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George Takei Calls William Shatner 'Douchey'!

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Ooh! Phasers set to BURN!

William Shatner was infamously difficult to get along with on the set of Star Trek, but costar George Takei says he was something else entirely- douchey!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to find out the 'truth' about Captain Kirk!

George promises to reveal even more salacious crumbs like that in his new book Oh Myyy! - out now!

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25 comments to “George Takei Calls William Shatner 'Douchey'!”

  1. Shelby Mack says – reply to this


    I like George, but let's face it he's so jealous of Shatner's lifelong success he can't shut the fuck up about it.

  2. 2

    Agree with you Shelby. Shatner has kept his career alive and a number of interesting ways. He's 80 and he's still going. He's one of the hardest working men in show biz. Sorry George, you're the douche.

  3. 3

    Re: Shelby Mack – @Shelby. I was coming here to post this and dam girl, you beat me to the punch. lol. George is the bigger douche for always talking about it.

  4. Sithlock says – reply to this


    You folk are talking like success negates douchery. He's funny. He's got a great career. Still a douche. Then throw the clock back 30 years before all that success and he was an uber-douche. It's certainly a nicer name than the one MB-Roddenbury gave him for the utter bullshit he's spewed over the years.

    Great entertainer AND a douche. Like Jay Leno. <_<

  5. Roxas Saix says – reply to this


    Oh, it looks like three little fanboys are a little bit butthurt in the comments.

  6. Mooner says – reply to this


    Wow… you commenters must be related to Shatner or something. By all accounts, Shatner WAS a pretty big prick on the set of Star Trek, but you want to hate on a man for not being phony and telling the truth? Last I checked, Takei has a pretty sizeable following of his own and didn't need to become a hammy parody of himself to do it.

  7. Hannah says – reply to this


    @shelby and co — you've GOT to be joking! George has had an amazing career and especially this year has been exceptionally successful for him, starring in a critically acclaimed musical and being named most influential person in social media. Meanwhile, Shatner has played the idiot in almost every single TV role he's been offered - he hasn't progressed one bit.
    If there is someone who needs to be jealous of George's success then it's Shatner, but I guess his massive ego makes it impossible for him to see someone else being better than him. George has been nothing but classy throughout his career and you won't find a single person he's worked with say otherwise. Shatner…not so much.

  8. Beatmiser says – reply to this


    Beatmiser calls Perez Hilton Douchey.


  9. DrBroadway says – reply to this


    Just another aging QUEEN who can't get enough air time. If it wasn't for Shatner, no one would know or care who George Takei is! Go back into the closet and leave real actors alone!

  10. Sithlock says – reply to this


    Re: Roxas Saix
    That's like calling someone butthurt for saying the sky is blue when someone says its neon pink. I am a big fan of Shatner's work. Man is still a douche.
    Facts is facts.

  11. 11

    WS was an accomplished Shakespearean actor prior to Star Trek, and has never rested on his laurels. He's probably entitled, plus he doesn't waste his time harping about what a swishy poofter Sulu was on the set of ST.

  12. Tena says – reply to this


    No, George did NOT call Shatner "Douchey". The Interviewer did!! George just went along with the verbage! Get your facts straight!

  13. 13

    Shatner shows saddlebred horses in his rich-man spare time and if anyone asks him for an autograph he loses his shit instead of politely turning them away (he doesn't even like to be called William there, he wants to be Bill). He once yelled at an 8 year old boy at a show for coming up to him and asking a question about Star Trek. He's certifiably douchey.

  14. 14

    I love Takei, but Shatners Douchiness made him rich. His hamming up to the screen made that show.

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    No doubt the Shat was full of piss and vinegar back in the day, which is what got him as far as it did. He's not the same anymore. He's self effacing, witty, interesting, and long evolved and over his Queendom unlike the STILL meowy Mr. Takei here.

  16. shelby says – reply to this


    Re: Mooner – Oh please, Takei can only dream about being as successful as Shatner. He's probably been trying for 40 years!

  17. Jenn says – reply to this


    Re: DrBroadway – WHAT??? As if. George Takei is a wonderful human being who has class and consideration. If he was asked a question by the host, answered it honestly, and that became a soundbite and a headline taken out of context, so be it. Just SAD that you need to stoop to name calling here.

  18. val says – reply to this


    Oh, George didn't say enough and he is the nice guy. You can be assured William Shatner is a steel creep who has raised and sold Dobermans and been mean to those who bought them and rude to all who might simply want to be nice, BURBANK SHOULD HAVE INVESTIGATED HIS WIFE'S DEATH BUT THEY OBVIOUSLY DID NOT. SHE WAS A FANTASTIC SWIMMER AND FOUND DEAD IN THE POOL WHEN HE GOT HOME AND THEY WEREN'T GETTING ALONG, WELL, WASSUP WITH THAT? Could have been an accident or something else??? But it happened and Shatner never looked back. George is just telling part of the truth, I am sure he knows so many people who don't know or haven't met William will stick up for him and the comments here prove he's right. George is simply gay, he's not a liar and he kept ugly prom queen Shatner on the high side when he is a creep and malevolent at best. Just my call …. the public who met him know Georg is right,. Shatner not a nice guy …

  19. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Now, what was the name of the character George played again (used to watch the original all the time)? Scotty? No. Then who? Next question. Also how many major sponsors does George have? Everytime I boot up Priceline I see William Shatnet.

    I know nothing about the personal life of either of them, other that what they have shared.

  20. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Now, what was the name of the character George played again (used to watch the original all the time)? Scotty? No. Then who? Next question. Also how many major sponsors does George have? Everytime I boot up Priceline I see William Shatner.

    I know nothing about the personal life of either of them, other that what they have shared.

  21. 21

    George does tend to go on and on and on about Shatner — but usually after someone like Howard Stern prods him to vent.

    And Mr. Takei is not the only former Star Trek cast member to dump on Captain Kirk. Seems none of them really had much good stuff to say about their "leader."

    Anyway, to both of them: "Live long and perspire!"

  22. demode says – reply to this


    Re: val

    About the wife that died in the pool…. she was an alcoholic with a serious drinking problem. You can be the greatest swimmer in the world, but if you are drunk and pass out in a pool, you are going to drown like anyone else. There was no foul play in that case. Shatner may be a douchebag at times, but he was not guilty of what happened to his wife.

  23. @v@ says – reply to this


    That said, I like George Takei a ton, and he was probably answering a question with honesty instead of PC baloney, so…

  24. Jaques says – reply to this


    The thing is, they (the bit players) all admit Shatner was never anything but cordial, professional and very kind on set. They were pissed off over stories (heard years later) that behind-the-scenes, he'd supposedly lobby for more screen time. He was the star of the show. George has been complaining for 30 years that the Trek movies ignored his character and focused on the three high-paid 'big-name stars' Takei's still outraged that Shatner asked him at some cocktail affair why he'd want only 3 short scenes aboard his own ship in Trek VI, when most of the scenes in the movie were happening on the Enterprise — and Takei took it as, "Shatner's trying to take my (fictional) ship!"

    At this point Takei's famous for being closeted for 70 years, for being professiinally gay!! after coming out, and for constantly publically complaining about Shatner.

  25. Jaques says – reply to this


    Re: Jenn – Takei is constantly volunteering this stuff. He's a publicity hound. I think he can be funny and charming, and he has some good things to say about discrimination. But he's an actor who needs attention (like Shatner and most other actors). Takei has been lobbying for more lines and more to do for years — what if that meant that some extra had a line cut so Sulu could get it — that's exactly what he accuses Shatner of doing, of lobbying behind the scenes.