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Charlie Sheen Weighs In On Gun Violence With Piers Morgan, Admits He's Given Up All His Weapons

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When Charlie Sheen thinks you're cuckoo, it's time to look in the mirror!

The Anger Management star and noted warlock joins Piers Morgan tonight on, oddly enough, Piers Morgan Tonight and discusses everything from Lance Armstrong's legacy of lies to the heated debate on assault weapons.

Ch-ch-check out the promo for tonight's episode (above), where Charlie admits he once collected guns and shot at targets in his basement!

Police forced him to forfeit the weapons after his "domestic," but the actor says he barely misses them.

He also dares the money-hungry NRA lobbyists to look a Sandy Hook victim's parents in the eye and explain to them precisely why people should have access to the deadly assault rifles that killed their child.

Hmm, maybe we've had too much tiger blood for breakfast, but he makes several good points!

Charlie Sheen for Congress?? ….Nah.

We applaud Piers for continuing to focus on this epidemic of violence as we continue to extend our well-wishes to all those affected.

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11 comments to “Charlie Sheen Weighs In On Gun Violence With Piers Morgan, Admits He's Given Up All His Weapons”

  1. Wilma says – reply to this


    Hi Piers, I'm a Canadian liviing in Windsor Ont. Across the river from Detroit Mich. I watch you every evening and support you in your effort to make sense of the gun issues in the States. As I listen to your guests I'm horrified at the arrogance and violent behaviour as they rant and try to just shut you down by their raving. I want to congratulate you for the way you hold your control and temper. As you sit there and listen they expose theirselves as complete idiots. Perhaps your wisdon lets them show themselves for what they are. I do know that I don't even want to visit the States anymore. I know there are more good people than nuts but unfortunately the nuts do come out and you don't know when are where that will happen. I do pray for the President as he is doing all he can to make a difference and I pray that something real can be done soon. Keep up the good work.. If they kick you out of the States then you can come to Canada.. We do have our own problems here as well, but we don't see tham played out the same way as we see in the States.. God bless you. Don't give up what you are doing..

  2. 2

    Most gun violence is committed with pistols. Most shooting sprees were carried out using pistols. Hands, feet, and blunt objects kill more people than "assault rifles". We had a ban on them in 94, not only was it useless but most mass shootings occurred during the 10 year ban. These are all rock solid 110% irrefutable facts. So I'm not understanding why the constant mention of ARs when they literally have accounted for .00001% of all gun deaths. Two people used one to go on shooting sprees, one in which tied with VT shooting claiming the same amount of lives. The problem with this is the VT shooter used pistols. Weird…How two people can literally spark a nation wide ban that affects 90+ million gun owners. Most of the things that make a rifle an "assault rifle" are purely cosmetic and they do not make them any more efficient at killing or change their function in any way. They are no different than any other semi-auto weapon. Anti-gunners really are dumb.

  3. Angela Hodgson says – reply to this


    Hi Charlie. Say hi to Tulio and your dad for me. Thanks, The Hodge

  4. mama says – reply to this


    Re: NookiesWA – I agree with you 100% and it has already been PROVEN that the rifle was NOT used in the Sandy Hook shooting. The police pulled it from the trunk. Although there were not 2 but 4 handguns found inside the school. So I am sick of these liberals continuing to repeat a lie to fight for their stance. Repeating it doesn't make it any less untrue!

  5. 5

    Glad to see that Charlie seems more coherent on this show than he did a few days ago on David Letterman. Charlie was just scary on Letterman.

  6. 6

    The American gun culture is just so weird to me. No matter how many stats show how many gun related deaths their are in other Western countries, and how yours is like 5x higher, all the innocent kids being killed; all you seem to care about is a vague amendment made hundreds of years ago.

    To be fair, the US has soooo many guns now that gun control isn't really an option.

  7. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Sorry I am a widowed female who lives alone and even though I live in a security building, a few folks do get in from time to time, so keeping my pistol. Sold all the other guns though.

  8. 8

    Re: Disney – The 2nd amendment means something to most Americans. Obviously you are not American. Stick to something you know.

  9. Keiliah88 says – reply to this


    I wish CNN would send Piers Morgan back to England. America does not like you Piers, I don't like you either. If you are so proud of England's gun laws then go back. Every one I know says the same. Piers Morgan you will never be an American, so go home.

  10. 10

    The 2nd Amendment, Piers Morgan & Bleached Assholes

  11. 11

    Piers, You really do not know what you are talking about. Charlie only gave up his guns because he is a law abiding citizen and he had to because of the domestic violence charge. I watched you on Jay Leno and you really are not very literate on our gun laws and violence and it seems to me, you really do not even know the violence statistics from your own country. Do not sit their like a fool when addressing your guests and believe they are making fools of themselves…. They are not!!! The fool is the person that does NOT know the facts, or distorts them. It seems to me, you are the fool on your program.