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Michael J. Fox Throws Some MAJOR Shade Over Taylor Swift!

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Marty McFly ain't so fly afterall!

We know we said that Michael J. Fox is undoubtedly the nicest guy in Hollywood, but we might have spoken too soon because the veteran actor is giving our precious Taylor Swift more shade than an Elm tree on a hot summer day!

Last night at Ann Leary's book party for The Good House, Michael commented on Tina Fey's Golden Globes joke asking Swifty to stay away from Michael's son — and let's just say he isn't her BIGGEST fan.

When asked whether or not he would approve of a love connection between our country superstar and his son, Sam, Michael said:

"No. No … Just back off. I don’t keep up with it all, but Taylor Swift writes songs about everybody she goes out with, right? What a way to build a career."

Hey now!!!

Back up off our gurl!

Sam would be so lucky to have a song written about him by the MULTIPLE Grammy award winner.

Now take it back or we'll steal your DeLorean DMC-12, go back to yesterday, and MAKE YOU take it back. LOLz!

Just kidding…

But seriously, Tay Tay might have had a lot of failed relationships, but her heart is in the right place!

If only you knew, Michael! If only you knew!

[Image via WENN.]

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56 comments to “Michael J. Fox Throws Some MAJOR Shade Over Taylor Swift!”

  1. latoya says – reply to this


    uh he's right

  2. lala says – reply to this


    Michael J. Fox just went up a few points in my book, and he was already pretty high.

  3. Marie Taylor says – reply to this


    Perez I agree with Michael, I mean she can write a break up song and a love song. Can she write anything else and it be a hit? Can she act mature and take a relationship seriously? Can she realize that relationships take time and commitment for them to work? I don't think she does. I think she thinks that everything will be perfect and she'll find some guy to live happily every after with. Well news flash if you want a happy ending you have to work for it not just be so selfish and conceited and think you should just get it.

  4. 4

    haha perez you look so stupid defending this whore sit down hun sit down.

  5. 5

    Finally someone said it…$wift get's around.

  6. Mfoxisright says – reply to this


    Michael J. Fox could not b more correct!!

    Taylor swift is not very talented, America will make anyone famous these days!! Taylor swift has a lot of growing up to do. And writing every song about someone who doesn't want you to draw ponies and rainbows all over their manhood is just immature. She needs to focus on guys in her age range and write a REAL song!!

    Perez how many pay rolls are you on?!?!? This website has become a bunch of biased trash. I liked you better when Jen Anniston called you mean, at least you were truthful and not just an a$$ kisser. X_X

  7. 7

    I wouldn't want my son to date such an immature, narcissistic twit like her either and my son is 14! Why you think she is so fabulous is confusing but then again, you think Kim K is "sassy" so your opinion doesn't mean much these days.

  8. 8

    I think she jumped the shark last week with the "Uh oh I'm in the studio" The original 14 year old Swift fans are turning 20 this year so I think she needs a new muse.

    I vaguely remember Lisa Loeb and Avril Lavigne as the queens of rock in their day. Try to picture Avril singing Sk8ter Boy in her 50's

  9. 9

    He doesn't want his son publicly bashed by this girl worldwide…seems like a normal thing for a father to want…

  10. Yassy says – reply to this


    Quote taken out of context. He was saying no back off to the reporter, for shame.

  11. 11

    "If only you knew, Michael! If only you knew!"

    Ah ! And YOU know, Perez ? YOU ?

  12. 12

    He's damn right. I'm team Michael on this one.

  13. 13

    if we're being perfectly honest, she isn't that great a singer or song writer or actress (if you want to call her scenes in "Valentine's Day" acting.) she is super annoying. she is like that little annoying whinny sister that one of your friends had growing up, just she never grew out of that stage…i guess she can't really grow out of it since its more her personality than a faze. anyway, i completely agree with him, i wouldn't want her skank self any where near my son. she must really suffer from poor self esteem and she seems really desperate, she needs to grow up and get real. i think seeing a shrink about her obvious "daddy issues" would be helpful also.

  14. PM2901 says – reply to this


    When the most beloved celeb is throwing shade your way, then you're officially a SLUT!!

  15. CRG07 says – reply to this


    Your stories are becoming GARBAGE. Who would'nt have the same thing to say when it comes to their own son?

  16. Niamh says – reply to this


    This is why I like Michael! I'm getting tired of stories of Taylor Swifts love life and Perez talking about her as if every little thing she does is amazing when she just gets around a lot

  17. Rach says – reply to this


    It really annoys me when people say Taylor Swift isnt that great of a song writer. I would bet my life that most of you saying that are only hearing her radio songs, which for this album, are entirely pop and radio friendly on purpose. Those songs do not define who Taylor Swift is. The entire rest of her album is not like that. "WANGBT" is a stupid ass song, and I say that being a huge T-Swift fan. However, if you guys would ever just listen to her NON-radio songs, you would see her song writing is actually REALLY good, her lyrics are just 4 or 5 words repeated over and over. But you wouldn't know that if you didn't actually listen to her music. All I'm saying is, don't judge a musician just by their songs on the radio. They're on the radio for a reason. Adele is the only person lately I know whose had non-fluff songs on the radio. Everyone else does.

