D is sooo famous :P

  26. Haha says – reply to this


    Josh is too good for her. Just sayin' :)

  27. Lily says – reply to this



  28. RB says – reply to this


    It's ironic that Selena Gomez & Barbara Palvin Hung Out At Golden Globes Party at the same time. Maybe, Barbara was there to straighten out Selena's suspensions. Perez states that: "Selena has sworn off men for the time being. She just wants to be free to do what she wants to do and not have to worry about anyone else but herself.

  29. Stephen Murphy says – reply to this


    Stay away from Selena, Josh!! Selena is Justin's woman! They've only split up because of some misunderstanding! Justin wasn't cheating on Selena he was just hanging out with that Barbara but not in a lovey-dovey sort of way! Selena has dumped him for no reason at all!

  30. Zsahim says – reply to this


    Ok now i know everyone is blaming selena, that she had a lot of famous boyfriends, bit aerioualy cut her some slack. She has every right to date josh. He is a better guy than justin will ever be. Justin needs get his shit together an man up. Josh on the other hand is a real man and he will always be there for selena. U say she has a lot of boyfriends have u seen taylor swift she jumps guys and hooks up with them like its some fricken game! And for all of u swearing at her or josh i just have some 2 words for to say fuck u! Go gey a life and lay of them. They look soooo cute together.

  31. 31

    All Justin's little stalker fans crack me up. They always claim Selena uses guys for fame. News flash: Selena is famous! She was rich and famous before anyone had ever heard of Justin Bieber. She and Taylor Lautner were never a couple; they went out to dinner a feew times. And did it ever occur to you that she dated Nick Jonas because he, you know, asked her out? Should she have said no? Would you have said no?These are the kinds of guys she sees at work and at parties. Y'all just can't stand the fact that she gets to date guys you can only dream about.

  32. Melina says – reply to this


    They have been friends for years, she isn't using him. I think they look cute together.

  33. katie says – reply to this


    F U SELENA GOMEZ!!! SUCH A WH*RE… I mean like, its just a month since they broke up w/ that gayber. ugh, not with joshie, you btchhh!! get lost girl. no one likes you, you hormonal sl*t.

  34. kt says – reply to this


    Re: Sophie – hahaha same here dear ;) )

  35. taketwo says – reply to this


    Re: Hailey – You need to get your stories straight as to how she happen to go out with these guys. Go to Fact Check and get the true facts first before making up your own assumptions on Selena's private life. You're just like the tabloids that just make up stories to keep their jobs. From your comment you sound like a Selena hater which is really saying nothing important about you.

  36. blahblahblah says – reply to this


    ******************THIS IS THE WORST SITE AND NEWS SOURCE *************************

  37. mel lowry says – reply to this



  38. ariana says – reply to this


    Re: Jelena
    fuck u… even the name of jelena looks stupid…
    they'll never getting back together…
    and im happy for that

  39. ariana says – reply to this


    Re: katie
    haha u're rock..!! yes she looks stupid…
    josh can get better than selena