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Anderson Cooper Blasts Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorists For Downplaying The Tragedy!

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It hurts our heart and blows our mind how some people have capacity for such cruelness!

A growing number of conspiracy theorists suggest last month's unfathomable massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary was actually a manufactured tragedy.

One engineered by the government, the Illuminati, or maybe even the ghost of Andrew Jackson and carried out by actors and a complacent media.

Thankfully, Anderson Cooper does his part to dispel these outlandish myths and protect those still grieving in Newtown, CT.

Ch-ch-check out A.C. calling out a tenured professor (above) who recklessly speculated the government and media colluded to portray a false portrait of the December 14 events.

It's amazing CNN's Silver Fox kept his comeback so classy. After watching those conspiracy theorists sully the legacies of those poor dead souls, we might be tempted by an expletive-laden rant!

Hopefully the conspiracy chatter quickly fades and the heartbroken families of Newtown are finally given the privacy and support they so desperately need.

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53 comments to “Anderson Cooper Blasts Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorists For Downplaying The Tragedy!”

  1. 1

    There is no doubt the press is lying to us about Sandy Hook - NONE. Questions need to be answered and until they are, Anderson ans his network will be considered frauds

  2. 2

    you decide for yourself:

    people dying is a tragedy, people getting killed by their own government is tyranny…ignoring that our gov't wants to leave us with broomsticks to defend ourselves, will surely lead to the same road as the other guy who did the same thing: HITLER.

  3. 3



  4. 4

    America is doomed. That so many people are willing to buy into this crap is very scary. This nonsense, and the NRA campaign are simple tools to divert the attentions of simple people away from the issue of banning assault weapons. No-one is going to leave you with 'broomsticks to defend yourselves'. Banning assault weapons is not THE answer to the problem, but it is part of the answer to a complex societal problem that will take more than a generation to change.

  5. pleasureprincipal says – reply to this


    wake up perez! the media is corporately own and they lie to the masses all the time. do your own independent research and you will see there are many unanswered questions and inconsistencies to the shooting. more and more people are waking up:)

  6. 6

    Re: rosebud99

    Anderson cherry picked and dint answer any questions? why is the only video of the tragedy of them going to the truck of a car to get an assault rifle? wasn't it used in the shooting? how was this kid a better shoot then trained marksman?

  7. 7

    Wow, a PROFESSOR??? How scary is THAT!? Imagine being the parent of one of these children and hearing this crap from these twisted individuals? What do they think, these parents were burying rocks in the coffins?! Can you be THIS brain-dead that just because a situation causes some flak that you don't like, you say it didn't happen? Sounds revisionist to me, OH< didn't you know, the Holocaust never happened either! Sheesh!

  8. 8

    Re: guiltypleazure – Please use actual facts and not the drivel and lies the NRA and Fox News tells you. You have the Hitler thing exactly wrong. Think for yourself next time and do a little research.

  9. 9

    Amazing that 15 years ago in Columbine , we had more accurate information the day of the attack as well as after. We had videos, details about he shooters very very quickly. With this attack we get ONE still photo of kids leaving with no emergency personnel. Its also implausible that the only thing you can find on this tech student are two old photos. Hes the most unknown person in the history of the internet.

  10. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Re: MVPnis – You are fucking insane like the rest of the conspiracy theorists. ROT. IN. HELL

  11. Watch Before You Judge says – reply to this


    Maybe then you can explain why there were several pages made days prior to the deaths that have RIP on them, or the video that was made a month in advance, or why Emilies dad was laughing seconds prior to a new conference, or why she appeared alive in a photo with the president? Really, check things out before you blast people Perez!

  12. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Re: guiltypleazure – Shut up you insane whore. You don't need an AK47 or AR15.

  13. 13

    Also the guy being harassed is lying. His story is completely implausible. He is a member of SAG and was making anitgun remarks the day before the tragedy. So a group of kids escaped the locked down school, walked right passed the fire station to hang out in his yard? then he plays with then for an hour, then decides to track down their parents?

  14. Anonymous says – reply to this



  15. 15

    Re: Anonymous

    You're just ignorant. Answer the questions? you cant.