  18. Rach says – reply to this


    her lyrics are NOT* my bad.

  19. 19

    Taylor is pure trash. No one want that ho to date their son. So true-what a pathetic way for Taylor to make a career. Michael told the truth but watch how Hollywood try to clean this up when that whinny sack of shit Taylor start crying.

  20. Ellie says – reply to this


    This is what happens when she thinks being sweet will overshadow her bad reputation with guys. Or tries to act like people don't notice. Clearly, even celebrities realize how she is. I think it's only a matter of time until more are making the same comments and her reputation is permanently bad.

  21. Badnfluenz says – reply to this


    Taylor is becoming that girl who sleeps her way into the "Biz". Taylor has earned quite the notorious reputation for sleeping around. She has a list of guys that she must be seen with and known to have dated once she gets them, she clings to them like an annoying gf who is fukked in the head! Once the relationship starts going downhill she is already chasing her next guy before the relationship has ended. Ask anyone in Nashville who is in the Music Industry they will tell you who she really is. She's known as "The girl who sleeps around with anyone who has a dick and spotlight" in Nashville. Her fans are growing up and her immaturity is starting to catch on. Taylor has the mentality of a 14 year old girl. You can tell just by how she acts in any interview! I am sick of her Country Music is sick of her, soon her aging fans will be sick of her. Why do you think Taylor went the Pop route for this album?! Cuz she's trying to appeal to the teeny boppers!

  22. 22

    I agree with Mr. Fox. However, I don't think he is necessarily talking about Taylor Swift personally (well a little) but he is speaking of the UNIVERSE OF PRESS and JUDGEMENT and lack of PRIVACY someone like Taylor has. If his son is a sweet kid, this kind of lifestyle could scar him. I would protect my child as well.

  23. Bucky says – reply to this


    Sounds like he hit the nail on the head.

  24. 24

    How in the world can you say he isn't a nice guy because of that comment? He wants to protect his son from horrible publicity that seems to follow the ever fickle and boy hopping Taylor Swift. He's being a great father….not a bad person. After all of the shit you have said about every single person in the industry, you are the LAST person in the world that should be making a judgement on who is nice and who isn't.

  25. Breanne says – reply to this


    Nah, she deserves it. She needs to stop blaming other people and realize that she's the problem. She's not even a good singer either. She can't sing live at all.

  26. chloe says – reply to this


    I completely respect MJF. she needs to close her legs for a few months!

  27. 27

    I'm pretty sure every songwriter is inspired by their own personal life events. This is judgmental against ONE young girl who has a healthy outlet to vent. She should be given some credit since she's not boozing, using drugs, whoring it up, using food as a crutch or cutting herself.

  28. angelique says – reply to this


    Is he serious. All musicians write their music based off real life experiences. MJ you're a hater:)

  29. NTL says – reply to this


    MJF is totally right. She has made a career of exploiting her quick and bad relationships. I think she boyfriend hops just for songwriting material. Plus, Taylor can't sing, she country girl raps. Way to go MJF, protect your son from the maneater.

  30. 30

    "If you only knew Michael"????? The guy has been through more than Taylor ever has - and hopefully ever will. He doesn't want his son dating someone who goes through guys like a person with a cold goes through tissues. He's right. Can't she have a good song about something other than he failed relationships?

  31. RainbowBrite says – reply to this


    Perez you hypocritical fuck. All you've done is make fun of her in every post lately and how you're waiting for her Harry Styles song, now you're getting defensive for her? Make up your mind.

  32. 32

    MJF is absolutely right! Even my 57-year old father thinks Taylor is a whore. Oh and Perez, you really are starting to disappoint. You are turning into an ass kisser than reporting non-biased celeb news.

  33. heather says – reply to this


    All of you are pathetic, shes a white girl from Pennslyvannia (yes she lived in Nashville but wasn't born there) who likes cats. She writes about love and has written a few songs about guys who have hurt her. Most artists do the same thing. Is she supposed to be writing about her thug life? Everyone is so mean to her. You guys don't even bother to read her posts about her writing her new songs for hunger games. I find it pretty disgusting that Harry Styles dates just as much but because she is the woman she gets scorned. And hearing other women call other women sluts makes me sick about my gender.

  34. 34

    I give him props for saying it. I'm not saying Taylor is necessarily a bad person or crazy or anything so many others call her…she's young and its entirely possible she's just been very unlucky in love but with the reputation she does have, Michael is just being a good father wanting his son to stay away from that and the publicity that comes with it. No sane dad would want a song written about their child like that.

  35. Kani says – reply to this


    Im 100% on his side !

  36. 36

    I don't blame him, shes been a bed hopper lately, he doesn't want that for his son! good for him!!

