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One Direction Visit Ghana, Niall Horan Realizes Poverty Exists

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Hoh man…

Cheeky musical quintet One Direction took a sneaky, secret visit to an impoverished region of Ghana a few days ago as part of the UK's Red Nose Day/Comic Relief effort, which helps raise money to alleviate poverty…

And not only did the boyband members enjoy their trip — where they also filmed scenes for a Comic Relief music video cover of Blondie's One Way or Another — it seems the dudes also learned a thing or two about the state of the world!


In fact, the band's newest legal driver Niall Horan apparently had an "a ha" moment, as evidenced by his tweet:

Awww Niall! SO cute in the most naive sort of way!

Niall's "life changing" experience even caused him to realize how "selfish" people are. In a direct message to a fan Niall wrote:

"We all are the most selfish people ever! U would not believe that country."

And while this realization comes rather late in life for Mr. Horan, we just think it's ALWAYS inspiring when celebs attempt to use their influence and fame for ANY social good!

Very impressive boys!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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25 comments to “One Direction Visit Ghana, Niall Horan Realizes Poverty Exists”

  1. Bezza says – reply to this


    I think he was saying it as more of a declaration than an observation. The majority of his fans are young and probably not extremely exposed to the reality of poverty.

  2. 2

    It may sound silly the way he said it, but I get what he's saying. I lived with a family in a village in Belize, and even though you know that these people don't have clean water or electricity or anything, actually experiencing it in person is totally life changing and really changes your perspective on living in a first world country. You really don't understand poverty until you've witnessed in first hand.

  3. 3

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  4. 4

    Says the guy with millions of dollars……

  5. 5

    he could donate 60% of his wealth and still live like a king yet this little twit is calling everyone else selfish? yeah go fuck yourself you dipshit.

  6. Merril Owns says – reply to this


    One Direction "Jungle"

  7. NaW says – reply to this


    He was only declaring his experience. Half of us probably will never see the poverty he saw while he was there with the rest of his band mates. He's not a TWIT OR A DIPSHIT because they are making a difference due to the fact he and his band mates are recording a Comic Relief CHARITY single for Africa and any other poverty stricken country. If every person in the world had Niall's view of how we need to make a difference sure there would be no poverty. Each ONE of us should give money.
    You need to see the poverty to truly understand it. So don't judge him for what he said, it's not fair!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Joshua says – reply to this


    Im Ghanaian and I didnt even know they were in Ghana till they left. Damn. Funny How they talk about seeing slums and they actually stayed in The Movenpick Hotel!

  9. klematic says – reply to this


    Re: NaW – First of all sweetie, Africa is a continent, not a country. It's annoying how ignorant your comment is. "Half of us probably will never see the poverty he saw while he was there". You don't have to go to Africa to experience poverty as some of you may think. Poverty is all around you. It may not be in your neighborhood but it exists in your towns, your states, and your countries. So don't pity Africans thinking that the continent is only contrived of destitution. It's not. There are Africans far richer than some of you. It may not be in wealth, but in life. Them being there doesn't make a difference. They went there for one day and will return to their big houses with clean water and heat, and those kids will still be back in those slums.

  10. Melody says – reply to this


    I understand that media and advertising is meant to be eye-catching, but I feel this entire article is off the mark. it was an exclamation, not a realization. Of course he knew that poverty exists, he just experienced it in a way he never had before. Poor journalism, if you can call it that.

  11. Maria says – reply to this


    "Poverty is real"… Did he thought it was a joke or something that the media made up or what?

  12. mike michael says – reply to this


    this is such bullshit..keep your yt assess in the UK..im a damn proud Ghanaian and they make it seem like Ghana is so poverty ridden…yes, its true in some places but obviously they didnt see the rest of Ghana. there are a lot of rich muthafuckas in Ghana and big beautiful homes..stop being ignorant and fucking liars one direction or lemme guess no direction…nonsense..focus on your soul selling selves and worry about the hot temperatures in hell..thats where you belong

  13. 1d lover says – reply to this


    Don't be a hater skater they r trying their best and if h think he's so bad why don't you donae 60% of your money ???

  14. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Mods, please ban spammer leonareuprichards35, Thank.

  15. Michelle Smith says – reply to this


    guys video proof of 1D IN GHANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. susssannn says – reply to this


    Re: Michelle Smith – you have to type in "Kids in Ghana (Africa) Singing Stand Up and One Thing - One Direction!" to youtubeee

  17. SANDYYY says – reply to this


    TYPE IN "Kids in Ghana (Africa) Singing Stand Up and One Thing - One Direction!" ON YOUTUBE AND YOU WILL SEE THEM THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. jamike says – reply to this


    He met reality in a shocking way! It should not be over generalised! The danger of a single story! it is a fact he saw poverty in an area in Ghana but there is poverty in the whole world! Africa is the Richest continent in the whole wide world! Am proud to be an African! We have our challenges so also the rest of the world at large! God bless Africa!

  19. NaW says – reply to this


    Re: Melody – Which is why people shouldn't be giving out about Niall. If all those high profile celebrities should ALL give money to the poverty stricken continents as well as each individual place as well. I know Africa is a continent and of course I know poverty is everywhere, I was just focusing on Africa because this article is about Ghana in Africa. But I understand what you are saying :)

  20. prg says – reply to this


    he sounds like a 12 year old boy

  21. Blank says – reply to this


    Re: flergasfsdfasdf – he didn't call everybody but himself selfish. he said we are all selfish (Including himself) -.- learn to read "Dipshit"

  22. Senyo says – reply to this


    its sooo silly for a so called band to come to Ghana sooo briefly and say there is poverty. When we know there is poverty in the whole world. Even the second largest economy in the world(China) has poverty. Its sooo stupid for the Mgt of Red Nose/Comic Relief to bring ignorant spoilt poor talented kids to Ghana and claim they ve seen poverty. I hope they learn to experience before they speak.

  23. EHoran says – reply to this


    Re: flergasfsdfasdf – how about you go fuck yourself whilst harry styles fucks your mum. He can do whatever the fuck he pleases

  24. danika says – reply to this


    I Love Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn very so cute and Totally Hot

  25. Joshua says – reply to this


    Re: Joshua
    I knew a guy, I kept giving him money becuz he was poor, Realize he use that money to buy cigars and smoke, i guess he wanted to stay poor, ya know giving money to people really helps stop poverty.