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Rihanna just don’t give a flying P-H-U-C-K! And to prove it, she recently posed for seven risque covers for Complex magazine’s February/March issue… Read more…

16 comments to “Rihanna Cuts Complex Interview Short, After Chris Brown Gets Brought Up!”

  1. cjing says – reply to this


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  2. JosieJ says – reply to this


    I think it's so funny when attention whores claim to want privacy. Rihanna constantly post pictures of herself with CB when their "on again" yet she doesn't want to talk about him. Hmmm…so fucking transparent. At least Kim Kardashian doesn't claim to hate the attention. She's up front about her attention whore-ness.

  3. 3

    it's funny because if she didn't give a fuck, she'd live her life like a normal woman instead of constantly trying so hard to do the opposite of what she thinks the public wants from her. don't make a song about how people should mind their business and then get mad when people ask you about that song. if it really wasn't anyone's business, you wouldn't speak about it, because (DUH!) it's no one's business. making a public song for the public about something not being anyone's business, INSTANTLY makes it everyone's business. she needs to just stop trying so damn hard

  4. jla says – reply to this


    @JosieJ and Damedelamour you took the words right out my mouth. She is one of the most egotistical people I've ever read about. Come back down to Earth Rihanna. Just because you sing crappy music that seems to catch on doesn't mean you can talk to people who are just doing their job. A job that helps your job. No one would give two sh*** about you if those people didn't make you relevant

  5. sm87 says – reply to this


    Oh ok that's cute - she makes it the world's business by posting shit all over instagram and shit, making songs with him, telling people she doesn't give a fuck, and all of a sudden she has an issue with an interview bringing it up? I'm so fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucking sick of her ….damn

  6. jack says – reply to this


    Another LLG. Lost little girl. It's too bad this society applauds the "taking off your clothes means your attractive" behavior.
    Another really talented young girl who thinks unless she shows her titties and buttocks, no one will pay attention. Madonna and the like have led us on this road to
    ridiculousness. While we would really like to just listen to the talent, instead we are see a load of insecurity and desperation to be noticed at any cost. It's sad. Go sit quietly RiRi and get your priorities straight. You don't need to devalue yourself anymore.

  7. 7

    she puts all of her shit on instagram…welcoming the world into her life everyday. smoking in bed naked, intimate pictures with breezy and THEN she has the audacity to be shocked when she gets questioned about it. If you don't want anyone to ask, stop putting it out there. i don't give a %#&& either. perez, stop feeding in to this bulsh*(.

  8. 8

    At some point she won't be able to get any press by disrobing and posing. I look forward to that time. Both of them are no talent hacks.

  9. 9

    Re: jack
    Right on, jack. Totally agree with you.
    And it is really sad. The future of women in music is quite dark at the moment, (particularly pop music) and will only get worse until they start to realize they don't need to dress like whores in order to sing.

  10. 10

    Re: Chicklette
    I too look forward to that time. After a while, even T&A can't sell your music, if you've already sold your soul. Who will give a shit?

  11. 11

    I saw a blurb the other day from her interview with Oprah. If you can find it on youtube or something, watch her EYES.
    And then look at her now. The look is gone.
    Somehow, on the inside, since that beatdown she got from Chris, she has managed to convince herself that she is nothing more than a sexual object MEANT to be beaten down.
    (Hence all of the pornographic-like photos and the refusal to cut Chris from her life. He supports her current psychological definition of herself. To let him go would mean giving up her "identity.")
    And that "unapologetic" BS?
    She's afraid to apologize to HERSELF.
    "Don't make me apologize for my actions, because if I do, I'll have to admit that I'm hurting myself. And I'm not ready for that yet."
    (If she ever will be.) Truly very sad.

  12. 12

    I have to agree with most of the comments on this post. If Rihanna wants to keep her business private then she needs to start with herself. She wants to tweet pics and comments adverising her personal business and then acts all diva like when people ask questions or form an opinion on it.

  13. Nobody's Business says – reply to this


    Greeting to all, it's obvious and transparent that you are Karrueche's friends writing these comments. Lol Have fun…it will not change a thing.

  14. sweetapplepie70 says – reply to this


    D– she beautiful thats my island berry go rihanna ms pisces!!!

  15. Reese says – reply to this


    I wish she would make her body none of our business and cover the hell up. Or at least get a curve! Chris Brown must really be "feeling himself" because being with her must be like feeling himself. OFFICER! *Snap* OFFICER! *Snap Snap*…PLEASE remove this kiddie porn from my sight!

  16. 16

    I wish she would maker her body none of our business and cover the hell up. Or, at least, get a curve! Chris Brown must be "feeling himself" right now because being with her is like feeling himself. OFFICER! *Snap* OFFICERRR! *Snap Snap* PLEASE REMOVE THIS KIDDIE PORN FROM MY SIGHT! Uck.