  37. 37

    YES he's completely right. What a whore. She's no better than Kim K. On the same level. Taylor swift has no talent whatsoever. Can't sing live. Sings middle/ high school songs about boys and her failed relationships. She's making guys look bad as if we're always the problem F that!

  38. 38

    no sane parent would want that crazy overused skank near their child. It always ends up a mess and then she goes write shit about them! The girl is an immature mess and has psycho issues.

  39. MB says – reply to this


    Re: latoya – He IS right. He's also very intelligent, and mature enough to know.

    ^^^ So how does that make him unfly? I think most guys out there, who are looking at her for anything other than what she is, with her fame and all that bullshit, would avoid her like the plague. She's nothing but trouble. It might not actually be her fault, she is really young and doesn't know right from wrong when it comes to relationships, but she has to date a huge number of guys, learn, and make mistakes at her age. A guy who knows better would have to be a fool to want to jump in and willingly be one of those inevitable mistakes, when there are so many stupid ass clowns out there lined up to be those mistakes, simply because she is famous with money.

  40. marce says – reply to this


    Michael IS RIGHT!

    "Sam would be so lucky to have a song written about him by the MULTIPLE Grammy award winner."

    SHE would be the lucky one to have the chance to date him

  41. megan says – reply to this


    You mean he wants to protect his son from negative attention because inevitably she will break up with him and exploit their relationship for professional gain? What a monster! Don't be such a hypocrite, her music is boring and her lyrics are egotistical.

  42. OhPlease says – reply to this


    It sounds like he gave an honest answer. Who actually wants their kid to be with her?

  43. DD125 says – reply to this


    ummm…her lyrics DO define who she is because she is writing about the people she has had relationships with, duh! have u been living under rock!? i dont even know what Jake Gyllenhal was thinking dating her now that ithink about. she jumps from one to the other to the other to other….she may sing well, but that doesnt make her any less trashy by being with so many dudes at her age. she needs to stop!

  44. 44

    That's not shade, that's just being honest. I'm just waiting for the day when the tables turn and somebody writes a song about her. I'm surprised no one has yet since she has dated other male music artists.

  45. 45

    I have never been more proud of Mr. Fox. It's about time someone said it out loud.

  46. Bevi says – reply to this


    There is nothing wrong with the TRUTH! Michael J Fox might be nice, but that doesn't make him stupid. And now that Michael's son has been brought to Taylor's attention, if she wants him, she'll have him, then she'll move on to some other guy.

  47. notateanagegirl says – reply to this


    no matter how many grammys Taylor Swift receives, she can't deny that her success is practically built upon hollywood guys. whether those guys and Taylor actually had relationships, or just acted so to boost each other's careers… the stories are getting old, so… Tay Tay better come up with a new strategy, like, soon.

  48. JAZZY says – reply to this


    Taylor swift is promiscuous! she has a new boyfriend every week!!!
    shes a butterface!!!!

  49. spn4evr96 says – reply to this


    Re: lala

  50. Janet says – reply to this


    I agree completely, who says she is sleeping around? I hate when people prejudge her. I agree she is a serial dater, drives me nuts, but sleeping around, how about you get your facts straight? You are right Because she is a woman, it is automatically assumed she is a slut. A MAN, ha ha, way to go BUDDY! I am a 54 year old woman btw, not some teenager.

  51. Matt says – reply to this


    McFly got it right, once again

  52. perez.jr says – reply to this


    Gurl, he is right! She reaaally needs to calm her hormones! The way she was pimping herself put with the bradley cooper' thing, I mean it's to much. And if they were to be together, they would sooo have broken up and she would make a song about him. Like it's getting old, Taylor.. To make a career out of breakups song after breakup songs, sooner or later it's gonna be boring to heat the same shit over and over again, so please, stay in the country genre department, and sing about innocent love and high school bullshit, but not the mistakes you have made and how much you have learned from them.. If you had really learned from them you would not like to put yourself into that posision again, the risk of getting hurt again.. So to make a conclusion, you will get boring to listen to if you keep writing what you write about, IRRELEVANT things that we could care less to hear..
    K, BYE!

  53. jennab says – reply to this


    i think the quote was taken out of context , plus who would want their son to be humiliated by the whole world when things go bad!

  54. soso@hh.com says – reply to this


    micheal j fox is always right in my book

  55. Me says – reply to this


    Re: heather – sorry, but you are very much mistaken. Harry Styles does not date that much. He's been associated with Caroline Flack, that model girl (Cara is her name, I believe), and Taylor. And he doesn't go about writing songs about each and every one of them. On the contrary, the only girl who seems to have bad feelings toward Harry after breaking up is Taylor. He's still on good terms with all of his exes BUT Taylor. Taylor can't say the same but if she would just stop playing the victim and look in the mirror, she might have a better love life.

  56. Maria says – reply to this


    Hey if it takes a village, it takes a village. When my 7 year old points out that she's had too many boyfriends its pretty bad.