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Kim Kardashian & Beyoncé Are Beef-Free Bestiez After All!

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Preggo-Kim is a lover, not a fighter!

Kim Kardashian spoke with MTV News' Sway Calloway recently, and the reality starlet revealed there isn't a hint of friction between she and Beyoncé!

Ch-ch-check out this marvelously magnificent expectant mother waxing poetic about the sweetness of the Halo songstress (above)!

Considering how much time Kimmy, Bey, Kanye West, and Jay-Z spend together, there are bound to be occasional squabbles — "dinner at Chili's or Applebees?," etc. Otherwise, this fierce foursome gets along like peas and carrots!

Yaay! We're sooo happy to hear the good news!

The last thing their wonderful Kimbryo needs is a gift certificate to Applebees undue stress on it's mother!

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20 comments to “Kim Kardashian & Beyoncé Are Beef-Free Bestiez After All!”

  1. vavavoom says – reply to this


    wellll no kidding shes gonna say all this, did you really expect her to say the truth?

    ughhh come on

  2. Dachopsss says – reply to this


    This idiot makes me sick. She epitomizes everything that is wrong with our society and the legions of young girls that look up to this bimbo. If it wasn't a fraud and it wasn't for publicity, then why not return EVERY DIME she made from the sham? She's a fraud and if he was granted an anullment, he would be able to tell the truth about her, her family and the empire they've built around Kim's bedpost notches. Disgusting!

  3. Tee says – reply to this


    Yeah, she always will tell you the facts and tell you the truth. They haven't talked about the baby or planned anything. Totally! That's why she's going to morning shows and telling them her sob stories about having fertility problems. Keeping the baby new hot, sitting and planning her deals so when the baby is born she's smile I'm Rich BITCH! Totalz, she's not using the baby news at all. Right KIM we believe u.

  4. Star458 says – reply to this


    People need to stop hating on this girl, so she had a sex tape… she's moved on since then for Christ's sake! She is such a successful business woman Also Kim is a 'hoe' for posing half naked 'all the time' but so has jessica alba, heidi klum, hillary duff, candice swanepoel (who everybody loves) and even more! and yet because Kim had a sex tape all those years ago… she's a hoe? No she's not, she had a right to date whilst she was single, and she has a right to settle down now, I say best of luck to her and her soon to be little family, leave the woman alone, she's pregnant with her first child, like she needs this stress.

  5. Cannon says – reply to this


    She is a fraud in every sense of the word. She doesnt look like that when she wakes up, instead she coats herself in layers upon layers of makeup. Fraud. Her butt doesnt look like that on its onpwn, instead she got butt injections. Fraud. She married Kris To increase tv ratings on her stupid reality show. Fraud. She says her and Beyonce are friends, when we all know Beyonce is tolerating her because she is friends wiht Kanye. Fraud. Lies upon lies come out of this bimbos mouth. She is mean to her family members, she degrades them on camera constantly. When will Perez start slamming her for her frauds?

  6. kalie says – reply to this


    People are not ever going to leave Kim alone because she welcomed this attention on herself. There is no need to take up for her at all and just because she is a successful business woman does not mean that she has class. The only one that seem to be sane is Kloe, Scott, Lamar, and Bruce sadly. Kim took all of her fans for a ride and now they are pissed… and they should be!

  7. Riza says – reply to this


    You are alone on this one lol.

  8. ang1234 says – reply to this


    Re: Star458 – The girls you mentioned are not even in the same league….KK is famous for being pissed on!!! These other women you mentioned do not have the glory of having that terrific claim to fame!!

  9. Truth says – reply to this


    I am not here to bash them bcuz I just simply don't care. The only reason why I came to this post is bcuz of the name Beyonce. At the end of the day i'm here to tell it like it is and I know this for a fact which is the truth. Kim & Bey is NOT close nor are they friends. In this interview she chose her words carefully. She made it seem like her & Bey are actually close and they talk all the time which is completely false and the reason why Kim mentioned her & Bey haven't spoken about her pregnancy is because Beyonce doesn't know her like that. Bey & Kim have only spoken briefly only on a few occations and that was at the Watch The Throne Concert and a few other occasions when they were at the same events. One thing about Bey is that she has always had a very close and personal circle of friends in the indusry and that is Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, her cousin Angie, her sister Solange, her stylist Ty and Gwen and I'm gonna leave it at that. Just because someone hold a conversation with you doesn't make you automatically friends with one another and stop making it seem like Bey is jealous or insecure about Kim Kardashian in your blogs. Do you really think Bey have time to stress about Kim or Kanye? Bey don't even personally talk to Kanye unless Jay is present! U ppl know nuthin!

  10. Lori says – reply to this


    I dont know why ppl hate so much on them like if Kim will loose sleep over it. And two why would they call her a hoe for sleeping around have u guys not counted how many guys has been with Taylor Swift?? Cant count them all with both my hands … So really? Get over these girls n move on cause they simply wont care abt anything anyone has to say… If it doesnt involve money of course hahaha!

  11. 11

    No one believes you Kim—The marriage was a sham. Having sex in the bum instead of missionary isn't fertility problems…..You and your family have done the talk show Circuit, and bashed Kris….He has not. Renee z. annulled her marriage to the Country guy, she said she used fraud because it was the only way to get the annulment. It was done in days. YOU DECIDED to fight it and drag it out

  12. OhPlease says – reply to this


    I saw the interview. Even Kim never said they were bffs. Bey never mentions her at all and they don't "hang out". Bey is working and raising her child and Kim is … well she's being KK. I believe Bey is polite and sweet to her but I also think that she treats everyone that way — do the math… PH needs to stop giving KK more credibility than she deserves.

  13. Heather says – reply to this


    I am so SICK of hearing about Kim’s brand new secret fertility problem… oh I know what that is called… BIRTH CONTROL. She very strategically got pregnant by not taking her birth control anymore. This whole press circuit about having fertility issues and this being a gift from god is complete BS. We all watched the Kim and Kourtney take New York season that had Kris Humphries on it… and why did they not get pregnant? Oh yeah because she went into the bathroom to secretly take her birth control behind his back. Not that I have ever had any respect for this woman but she just keeps knocking herself down. My husband said it best you don’t have to be poor and live in a trailer to be trailer trash. Her and her lies need to just go away!!

  14. 14

    I would be far more interested in hearing what Beyonce has to say.

  15. 15

    An annulment would allow Humphries to openly discuss the relationship, vs. a divorce with signed confidentiality provisions. That's what Kim & Mom are really afraid of, they're not standing on principal, because they don't have any!

  16. 16

    birds of a feather flock together.

  17. The Matrix says – reply to this


    Maybe with advanced DNA testing they will figure out who really got her preggars. I know it won't be fast or easy.

  18. 18

    she is totally faking her pregnancy …i suspect a fake miscarriage coming soon…

  19. GetReal says – reply to this


    I would laugh my butt off if they did a DNA test and the baby didn't belong to Kanye or Kris! That would sum up what it means to be a KarTrashian in one fell swoop!

  20. nash studio says – reply to this


    Why don't you all just sit back and admit you enjoy her show this bitching you are all doing is giving me a headache choose to enjoy it or shut the f upand go make your selves busy somewhere else