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9 comments to “Taylor Swift Is REALLY Giving It To Harry Styles! Takes Pic Of Herself Back In The Studio!”

  1. 1

    The Nashville Tease is at it again…

  2. Bren says – reply to this


    Broken romances are a fact of life, maybe if she didn't put herself so out there for everyman she meets, she wouldn't have these problems. Time to grow up Taylor you're not a child anymore! Really should go a different direction with the music and quit being so juvenile.

  3. katelily says – reply to this


    They were barely even together that long so move on Taylor.

  4. 4

    Dude they were hanging out for what…. 3 weeks?? If she's really hurt by this then she's a psycho. Lets not act like this is brad and Angelina breaking up….Perez ur such an alarmist it's sickening. Hope the money u make is worth the soul u sold

  5. 5

    And btw…Taylor swift REALLY needs a new schtick. The whole wronged damsel thing is only gonna go so far

  6. 6

    No Perez! just stop it already! I respect that you're one of the good guys but please let's call a spade a spade and not a big spoon. Taylor Swift needs to just STOP already! stop with the whining, stop with public bullying, stop with blaming EVERYONE else for her problems and never once stopping to acknowledge that she could be problem.

  7. Tasia Perry says – reply to this


    Taylor you need to just needs to get over it, I mean honestly, I love you taylor, But can't you just get over it and still be friends with him.

  8. honest says – reply to this


    She needs to get back together with Taylor Lautner and do a song about all the hate they both get (he is being called gay and she a slut) Their chemistry was off the charts, nobody writes a song like BTD for someone they do not LOVE. Honestly, She needs a grounding force, he is very private and seems more mature spiritually than his age suggests. if she does not find someone like him, she may end up like Marilyn Monroe tragically used. All her comments have always been that he is the one, from his being a crush to their kiss being life changing to his public defense of her on SNL. I am usually for the HS sweetheart thing (although they met very young too) but I do not think the girl he has now is the right one (she is not a match in terms that they are not equals) with Taylor S. they are an equal match only he appears to be a steady hand to her artistic soul. They remind me of my husband and I, soulmates. If only their friends could help bring it about it would be a great way to respond to the hate and they just might have the staying power of some of her idols like Tim Magraw & Faith Hill. Listen to her title song in Red…I think Taylor L is her maserati on a dead end street. I don"t think she is a prude or a slut just young and trying to find the right one and he is clearly not gay. Hope somewhere in LA is with Taylor Lautner right now.

  9. drit says – reply to this


    Re: honest – Everything you have said is all good and well, but you need to realise one thing, Swift may have come across as suggesting he's the one, but by all accounts Lautner definitely didn't feel the same. Even I remember reading that and I don't follow either of them.
    P.S you care WAY too much about celebrities and their personal lives. Ms Swift has cultivated an image and you have bought into with much gusto. Not good.