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One Direction Gets SLAMMED For Ghana Visit!

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One Direction VIsits Ghana Gets Slammed For Comments

While many saw One Direction’s recent charity trip to Ghana as an act of kindness, others viewed it as an inaccurate depiction of their country!

We previously showed you the pic of 1D in Ghana and told you about group member Niall Horan’s tweet, which stated his realization that poverty is indeed VERY real.

Now it looks like Niall’s tweet didn’t quite go over so well with the country’s celebrities, who interpreted it as him saying ALL of Ghana is impoverished.

One Ghanaian actress, Ama K. Abebrese, blasted off tweets to Niall, which read:

Another Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson, tweeted:

While we understand how Niall’s and the group’s comments could’ve been hurtful to the people of Ghana, the focus, however, should really be on the act of kindness that was done.

Celebrities like One Direction, too, should also realize how great of an influence they have on their fans, who might be likely to take their naive ignorance as fact.

Perhaps this incident will make 1D more aware of what they say and maybe provide them with more eye opening experiences!

[Image via WENN.]

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21 comments to “One Direction Gets SLAMMED For Ghana Visit!”

  1. 1

    Who are you trying to kid with 'act of kindness'? It was an act of PR. They stay at a luxury hotel, get the VIP treatment, get their hair done, then do a photo op with poor people. They could have done that in their own country.

  2. Lau says – reply to this


    If I'm not mistaken it was a trip for Comic Relief, a charity here in the UK, so OF COURSE they're bringing attention to the poverty, because comic relief raises money to fight poverty around the world, tweeting about it is a way of getting their fans involved and opening their eyes.
    Of course there are better areas of the country, as there are with any, but what would be the point of pointing out that parts of Ghana aren't really that bad when they're trying to raise money to help fight the poverty that exists there and around the world?

  3. 3

    Regardless of his PR motivation, he made a comment about what he saw at that time and place. Ppl need to relax.

  4. HY says – reply to this


    Re: Lau – yay!! Totally agree with you!!! What are the points these people blaming for? At least they helped to raise the fund!! And what else these people have done instead of just blaming 1D on the net? This is really pissing me off. Use your mind well and if people can voice their thoughts well, arguments will be lessened.

  5. jay says – reply to this


    of course some of you would not understand because its not personal for you.
    As an African it get tiring sometimes to see the one sided depiction of Africa. There are inequalities everywhere but when you refer to a whole nation as impoverished or that the country is this or that…its not an accurate depiction and its misleading. Then millions of followers who may not know anything about Ghana see this and see it as fact. Words carry weight and we all have to mindful.

  6. Charity says – reply to this


    They were there to raise money for a charity. Not on freaking vacation. Why would they mention the "best" parts. You don't see them bragging about VIP treatments in other countries like US and Europe. Why specifically brag when they had them there? Makes no sense at all.
    They were there for Comic Relief. They recorded a song for this charity and were shooting a video clip for it. Obviously these are kids who probably never seen anything like that in real life before. I can imagine it must've touched them to see all that poverty in real life, so he tweeted to his fans to get involved. What's insensitive about that?
    It would be more offensive if he DID tweet he was enjoying VIP treatments in a country he went to to raise money for.
    Besides Comic Relief isn't even only about poverty in Africa. Half of the money is used to help those in need in the UK. So what, should we complain about them bringing attention to the "bad" stuff in the UK as well? what kind of stupidity is that?
    It's the whole point of the charity. To show those in need of help, bring awareness and therefor raise money to help them. I say good for them they even bothered to go. They could've just donated a bunch like most celebs do without bothering to do more.

  7. tee says – reply to this


    Re: LauRe: Charity – but Africa has been a charity case for over 50years, can you point out to me atleast one project or a city which has benefitted from your charity or which still isnt poor? I understand some parts of Ghana arent all roses and honey but them labeling the city as slums and E! describing Ghana as an impoverish country how do you expect its citizens to react? Africa dont need aid, what it needs is trade until you all get that into your heads im sorry your monies are just been wasted. some parts of The Uk and America are still poor what makes you think your one day wonder charity is going to help Africa? Talk some sense i beg.

  8. Discover Me says – reply to this


    Re: juicee_j – Complete nonsense! They could have raised money to fight the looming poverty in close-to-home Greece! Poverty is a worldwide phenomenon, however unequally distributed. So tweeting that "poverty is real" after one visit is an unbalanced assessment of the realities in the country. No doubt, they are a naive bunch so who cares what they think about one country or another? For those of you who should know better but don't, what backwardness about your own countries do you care to talk about?