  16. Anonymous says – reply to this



  17. 17

    Re: Watch Before You Judge

    Exactly, I wonder why Anderson didnt show the father laughing, smiling and joking around right before the speech

  18. 18

    Re: Anonymous

    The only stories that dont add up are stories made by the press about this event

  19. 19

    Anderson Cooper is an asshole. The whole Sandy Hook thing is being used as a tool by our traitor president to disarm the people; he ignores the Constitution and his decisions have all been bad. Look at the MEDS the recent shooters have been on, you stupid shits.
    Re: Anonymous – No, YOU shut up, you stupid drone. You may be willing to suck Obama's cock, but the rest of us who ARE paying attention and thinking for ourselves aren't willing to settle for his shit. Just go kill yourself, loser.

  20. 20

    anyone who believes this bullshit and anyone who is actually harassing the people of this town while they are grieving this horrendous tragedy are some of the most ignorant, soulless, pieces of shit america has to offer. defending ourselves with broomsticks? from our own government? wow guiltypleazure i hope to god you're not a parent. in some sick twisted imagination of yours if the government did actually want to kill all of us it wouldn't matter how many guns you owned. remember the government has tanks, grenades, killer drones, nuclear weapons, ect….. it never ceases to amaze me how well the dumbing down of america has actually worked.

  21. 21

    Re: AttFinch

    You can say whatever you want but the FACT is the press is lying about this event. that FACT alone should concern EVERYONE.

  22. 22

    Of course the news reported incorrect and contradicting information. They were reporting live and this always happens when each station is reporting things before they are fact or sensationalizing things.
    But people are straight up denying this even happened. Which is ludicrous. Just because you have seen a couple of Youtube videos that literally ANYONE can make doesn't make you 100% knowledgable on the situation. There are videos claiming Sandy Hook is a hoax that contradict the other videos claiming the same thing, and even more videos proving that those are wrong.
    Take the Sandy Hook tragedy out of the equation and there are still horribly murders going on. The Sikh Temple, Aurora, Tucson, Chardon High in Ohio, and so many more. This didn't need to be faked to show that there is extreme violence.

  23. 23

    The people criticizing the parents of these children have no idea what they are talking about. Plain and simple. My fiance lost his 16 year old sister this past new years eve. We have been grieving, and hearing what people are saying about these parents I can tell those people have no idea what grief is really like. It is unpredictable. You can go into shock and not be able to cry. You can laugh, you can smile, and joke, and even feel guilty about it later on. What you don't want to do is sit around and wallow in your pain. Drowning in your tears is not healthy. If you think that is what people should be doing you have NO idea what it's really like. That is the single solitary thing that i find disturbing in all of this. That people have the nerve to judge how someone should act in the face of a loss. Of a tragedy. There is no way you "should" act. It hits you how it hits you, and you have to try to make the best of it, because it hurts like hell. These people should be ashamed.

  24. 24

    Re: Pansy Hunter – hey "you bore me" i wouldn't expect an imbecilic troll like you to actually watch President Obama's press conference this morning but never once did he call for disarmament. what he did say was…
    Now, let me be absolutely clear: Like most Americans, I believe the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms. I respect our strong tradition of gun ownership and the rights of hunters and sportsmen. There are millions of responsible, law-abiding gun owners in America who cherish their right to bear arms for hunting or sport or protection or collection.

    I also believe most gun owners agree that we can respect the Second Amendment while keeping an irresponsible, law-breaking few from inflicting harm on a massive scale. I believe most of them agree that if America worked harder to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people, there would be fewer atrocities like the one that occurred in Newtown.

  25. Rose says – reply to this


    Robert Kennedy jr. Stated the other day That he believed there was more than one killer in the assassination of JFK. That bobby, his father secretly believed this too. I would imagine that makes either a conspiracy theorist. Example only. But if the example exists than the logic involved remains considerable, not to be 'frightened away' from questioning what we are told.

  26. 26

    all I can say is, expect more. unless someone fights back this will continue. you know the school where obama brats have armed guards you know the kids of the rich and famous go to schools with armed guards you know that the new media people send their kids to schools with armed guards. BUT in front of your kids school is a "no gun zone"

  27. 27

    Re: shaygirl1309 – here we are, yet another idiot troll who is talking out of their ass. shaygir1309, if you had bothered to watch President Obama's press conference or read the transcript of the press conference you would have know that he said "I will sign a directive giving law enforcement, schools, mental health professionals and the public health community some of the tools they need to help reduce gun violence. We will help schools hire more RESOURCE OFFICERS, if they want them, and develop emergency preparedness plans."
    If you don't know what a school resource officer is look it up idiot. and how mature of you to describe President Obama's children as brats. from what i've seen they seem like pretty well behaved young ladies. by the way i'm sure even someone as stupid as you must know all presidents have secret service protecting them and their families so don't act like his children having "armed guards" around them is something unusual or some sort of unique privilege.

