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Has Beyonce Gone Too Far???

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Seems crazy to me! What do U think???

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28 comments to “Has Beyonce Gone Too Far???”

  1. 1

    I never understand why people make such a big deal over how other people spend their money. If they have it to blow, go ahead. They worked hard for their money and it's not my place to say how you spend YOUR money. I might think it's ridiculous and would never do it myself but you go ahead.

  2. 2

    But the party wasn't really for the baby - it was for Beyonce and her friends, and it was an avenue to display wealth. Poor kid. She may have 'everything', but she will grow up without any sense of appreciation, or any sense of purpose. She will be another Paris Hilton.

  3. Kate says – reply to this


    i never comment, but that might be my favorite perez thing i have ever watched.

  4. Aidalive says – reply to this


    Blue Is The Real Life Golden Child Wish We Could See A Better Pic Of The Little Princess'

  5. 5

    You should spend at least that much on your face.

  6. 6

    Nobody cares what that under-educated, classless darkie does with her money. The important thing here is that you keep insulting visitors with your hideous ape face and your homo voice. There's a reason your radio gig flopped and why no one has offered you a steady TV gig, pansy. Your face is a tragedy and you're annoying on all counts. If this is how you have to satisfy your ambitions to be on video and to stay relevant, it's pretty fucking pathetic, considering how your numbers are dropping, loser.

  7. 7

    I can't imagine how much they're going to spend on future parties ONES she'll actually remember! If they spent 200Gs on her 1st birthday I can't even imagine what her sweet 16th will be like. But by that time will any of us actually CARE?

  8. 8

    Hey, it aint trickin if you got it! lol.. Do you have a cold perez? you sound a little stuffy =( Feel Better if you are! Thats definitely outrageous for anyone to spend that amount of money on a 1yr old birthday party, but then again..Blue Ivy's mom is the same one who rented out a whole hospital floor just so she can deliver in one room..smh dumb dumbs

  9. kiki says – reply to this


    overrated N-s

  10. 10

    Re: pollopicu – If not twice as much. It would cost that much alone to fix that nasty darkie nose he has spreading across his over-sized, ugly face.

  11. shelly says – reply to this


    Her and her hubby are ghetto trash and nothing more. They can have all the money in the world but they will never have an ounce of class. And, she at least, is beautiful but stupid as shit, no matter hard she tries (and try she did during the last election). Her husband is a sleezebag misogynist but at least he pulled himself up from nothing.

  12. michael says – reply to this


    The word is pronounced "ONE", not "ONE-UH". See the link below:

    You seem to try and over articulate your words each time you make a post.
    Also, a brush through your hair, and proper lighting would do wonders for these videos that you produce.

  13. 13

    What is happening to this Perez guy really? … the more that I see him the less attractive he is getting… no doubts that sending bad energy … that bad energy come back to you !

  14. Lync says – reply to this


    Going to far is going on Oprah and Ellen and telling them and their viewers that you changed your ways because you are "spiritual" now and blah blah blah. Once a media whore, always a media whore. I would focus less on how people choose to live their lives and pay more attention to your eating disorder that has you looking like that. Your page is nothing but pointing out celebrities flaws and heartbreak. Sure you give props to some people…but it comes off as ass-kissing and not genuine. You look like you are pushing 40 so wearing an 18 year old's clothing and using language like "totes" is transparent and kind of sad. Maybe one day, you will live up to the words your shared with Oprah and Ellen. Until then, your destructive behavior will continue to bring you readers because like most things you post about, a good train wreck is hard to avoid.

  15. 15

    A) You are awful to look at and listen to. Shower, cut your hair, get it together, and calm down if you want to be in the public eye. Remember, YOU are the one that judges others by their looks all the time.

    B) Are you wearing Invisalign or a clear retainer or something? It's incredibly distracting. Maybe you should briefly remove it before filming videos.

    C) Calm down. I'm sure you blow your money on all sorts of worthless stuff. Sure, it's extravagant and seems stupid to me to spend that much, but no sense in making a big deal and losing your mind over it.

  16. 16

    Beyonce is a retarded, uneducated nouveau riche, that behavior is totally expected from someone like her and jayz. Id be surprise if they actually started being smart

  17. 17

    Wouldn't it be great if all these celebrities' kids turned out to have not talent? LOL I wonder what their parents would do, since they can open any door for them. This kid is just one more over indulged, soon to be, narcissistic, non-contributor to society. Sad.

  18. -Nikita- says – reply to this


    Bahahaha Perez you are one funny bastard! How do you not have your own show??
    Srsly though, I remember reading somewhere when Bey had Blue that they weren't going to bring up the kid to be spoiled… well that went out the window I guess

  19. 19

    All that money smh…Could have donated some of that money to charity. Just disgusting, greedy people.

  20. OhPlease says – reply to this


    They have so much money that this was only a drop in the bucket. They earned it and the last I checked kids' parties are legal. The first birthday is about the parents and friends anyway. That said the folks who were invited were also well off. No one who was there seems to have given it a second thought. Only the people who can't imagine having as much as they do and who are getting the information third hand seem to care. I think we need to get beyond debates about how the rich spend their money — it's theirs.

  21. Crazy kid says – reply to this


    Shit if I had the money I would do the same. Y'all know y'all would too. Quit hating

  22. I hate internet thugs says – reply to this


    Most of you bitches are just haters. Beyonce has earned her money while you're sitting here talking shit. If you're going to talk crap about prez and his blog why even bother commenting. Is your life really that awful that you have to come here and try and trash Beyonce and prez. More than likely their money makes you jealous. I don't think she went to far. People are entitled to spend their money as they see fit. Please people stop counting others money and tend to your own

  23. 23

    She's Beyonce 200,000 doesn't mean shit to her or her husband, it's all relative people!!!

  24. 24

    You're damn right!

  25. johnathon says – reply to this


    my god you're lookin awful these days

  26. 26

    It is ridiculous to spend that kind of money whether you have that kind of wealth or not. Its not like Blue will appreciate it. I agree with rosebud99 - its just an excuse to display how rich they are.

  27. ll says – reply to this


    I remember a few others that spent a hell of a lot more. Mc cartneys ex wife spent almost a million and Cruisally spent over a million and several others put on the dog. Really it shouldnt matter to us how much they spend. It is their money, their kid and who are we to tell people hoe to spend their money. ? If I bhad that kind of money my kids would have had a lot more things and better then I could afford. I dont feel envy or even that the kid may grow up to be like Pris Hilton because Paris Hilton is only a million air because of her own hard work. Her rich grand father isnt and will jot leave them millions of dollars he is giving it all to charity. He says that his kids have madeit on their won and Paris did. SHe may be footloose and goofy but she is a smart business woman and has many companies that she runs and that is why she is not in the papers all the time anymore. SHe has grown up and taken on the responsibilites of running her businesses. I dont care what she does in her newspaper life crap. They said Robert Downey Jr and Johnny Depp would amount to nothing and look at them,. Both rich and off drugs. No one knows how that baby will turn out and maybe B is stupid but she earns her money and so does he.

  28. Xavier Guidroz says – reply to this


    Re: Malibubu – Clearly they care about their little girl, I think they are giving their daughter every little girl's dream, to feel like a priceless princess. If anything when she grows up and sees the home videos (if there are any which there is good reason that there will be) of the lengths and extremes her parents went through to make her feel special, I think she will never question how much she means to them.