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Lindsay Lohan To Blame For The Canyons Getting Snubbed By Sundance??

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Lindsay Lohan Blamed Canyons Sundance Snub

Usually Colorado is all about canyons, but in this case they're making an exception.

The renowned Sundance Film Festival has rejected The Canyon, the independent movie that was supposed to reignite Lindsay Lohan's career.

And producers know just who is to blame for the rejection- their star! They think it was Lindsay's infamous antics that repelled the classy critics!

According to them, Sundance was chomping at the bit for the flick until LiLo's offscreen craziness was revealed.

So they wanted to see the movie five years ago? LOLz!

Well, at least one person isn't upset about missing Sundance- Lindsay's porn star costar James Deen! He says:

"It coincides with AVN (the porn awards). Priorities man!!!!!"

We wonder if the Grand Jury Prize at the AVN awards is given out by James' peers! Talk about a hung jury! LOLz!

P.S. - Do you guys feel like we say that a lot? She keeps making movies and people keep on saying that THIS will be the film that will reignite her career? When will one of them actually do that for her!

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9 comments to “Lindsay Lohan To Blame For The Canyons Getting Snubbed By Sundance??”

  1. clearlyclem says – reply to this


    The "renowned" festival is in Utah, asshat, not Colorado.

  2. 2

    Her "career" will be re-ignited when she can stay out of limelight with negative press AND actually ACT!!!!

  3. Dustin says – reply to this



  4. BobbieFisher2 says – reply to this


    Yes, we get it Dustin. Try to concentrate on something that hasn't already been commented on once. It might be hard for you to do that. I think we all noticed it was written in Colorado, but we have all duly noted it once before you mentioned it. Thank you for your anal comment. I'm sure you won't make the same mistake again.

  5. BobbieFisher2 says – reply to this


    Now onto the actual post: Lohan is incapable of turning out a reasonably good performance on screen as an actress. This is because she hasn't moved beyond the age of 16 emotionally. Most people with addictions from an early age are frozen emotionally and intellectually at the age they started using. They haven't grown like most people do, ie, problem solve in school, learning more about the world other than themselves, experiences outside a nightclub, actually attending classes and graduating, learning how to balance a checkbook - and most basically - following the laws of the USA so as not to get arrested. The problem with Lohan is her growth has been arrested (along with her body, but that's another tangent) and consequently has not learned the very basics of acting as a grown woman. She acts like a prom queen who get's Ds in school. She breathes, and gasps and sighs and moans and TELEGRAPHS every emotion that's supposed to be discovered by the audience. Acting 101. She hasn't been to any drama school, or taken classes or worked with a coach - because she is a narcissist brat who thinks she's just entitled to a leading role in a major motion picture. It's never going to happen again. She won't ever be a good actress - until she grows up.

  6. Elle says – reply to this


    @BobbyFisher2, I think the points you make in your post about her not maturing due to her addiction is amazingly accurate. I agree 100% with you. I almost feel bad for Lindsay her peers such as Amanda Seyfried and Scarlett Johanson have amazing careers. I truly believe if Lindsay lived her life right starting at 16 she could have gone on to have careers like them. At this point I have a strong sense that she won't be able to get on top again. She was given so many chances and she keeps following back into her behavior. She has burned so many Hollywood people in the process. It's just sad.. :( I enjoyed your post very well written.

  7. 7

    Re: BobbieFisher2 – I too agree with the points your making in the post. I never thought about her in the way you are putting things. It makes a lot of sense. Too bad she has so many people still willing to enable her behavior.

  8. 8

    The producers knew about her bullshit before they hired her, how could they not know? She's not even a mediocre actress, she needs years of training. A huge ego does not an actress make. She should stick to escorting wealthy ugly men, seems like she found her niche.

  9. sassytooyou says – reply to this


    saw the clip and snub or no it is going to be good. Nothing says great sex than sex with crazy people. Deen is pretty intense and Lindsay is probably playing Dina but it was pretty spot on. The chemistry was there.