  28. Jake says – reply to this


    Re: Anonymous

    You conspiracy nuts do not even have basic knowledge of how the internet works. Unbelievable. Google cache saves the date of a website or part of a page was created but includes UPDATED content. No wonder the rest of the world thinks Americans are stupid if people who are that ignorant are all over the internet.

    Glad Cooper called those wackos out. The "professor" and the Sandy Hook conspiracy nuts in general got ripped apart on Yahoo and the Huffington Post today. How sich do you have to be to think cofusing reports in the hour after the chaotic shooting that got corrected the next day mean this is a hoax. They even harassed and theatened the families of the victims and nuts like that have done this kind of thing since 9/11. Appalling.

  29. teeter totter says – reply to this


    rosebud, I have no problem with a ban on assault weapons, but other guns are fine. When my husband passed away I sold 7 guns, mainly shotguns (we liked to bird hunt), a rifle and a couple of handguns. Saved one shotgun for my stepson, a nice Browning 20 gauge.
    There are so many folks out there that want to invent a conspiracy theory for just about everything, I just do not get it. And have no idea who these Illuminati people are.

  30. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: Lady Amalthea – I am so very sorry for your loss, please accept and condolences., I can never understand these conspiracy folks. Must live a boring life.

  31. 31

    "It hurts our heart and blows our mind how some people have capacity for such cruelness!"

    ^ Ha! Look whose talking! Mr. Nasty Mean Queen himself. Perez, dude, you have no credibility on this one.

  32. 32

    Re: MVPnis – MORON !!!!

  33. 33

    Re: guiltypleazure – MORON !!!!

  34. 34


  35. caravaggio_the_wiser says – reply to this


    Im in that camp too. The timing was impeccable and too perfect. Not a 'theory' in so as much as a two decade long lead up (conspiracy) to this point to go after the NRA and men with arms, protected by the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution against tyranny (if it were to emerge again). Anderson Cooper is of an elite New York family named 'Vanderbilt'. Don't believe a word out of that man's mouth. I personally like to call "MR. COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS… or… JOHNNY C.F.R.".

  36. munkay says – reply to this


    He "blasted" us eh? If you call finger-wagging and name-calling "blasting." Because he sure didn't come with any facts.

  37. NadePaulKuciMcKiVent says – reply to this


    Easy to see who the controlled 'News' Media criminals are with Sandy Hook.

  38. tdwat says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter

  39. Zach says – reply to this


    Also, notice how this 'article' doesn't even try to disprove any of the conspiracy theorists claims, they just call them awful people.

  40. 40

    Re: MVPnisRe: guiltypleazureRe: pleasureprincipalRe: Watch Before You JudgeRe: Pansy HunterRe: Zach – How do you guys come up with this shit? Seriously! Seems verey time I look at the comment section on here I lose hope for humanity. Almost makes me wish there was no such thing as the internet. What happened to being objective and sensible - does common sense even exist anymore? Do you just want a conspiracy to justify how fucking out there you are? No one with any shred of decency would voice these kinds of theories to mourning parents. If you actually believe that grieving father who gave the interview after his little girl was brutally murdered was an actor or part of some conspiracy - You're beyond help

  41. 41

    Yea the guy with the devil sign on Ms. Soto's picture and the other pics of kids showing the same signs are real normal right?…Besides all the satanic connections with newtown and its haunted insane asylum…oh yea and the drawing of a large owl that can represent the bohemian grove owl where they supposedly act out child sacrifices…doctored photos…that weird examiner with odd answers to simple questions and parents not crying over their recently murdered children…EVERYTHING looks to be on the up and up…LMFAO

  42. 42

    There was a video, showing the father of one of the victims. He was laughing, and cutting up when he thought that the camera was off. He approached the camera then took a good 8-10 seconds getting into character. Theres really no logical explanation why a father who just lost his kid would actually have to take his time to get into the zone of appearing sad. There's also been tons of media footage that has disappeared. It's funny these mass shootings always involve ar15s, it's also funny how they are in small towns, in small states with probably dumb ass cops, media to follow through and investigate things. The James Holmes shooting was very fishy. Side door, no one seeing him, privately owned or small chain theater,etc. Hands and feet kill more people than assault rifles. 99% of gun violence is caused by pistols. It's strange to me they use ARs who is what the public AND government is afraid of. Considering it's the only weapon that could allow us to go toe to toe with ground infantry troops. These shooters always commit suicide afterwards, except holmes.

