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GLEEKS! Tina & Blaine Hook Up During Sadie Hawkins?! WHAT?! WATCH BTS Sneak Peek HERE!

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Perhaps our brainz have been starved of Glee too long and we're not seeing things straight…

Which is apparently EXACTLY Tina's problem when it comes to Blaine, as she's attempting to seduce him — a GAY man — during Glee's next all new episode!!

Get a sneaky behind-the-scenes peek of next week's Glee titled Sadie Hawkins (above)!

And are Marley and Jake finally sorting out all their b*ll-poop and getting together? Oooo yes yes yes!

Words cannot DESCRIBE how excited we are for Glee's return!

The finale episodes of the season boast a wedding, a pregnancy, the return of Ashley Fink, AND we hear Blaine and Kurt engage in a steamy we're-totally-back-together make out sesh!

Annnnnnnd we're melting all over the floor.

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3 comments to “GLEEKS! Tina & Blaine Hook Up During Sadie Hawkins?! WHAT?! WATCH BTS Sneak Peek HERE!”

  1. Connor says – reply to this


    No respect for girls who try to seduce guys they know are gay. You have a world of men, gay guys have a smaller percentage. Quit being greedy. Good thing I never liked Tina anyways.

  2. Steph says – reply to this


    I do like Tina and like Blaine, but I thought Tina might have more self-respect than to chase someone who supposedly still cares for another of their mutual friends AND has been very evidently gay for the past 2 years that she's known him. Unless you take into account elevated blood alcohol levels. AND, during "Glease", it almost sounded as if Tina and Mike might be gravitating back together - or was that one scene conveniently forgotten? For some very few, emotional attachments do not always have to be locked in to gender, which is why I never had much problem with Brittana; I don't discount caring more for the person than the gender. However, Blaine did his post-alcohol experiment with Rachel and seemed to confirm solidly that he is gay.

    Oh well, when you're lonely, good friendships can end up being confusing. A similar relationship did develop with my best friend in college. He was a self-hating gay and I was an uncommitted lesbian; we loved each other as friends and (when the blood alcohol levels went up), confused ourselves and everyone around us (esp at our dance-outs at the bar).

    I'll wait and see how it's played out. I just hope it's not a case of creating something from nothing, using writer's/plot magic.

  3. Alan Brickman says – reply to this


    Give him a hawt football playing hunk already!!!