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Gossip Girl: Acapulco Is Giving Us A Dramz-Filled Preview!

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Hold on to your Birkin bags and margaritas, because sh*t is about to get real!

We mentioned that Gossip Girl: Acapulco was a real, actual thing, and even introduced to the clone new cast… but now there’s a preview.

The WB knew we couldn’t handle waiting any longer , so they released this gem!

Sofia is already in trouble and we’re kinda loving and hating Max. And is Lily going to, err, bridge the gap with the painter, just like their kids are doing?!

DAMN! Now we just want to watch the first season of the original again! It's been too long!

Ch-ch-check out the clip (above) and tell us what U think!

P.S. - The only thing that is really missing from this … is Kristen Bell. If she could just brush up on her Spanish right quick?!

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34 comments to “Gossip Girl: Acapulco Is Giving Us A Dramz-Filled Preview!”

  1. Karina says – reply to this


    I'm mexican and this is soooooooooooo embarrasing. They should be ashamed to even do this! omg just can't believe this is happening. what kind of joke is this!?!?!

  2. CI says – reply to this


    Looks very similar to the original.

  3. Erica says – reply to this


    Re: Karina – why lol it looks good

  4. Karina says – reply to this


    Re: Erica – It's tacky and will never reach the original's level! Besides, Chuck's character is nothing without Ed Westwick. Did you even watch the actual GG?

  5. mathyou says – reply to this


    fuck mexicans this shit sucks … gossip girl was like so good and now they have ruined it CLONE CAST THAT SHO NUFF IS RITE

  6. Maria says – reply to this


    I'm Mexican and in the name of 99% of the population of my country i'm SO EXTREMELY AND TERRIBLY SORRY for this embarrassing bullshit!!!! I don't even have WORDS. I watched the original, and even though the writers killed it the last couple of seasons the producers of this thing have no right of even daydreaming copying Gossip Girl! Once again, my deepest apologies!

  7. Mika says – reply to this



    Good job… jk…

  8. Jesus says – reply to this


    WT***F! I love GG but this is Sh**T!

  9. MAX says – reply to this


    Re: Karina – Im mexican too! Is a shamed!

  10. Meesh says – reply to this


    I'm not Mexican, I'm Ecuadorian American, I don't understand why Mexican's are embarrassed about this?? I'm super excited about this!!! I get to watch a good show all over again, but in Spanish with Latinos. I think using Mexico as the back drop instead of any Central or South American country is legitimate. Mexico does have affluent populations. I can see Spain as the back drop too, but I'm glad they went with Mexico. I'm not wealthy, but I still enjoyed watching that life style on TV. That's what TV is for, to entertain a what if scenario. I noticed the guy playing Nate's or Nico's dad is a well known actor.

  11. 11

    no no no no no
    Where's blair?

  12. 12

    no no no no no

  13. 13

    i'd watch it if it were good even if I couldn't understand the language but no no no no no

  14. 14

    I'm' Mexican as well…. and i'm completely obsessed with the original gossip girl, but i'm excited to see this version of it. The dialog is pretty much the same..only with their own interpretation of it.

  15. Leah says – reply to this


    They should've made different episodes instead of copying the exact same ones.

  16. Ilse says – reply to this


    I'm mexican and I'm also very and deeply ashamed. As always we love to embarrass ourselves by copying tv shows from other countries, example La Voz Mexico, 5th Grader kid thing, this is so ridiculous.

  17. yvassallo says – reply to this


    forget redoing american version of tv shows, the us needs to take from the telenovelas. start with sin senos no hay paraiso, rubi, and amigas y rivales….good television

  18. anna says – reply to this


    one chuck bass and one ed westwick <3 <3

  19. miss says – reply to this


    This sucks…period.

  20. LaLaLand says – reply to this


    oh no they didn't! this show is going to be nothing but a cheap copy of the original GG, and from the comments i've seen everywhere, i'm pretty sure it won't last long.

  21. maria says – reply to this


    I'm mexican and Im so embarrassed about this mexican version. The original GG was really good and they are ruining it with this new version. How can you compare Max with Chuck?? The only guy good for that role is Ed Westwick. So sorry tis is actually happening.

  22. jose horacio rubio says – reply to this


    I'm mexican too and this is bullshit! It's really a big shame! It's pure shit! It's super "NACO"! Don't like it a bit! And Gossip Girl's "Goodbye bitches, kisses" is the worst! Totally hate it!

  23. erika_ppc says – reply to this


    Simplemente es una pena que se haga el clon de GossipGirl… MExican version aun ni esta al aire y ya es un asco!

  24. Carolina says – reply to this


    I'm also Mexico and while, yes, this show looks like an absolute copy, I'm not embarassed, because I DON'T NEED TO WATCH IT. Simply ignore it, like we've ignored other 'tacky' copies of TV shows, like that horrid 'Floricienta' remake.

  25. Carolina says – reply to this


    Incidentally, Perez team, did anyone see Antonio Banderas and Meredith Griffin in the background, at that red carpet in the preview? Much more news worthy, I believe.

  26. Carolina says – reply to this


    Re: Carolina – Whoops! Totally meant *Melanie Griffith

  27. lorenza says – reply to this



  28. zizimontey says – reply to this


    I'm Mexican-American and I cannot wait! I'm loving the preview ; I don't know why all of these Mexican's are upset, wat-evs:) This is gunna be awesome , I get to watch one of my fave shows but with a new twist and just as hot eye candy!

  29. Roma says – reply to this


    I'm mexican and I'm not excited at all, they should've made different episodes instead of copying the exact same ones… Created something new…

  30. Pippa says – reply to this


    SUPER cool to practice my spanish :D

  31. lucie says – reply to this


    Re: Meesh – It's embrassing because it's a rip off. That's why people are ashamed.

  32. astrocar84 says – reply to this


    Re: lucie – its not only a reap off, the acting is bad, the script is too and don´t even mention that its ridiculus… there's no way Acapulco´s "high society" can even match what the origianl GG showed. plain and simple, theres no oppulency in acapulco. and on top of that this show is being done to kinda clean Acapulco´s perception?…. if you really loved the original series, then you shouldnt be excited about this, this is a kick in the nuts

  33. Kiki says – reply to this


    Doesn't look bad the original show isn't nothing to be proud of it was overacted and had ridiculous story lines the actin was meh. So this looks as equal or maybe a little better just because the setting is at the beach. And some of the cast looks a little better here.

  34. Jennifer says – reply to this


    Ay la verdad se ve que va a estar super equis pero igual y alamejor se pone bueno. Y que dramaticos e con sus "ay que vergüenza" literal dan risa!