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Gay Men Attacked At Screening Of Barbra Streisand's Guilt Trip

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movie theater hate crime guilt trip Louisiana gay men violence attacked barbra Streisand

Oh no, what a horrible afternoon at the cinema!

Three Louisiana men hoping to see Barbra Streisand in all of her glamorous glory were allegedly attacked by a bigoted assailant who was uncomfortable sharing a theater with guys he presumed were gay.

Wow! How awful!!

When the victims sat down to watch Guilt Trip, Joseph W. Menard Jr. — who was with his wife and children — yelled out hate-filled comments aimed at their sexuality.

The three men stood up for themselves and, we're proud to report, other concerned moviegoers stood up for them, too. Unfortunately, the actions of many didn't deter the violent patron.

According to the police reports, Joseph attacked at least two of the three men and fled the theater with his family!

Ugh!! We don't know where to begin?!

First, Joseph sounds is a terrible role model for his children!! Who takes their family to a matinee and commits a hate crime?!

Second, he went to see Babs as an over-protective mother who takes a road trip with Seth Rogen! Did he expect to be seated next to the Hell's Angels!?

Why are there are so many angry, narrow-minded people in this world?!

Can't we all just watch a light-hearted romp in peace?!

[Image via Paramount Pictures.]

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13 comments to “Gay Men Attacked At Screening Of Barbra Streisand's Guilt Trip

  1. 1

    C'mon 3 guys could've taken him down easily. I wish they all gathered and beat him up to teach him a lesson.

  2. Randy Right says – reply to this


    I'M sure there is much more to this story,
    that has been omitted
    Like the guys wife insisted he take her and the kids to see a Babs flick,
    while there
    three sissy boys, dressed as Babs, one as Yentle, one as Dolly, and one as Fanny
    Started making lewd/rude remarks to this breeder of how they wanted some of his baby batter
    He responded, and of course he became the bad guy

  3. madmike says – reply to this


    oh and the attacker was a hammered josh brolin.
    so ya know - yentl ya'all!

  4. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Louisiana…isn't this is whgere Brtiney Spears hails from …? ' Nuff said !

  5. 5

    Why in the world would a married man go see a F*A*G-H*A*G MOVIE?

  6. 6

    What a wonderful father, this Joseph guy is. Teaching his children how to be obnoxious bigots from day one.

  7. Bill O'Connor says – reply to this


    I am saddened by this story. However, it shows us how not to respond to public homophobia. If we take up the tools of those who hurl insults at us who gains? I think no one.

    Bill O'Connor
    Rainbow Sash Movement

  8. JC says – reply to this


    Sounds like the guy had issues with his own sexuality. What self-respecting straight man takes his wife and family to see a Babs flick?

  9. Ed says – reply to this


    Could have been worse. They could have actually watched the movie! Ugh! What a bomb!

  10. teeter totter says – reply to this


    If ANYONE starts talking in a theater (and that includes you folks clueless enough to not turn off your cell phone or leave the theater if it rings) I ALWAYS go and complain to a manager. It might take a few minutes for one of the clueless servers to locate a manager but that is what I do. As a retired senior, my time and my money is too valuable. If you want to talk rent a video. I have not yet dumped my Coke on someone, but have been highly tempted a time or two.

  11. Angela Hodgson says – reply to this


    Sure hope it shows up in a Guelph pawn store soon, then I will be able to afford to buy it and watch two of my favs!!!! AMH

  12. LOUISIANA says – reply to this



  13. Mr_Banks123 says – reply to this


    Re: Be-Atch – what a classy comment coming from someone who refers to themselves as "Be-Atch" & you have the nerve to rip into Britney & the population of Louisiana? Wow, looks like I should probably walk round you, in case I trip over that long pole that's sticking out of your ass.