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First Look At Lindsay Lohan's "Emotional" Performance In The Canyons! Watch Here!

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WELL, you guys.

Now that Lindsay Lohan's antics on the set of her latest movie, The Canyons, have been more than well-documented, given the shocking - and in some ways, surprisingly humanizing - profile of her and the Paul Schrader-directed production published in The New York Times Magazine, the first footage of the Bret Easton Ellis-penned microbudget noir-thriller has hit the internet!

You know, NOT including all of those RIDICULOUS genre-specific promos, of course!

But given that the troubled starlet's seemingly-long-lost abilities as a dramatic actress were frequently highlighted in the article, we just sincerely hope that THIS isn't what the author was describing in his article!

Ch-ch-check out the scene in which LiLo searches for her missing cell phone and inadvertently sends co-star James Deen into an abusive rage (above)!

Frankly, we never thought we'd say this ever again, but Lindsay is EASILY the best part of at least this scene!

Not that that says too much, as all she's doing is pacing and eventually sobbing, but you can CERTAINLY understand from this alone why the flick didn't make the Sundance cut…and why Steven Soderbergh offered to re-cut the entire film for Schrader!

As far as James Deen is concerned…well, let's just say it HELPS a great deal if you tune his voice out entirely and just focus on that tight little underwear-clad body of his!


This could very well be gurlfriend's comeback movie, after all! Even if it's only by default!

What do U think?? Do U want to see The Canyons??

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10 comments to “First Look At Lindsay Lohan's "Emotional" Performance In The Canyons! Watch Here!”

  1. 1

    it's all just plain bad…

  2. tempe says – reply to this


    You can't ever seem to post something without sexualizing someone.

  3. Armand0 says – reply to this


    wow! amazing :)

  4. OH PLEZE says – reply to this


    Was this a class project from a high school kid with a cell phone cam? tick tock….15 minutes were up 7 years ago…. Looking for a Distributor? Pleeze….Producers trying to once again make a buck off a train wreck…can't wait for the Box Set…The Canyon/Liz and Dick….fingers crossed there is DVD Commentary and deleted scenes….

  5. BobbieFisher2 says – reply to this


    If we were to look at this scene logically - if Tara is looking for her cell phone, by calling on the land line, why does she keep holding the land line phone up to her ear? Also, if Tara is trying not to wake the guy (Deen) up - why is she breathing and sighing so loudly the neighbors in the next canyon over could hear her? By the way - that's Lohan's new acting thing - sighing and quick intakes of air - she did a ton of that high school acting breathing crap in Liz & Dick with hilarious results. Sorry Lohan - sighing, breathing, moaning, and quick intakes of air during silent action - is called TELEGRAPHING in the acting world. And it's a sign of BAD ACTING. Christ! Acting 101 teaches that, not that Lohan would know since she doesn't bother studying her craft. Ever. This film will be direct to the Internet - a fate worse than hell. And lots of it will leak and leak and leak out until the ship sinks and no one will pay to see the film. Which could be a good thing since the clip here suggests it just might be unwatchable. Lohan has lost all her acting skills and replaced them with sighs and wailing. Ugh.

  6. irvinegirl says – reply to this


    Holy crap, that's bad.

  7. Poopsy says – reply to this


    Is this a comedy?

  8. 8

    Consider my interest piqued …

  9. 9

    He should really stick to porn. He's a terrible actor.

  10. 10

    Can we all just agree that maybe Lindsay should just go away and stay away…whatever talent she had seems to have evaporated maybe she should look into a new career…the one thing i dislike about the internet is that it has meant that people with no talent don't just disappear like they did back in the day oh how i miss those days