  43. 43

    You should gather the information for yourself, instead of just instantly disregarding. Everything should always be questioned. By not doing your own research, ie giving these videos a listen, you are at the opposite end of the spectrum from the conspirtards; but equally as foolish. Believing with absolute certainty anything the media and government tells you is equally as bad as the conspiritards that post things as facts. If you don't buy into them, that's fine, I rarely do, but anything that makes the casual person think the government isn't their best friend can be counted as a win in one way or another. If you think our government is 'above' pulling off something like Sandy Hook, then I suggest you check out the list of conspiracies covered up and discarded by the media but have since been proven true as facts surfaced over time.

  44. stephanie says – reply to this


    I live right outside of Newtown. I know people that were in that school, friends of mine lost family members that day. all of you people that are saying such horrible things about this tragedy make me sick. I'm sorry that for whatever reason you don't want to believe that this shooting happened, or that it didn't happen in the way it was reported, but you're wrong. this was a horrible tragedy and all of us in this community are still grieving. you conspiracy theorists need to take a step back and let us all mourn in peace, we don't need your horrendous lies and accusations making things any harder than they already are.

  45. OhPlease says – reply to this


    I have family in Conn. There is NO doubt that Sandy Hook was real. What is also real is the desire of some psychos to look for conspiracy's in everything. These are the people who are "stuck" and cannot accept anything outside of their conspiracy bubble. "Life and Tragedy" really does happen. I suppose these would be the same idiots who say the Holocaust never happened… @@

  46. genevievebumstead38 says – reply to this


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  47. mr mason says – reply to this


    First responders related William Halstead- daughter Krin, His wife and Karin's mother, Barbara, called them as the shooting began, she hid in closet with nurse for four hours before they found her. It is a 30 second walk from entrance to office where she hid. HER DAUGHTER AND EX HUSBAND KNEW SHE WAS THEIR YET FAILED TO FIND HER. Other first responders related also. One first responder 1st day on job. on and on

  48. Ladym says – reply to this


    Anderson Cooper is a douche, who names and shames and destroys peoples lives, purely bc they have an opinion that goes against the mainstream opinion. This professor did not rape a boy, or murder children or even rob someone. He merely stated his opinion on his own personal website about his thoughts on an event. What happened to freedom of speech. Since when is it a crime to ask questions about something not adding up. Whether sandy Hook was faked or not is not the issue, Anderson Cooper persecuting people for their beliefs (this guy has probably lost his job and livelihood now) is wrong, shame on CNN and Anderson Cooper. Interestingly though I can see Anderson did not tackle any of the legimate questions surrounding Sandy Hook, he just found the two bits of information which is the silliest and went with it. The problem with Conspiracy theorists is just that, that they are conspiracy theorists and some unfortunately go too far (and Anderson was quick to latch onto that and hold onto it for an entire show instead of answering some of the more legitimate questions surrounding the event) there real questions that are legitmate questions then get overshadowed by their stupid questions and then noone takes them serious…… Sandy hook does have a lot of unanswered questions and 'things' that just dont add up that only a fool would believe. All the media needs to do is clarify some of these questions, since when is that a crime!

  49. ladym says – reply to this


    What i meant to say is that conspiracy theorists do have a lot of plausible questions however they mix it in with their not so plausible questions and get called crazy and noone takes them serious. They do not do themselves any favours in trying to get heard.

  50. ladym says – reply to this


    Re: NookiesWA

    this exactly where i stand, in between. I take everything with a pinch of salt, but I also don't blindly believe everything being spoon fed to me through media and what have you. People should question everything always.

  51. ladym says – reply to this


    Re: alrightalright

    its pretty hard not to come up with these things when you watch something like this. I'm not a conspiracy theorist and dont believe half of what they have to say, but looking into all the facts surrounding sandy hook and something is definately amiss. This video alone says it all, dont tell me this is his greiving process (Robbie Parker), you can see him put himself thru the emotions of happiness to desperate sadness.. christ. Most of these videos have been removed from you tube so youre lucky to see this. Maybe perez should put this video on his blog and question it and attack it the way he does celebrities everyday.

  52. ladym says – reply to this

  53. ladym says – reply to this


    Re: alrightalright

    i was trying to post a link of robbie parker caught just before he makes his tearful speech on can, he is laughing and joking all the way to the camera and then when he is told that they are ready to start, he 'gets into character' its unbelievable. Thats the video I'm talking about in my above comment to you.