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Ann Curry Can Leave NBC… But She'll Pay A Steep Price!!

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Ann Curry Leaving NBC Will Cost Six Months

Ann Curry's contract negotiation battle may be coming to a close! There's just one more thing NBC is demanding- and it's harsh!

A source at the network says the higher-ups are finally willing to set the Today correspondent free! And Matt Lauer actually helped? The source says:

"There has been a break in the on-going stand-off between NBC and Ann. Ann’s bosses weren’t willing to let her out of her contract so she could accept a job at CNN.

However, they now recognize it’s probably for the best, and Matt Lauer chimed in and said it would be a good idea as well."

Thank goodness! But we know a negotiation like this won't be without cost. So what do they want from Ann? The source says:

"NBC has made it clear that if they let Ann out of her contract, they want to keep her off the air of a competing network for at least six months."

Six months?? Yikes! What is she going to do for six months without a job?! She's ready to jump to CNN now! Will she even consider such a deal? The source says:

"This is unacceptable to Ann. She has been on the air only in a very limited capacity."

True! She's practically already been doing that! Can't she just get sentenced to time served with Matt Lauer?

[Image via Dan Jackman/WENN.]

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19 comments to “Ann Curry Can Leave NBC… But She'll Pay A Steep Price!!”

  1. 1

    I'm very disgusted on how NBC has treated Ann. Last time I saw her was when she made the special on the Aurora shooting. She hasn't worked for awhile and they should just let her go now. NBC owes her that right.

  2. chanel says – reply to this


    This is NBC's opportunity to set things right with the viewing public and they are blowing it again. They need to just let her go without any air time suspension and wish her the best. They will gain some respect.

  3. 3

    Shame on NBC. They keep digging a deeper hole with this appalling situation. And how grand of Matt Lauer to give his blessings for Ann to be kept as far away from him as possible. They collectively owe Ann, and her mass audiences, an apology and an opportunity for her to be seen when they have gone out of their ways with their lies, promises and attempts to keep her invisible. Wake up and smell the ratings.

  4. TeamMariah says – reply to this


    Take the deal, Ann! Take it and all the money that comes with it. Relax for 6 months. Keep a diary. Y'know Virginia Woolf style. Teach. Vacay. Just get out if you don't want the NBC drama.

  5. Elaine says – reply to this


    NBC should be ashamed of themselves. Ann is a very dedicated and hardworking reporter. I don't want to watch NBC any more. They all had their chance to make it right, and failed!!!

  6. 6

    Very simple solution, she needs to start fucking up, swearing on air, showing up drunk, get argumentative with important interviews, grab matt by his balls. all done,, she's fired.

  7. early modern human says – reply to this


    The monsters at NBC make me sick. What they did to Ann makes me soooo angry. The unatractive and mean replacement Savannah Guthrie makes me vomit. Matt Lauer is a scheming rat and a boring, plain, dull, old weasel. I will never watch NBC again.
    Ann Currie is the woman of class and sooo beautiful. I hate you NBC!

  8. againstnbc says – reply to this


    This noncompete sh** is crazy. If a company does not want you they should set you free. If NBC is so worried over viewers and ratings following her then they know they messed up in their executive decision and maybe the executive decision makers should be fired or minimalized and not let them work for six months.

  9. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    What the heck did Ann do to have them treat her so harshly?

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    When people sign those fat contracts, they never think the non-compete will ever apply to THEM.

  11. Bob says – reply to this


    Matt Lauer is a bully, and I am convinced he's behind the entire situation. They should have let him go,not Ann. He contributes nothing to this program. He thinks he's cute.

  12. Alice says – reply to this


    NBC has treated Ann very badly. I'm through with them and Matt Luaer. They have two alcoholics on at 10:00, that moan and groan over a glass of wine. What is this network trying to do? Destroy morals??

  13. cari says – reply to this


    Does NBC and Matt Loser realize that "allowing" Ann to leave still does not make Matt anymore digestable on air? NOTHING he does will ever recover his persona from this past year. Once we saw the real guy 'behind the curtain' and caught him with his pants down, his appeal was over. It's not gonna stop us NYers from excoriating you in public either.

  14. kade madison says – reply to this


    They will not keep her off the air. NBC was in breach of contract when she was removed from the Today show. She will not lose money, and she will not have to sign a non-compete clause. And this information is from someone much closer to the situation than the so-called people in this article. I know first-hand what is happening. Investigate your sources so you are provided with proper information.

  15. TINYISH says – reply to this



  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: TINYISH – It's about the existing contract. No matter how nice or not nice anybody is, it's in the lawyers hands.

  17. Jab says – reply to this


    Re: TINYISH – So Kade. Investigate your sources to gather correct info? How would someone do that? I mean the average person…. How would they gather that info… Could we contact your source?

  18. opkslady says – reply to this


    i miss Ann Curry. She has heart and Soul. Shame on nbc and Matt Lauer. She is a wonderful reporter and does great interviews from the heart. Ann , you will survive and come through this as a shining star. You will trump everyone on The today show. Watch . you will

  19. mickey says – reply to this


    I am finished with the Today Show. I have enjoyed that show for over 20 years, but now is the time to change the channel! I am so sickened by what they did to Ann Currie. I don't think NBC was aware of how many people loved watching Ann, who was always so genuine and compassionate with everyone. I am appalled at Matt Lauer's actions; he is deceitful and all he wants is glory. His day will come; what goes around comes around!