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Glee Star Mark Salling SUED For SEXUAL BATTERY!

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mark salling sexual battery lawsuit


Sweet baby Gleezus! Say it aint so!

Could Mark Salling really be a real-life punk??

Glee's veteran bad boy has been slapped with a vicious lawsuit claiming he forced a girl to have sex with him WITHOUT a condom!

In the lawsuit filed by Roxanne Gorzela's attorney, the victim claims the two began dating back in September of 2010.

And in March 2011, they got together for a hook-up session when he allegedly gave no care to her demands of condom protection and then proceeded to "insert his penis into [her] vagina without a condom."

According to her, she continued protesting during intercourse which did lead to him pulling out… but he didn't wrap up and decided to re-engage despite her pleas.

Later that month, she says she went to his house with her mind set on confrontation. Planning to tell him all about her emotional distress and health concerns, she claims she found him fooling around with another woman.

Quickly she demanded proof that he was free of STDs, but he allegedly responded by grabbing her in an angry reaction and pushing her to the ground.

She claims a police report was filed the very same day. And there is a photo of what appears to be her legs covered in bruises.

Mark's publicist has responded by scoffing at the suit, saying:

"There is no truth to this. It's the textbook case of a disgruntled girl looking to cash in on a TV star's success. We turn the rest over to Mark's attorneys and have no further comment."


Please let this be false. We'd hate to learn our beloved Puck could really be this cruel.

But if it's true, then we SINCERELY hope justice is served. We don't care how hot or talented you are, this sh*t needs to stop!

[Image via Brian To/WENN.]

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27 comments to “Glee Star Mark Salling SUED For SEXUAL BATTERY!”

  1. @v@ says – reply to this


    His publicist said THAT? Yikes. ANY girl would be 'disgruntled' if things happened that way.

  2. 2

    why the fuck would any girl lie about that and get herself involved in a lawsuit?? It's the truth, he's a scumbag and a horny dude- is that hard to believe? unfortunately, many men are like this

  3. Office Drone says – reply to this


    My ex grew up with this guy, he lived down the street and they were good buddies. He once wrote a song for his first girlfriend. From what I've heard, he was a nice guy who also had a sensitive side. I can't say she is lying, but I would be very surprised if this were true.

  4. rockpunk says – reply to this


    no one would lie about this, and get themselves involved in a lawsuit. he's a scumbag

  5. Bella says – reply to this


    From what ive heard about this guy the no condom issue is def true he doesnt care about anything but his family friends and fucking! Karmas a bitch boo

  6. mr pete says – reply to this


    First off she is having SEX with him, so we know she is a SLUT, good girls save it until the right guy comes along, sluts let anyone screw them
    I think when he dumped her, she saw revenge, and saw a payday

    If he did screw her without a rubber, and she got knocked up , she could have gone after him big time, when she found out she wasn't knocked up she settled for this

  7. kiki says – reply to this


    I have to laugh when ppl say who would get themselves involved in a lawsuit. Um PLENTY of bitter and angry ppl do. There r witnessess and ppl that know both that say the girl is lying and broke into his house

  8. jamie says – reply to this


    Why would she lie, people ask? Uhh I don't know, why did that one girl lie and say she had justin biebers baby? It happens all the time. People just get bored with their life and they get angry or they think they can cash in on someone's success and it's sad. It's 2013 and she's just now trying to sue? Plus the report mentions no sexual battery which is why she says she felt the need for a confrontation. There's too many holes in her story. How did she catch him in bed with another woman if he's supposedly pushing her down outside. Plus there was a witness that says this didn't happen.

  9. momma_cj says – reply to this


    Really you believe that, in a society where some women grab 15 minutes by admitting to sleeping with married men, that a pissed off girl wouldn't file a fraudulent lawsuit to get back at a celebrity for rebuffing her? Wow, welcome to the real world Polly Anna. Sounds like the little girl got her panties in a bunch when she figured out Mark was a single man exploring his options and went postal. When claiming brutality didn't get the reaction she hoped for she tried a new tactic. Sounds like a Gloria Steinem (sorry for poor spelling) wet dream.

  10. 10

    But man is is sexy

  11. Milla says – reply to this


    Found info and pics about the woman accusing Salling- Roxanne Gorzela here

  12. 12

    That sounds too true to be fake :(

  13. Anna says – reply to this


    "why would she lie?" seriously? the exact same reason people lie when they say a celebrity got them pregnant, she's nothing to do with her life and tought she could make some money out of this… it's sooo stupid and i don't know why would someone believe this

  14. 14

    The thing that gives me the most pause about this being true is the fact that the headline reads SUED instead of CHARGED or ARRESTED FOR. Americans seem to be very litigious people. As a feminist, even the thought that this accusation can be made without proof or legal inquiry or even a proper airing of the facts is frightening and harmful to all women that are making legitimate claims of this kind of abuse. I'm not saying that I am 100% sure she is lying, but the fact that she would choose to sue instead of bring him up on legal charges is very telling.

  15. Rachel says – reply to this


    i love how on this rather morbid article, there's a 'get the look' option! hahahaah lol ;) oh, and this story is utter crap, as if!

  16. 16

    Wait, there's someone on Glee that's not a F.a.g?

  17. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Guess I am missing something here but how could he shove her to the ground if she was standing, maybe he could push on her shoulders and force her to her knees but not able to understand how her legs could get bruised. Probably had too much wine and am missing something.

  18. Alysha says – reply to this


    Why would she bring it up NOW after over a year? So many people bring things up JUST to get publicity. So i dont believe anything

  19. 19

    Re: mr pete – So by your logic a good guy would wait for the right girl, too? So even you believe Salling is a bad guy and nothing can explain MULTIPLE bruises on the legs and genitals. And he has also cheated before, so therefore as sleazy as he looks…

  20. Jackscat says – reply to this


    This is just like when the crazy chick said Justin Bieber knocked her up. They're making up shit to get money and start drama.

  21. Dear John says – reply to this


    Re: rockpunk – Two words…. MARIAH YEATER!!!!!!

  22. :3 says – reply to this


    This is just a bag full of $*%^ Sorry but really she agreed to have sex with him so I do not understand how she can now make the claims… Oh wait is she after some money any chance? Money grabber!

  23. 23

    Moron Perez. SHE had unsafe sex. SHE admits to allowing her BACK INSIDE. SHE went to his home to CONFRONT him (phone not working??? or is she such a skank that she didn't even have his number yet?????).

    SHE is clearly an opportunist and HE should sue her greedy, bitter slutty ass! Only when celebs have the balls to stand up to this type of extortion will it actually stop.

    And idiots like you pontificating — look it up — about "if it's true" and "justice is served" shine the spotlight on everything that's wrong with society. Namely, a disgusting low-life douche (inside and out) like you thinks he has the moral authority to spread lies and slander on the off chance that they might be true.

  24. Nancy says – reply to this


    Hes Sex addict! Anyone who lives in la knows that this girl should pnly be suing if she did get those knees fucked up by him! But the no condom thing is ajoke girl couldve put her clothes on and left his ass…. Shes 35!!!!! Not 16 ppl

  25. Dude says – reply to this


    This is severely amped up from the story she was initially serving. I believe he had sex without a condom, I believe he shoved her but in her initial account, he wasn't hooking up with another girl and he shoved her out the door (not to the ground), causing her to bang her head. I think he's a douche but I also think she's exaggerating the story.

  26. 26

    He's not even that big of a star. I'd think she has no reason to lie. Especially about something like that.

  27. rachel says – reply to this


    There's no way this happened. If she was that upset she wouldn't have waited two years.