  9. Katie says – reply to this


    I swear some people will bash people for any and every thing they do. If they didn't do this someone would say they were heartless, and when they do it they still complain. Did people expect them to stay on the streets? Of course they stayed in a luxury hotel, get real! Who cares WHERE they visited to help, at least they did it somewhere!

  10. Anya says – reply to this


    One Direction went to Ghana for the purpose of helping out some of the poor, impoverished areas in the country. They never once said that the entirety of Ghana was impoverished, just the places that they witnessed. People need to get their panties out of a twist and respect the fact that they took time out of their busy schedule to even take part in the event. They're kids for gods sake, give them a break!

  11. Kwei Quartey says – reply to this


    Re: tee

    In fact E!'s description was even worse: they called the 2.3 million city of Accra as an impoverished village!

  12. Ang says – reply to this


    Hey Guys, Ghana was selected by New York Times as the fourth best place to holiday this year ( so obviously Ghana is globally recognised as having some wickedly nice places. Its about perspective - 1D was in Ghana for a make poverty history initiative. From that perspective, let's give them a break.

  13. Aj Sarpong says – reply to this


    1D cld've adequately portrayed the country they visted by also highlighting The warm people they met, d great sites nd d fact dat africa is not d way its stereotyped to be. Yes there is poverty nd its nice they tried to help. Bt they portrayed Gh in a negative light. Like d is nothing better in ghana than poverty. D worst part being Eonline's article describing Accra as an impoverished village! Imagine! A city where getting just an apartment in an upscale area is upwards of three hundred thousand dollars! Personally being a native of Gh and a resident of Accra, I find it very upsetting whn foreign media show africa as nothing bt wars and poverty. There is plenty of wealth, fabulous tourist sites, waterfalls, sandy beaches, wonderful warm people and a fantastic nite life as well. We have socialites, celes nd fabulous parties like any other country. And the same way the is poverty, unemployment and slums is in every part of the world is d same way its in Ghana. And when people are in the position of influence like One direction is, they shld learn to be balanced in their analysis. Speak of the gud and bad. Hw do they expect people to come to Gh and contribute to revenue and ultimately help poverty if their fans think Ghana is nothin but malnourished kids and huts. How wld they feel if sme1 of huge influenece and power aftr visting london only spoke of d violence nd not of d fabulous shops nd other aspects of london? Food for thoughf

  14. 14

    Well, here's the question: 1D visited in an act of charity, just with the purpose of helping and being kind to people, so they could prove that goodwill can help to change the world a little. Now, who misinterpret their tweets or purposes on the subject, it is their problem for being so evil minded and negative, and neither you or I can know how was their stay in the country, so stop talking nonsense things without facts and learn to be supportive or get out of here.

  15. Kikie says – reply to this


    Like seriously, don't u guys get tired of the constant depiction of as Africa as poor???
    I'm Ghanaian but I spend most of my vacations in America and I've been to a no. of states, anytime I come back home I can't believe how much Ghana is developing. Parts of Ghana is just like the USA. Maybe, if we consent rated on the positives and saw Africa for wat it truly is, we could help her (africa) achieve its true potential .

  16. prg says – reply to this


    they are right!! glad people told them off they act like they care well they dont its just for publicity,

  17. 17
  18. Bernard says – reply to this


    I just don't understand something here! How does tweeting about Ghana being poor raise funds for the country? Africa is a beautiful place! I don't agree with 1d! I have been to the so called "slums" in Accra and it's not any different from what exists in other parts of the world! Give Ghana and the rest of Africa a break!

  19. Jenae says – reply to this


    Okay this is annoying. I was going to take a mission trip to Ghana in January but we couldn't go because we couldn't find a doctor but that's not the point. But they ONLY reason people are getting upset about them going to Ghana is because there famous and everyone thinks that there only doing it for the fame or what-freaking-ever. They are human. They have feelings and brains and EYE's. They can see how poor SOME spots in Ghana are. Just like everywhere else. Honestly people blew this way out of the water. If you hate one direction and love the wanted like perez than you should leave your annoying negative comments to yourself. They liked it, they felt like they helped Ghana got some money to improve so I honestly dont see the big deal.

  20. Vannessa Malik says – reply to this


    you people need to shut up they did a great cause and they have Ghana about thousands of dollars and saved many lives so I wouldn't be talking they arnt acting so they get paid for singing and it's their dream not just because of their famous richness they love those fans and help the homeless so GET YOUR STINKIN FACTS STARIGHT!!!!

  21. jen says – reply to this


    okay they were speaking general about poverty not ghana
    why cant people see the good and not hate on people just because they have a different taste in music… hateful people these days