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11 comments to “Lena Dunham Has Made Up With Howard Stern…But Pissed Off The City Of Detroit In The Process!”

  1. stetson@aabservices.co says – reply to this


    The truth can't be incorrect.

  2. kaylee says – reply to this


    Its always going to be a racist thing for people keep racism out of it. Secondly! we live in a very obese country regardless at where she pointed out. Let it go and stop trying to make one small comment such a huge big deal! get the F*% Over it! Lena Dunham is a young successful woman don't be jealous!

  3. 3

    Wtf Christa I've been to Detriot there r TONS of fat people

  4. Henrietta Ford says – reply to this


    Okay, first thing it's 'Detroiters', and secondly Detroit has alot going for it!

  5. Connor says – reply to this


    Oh please. Detroit is the second fattest city in the country and doesn't fare much better when run the numbers by percentage of residents (the first five are mere percentage points apart). It's a pretty factual remark she made, so everyone should just stop coddling fatties.

  6. 6

    We prefer to be called, "Detroiters." :)

  7. 7

    BET writer Yesha Callahan:
    “Her comments were borderline racist.

    BET wruter Yesha is another stupid bitch. Why is everything racist? Oh, can't formulate a valid arguement? Claim it's racism to make a point. IDIOT!

  8. red83 says – reply to this


    I get what some folks were annoyed about…. It was diverting to a geographical area, when maybe she should have come up with a different response to please the world… But if no one noticed, Lena doesn't live to please very many people! Get over it. I'm fat. And if she decided to call the area I live in "fatland", I'd have to agree with her.

  9. hannah says – reply to this


    It's Detroiter's. Detroitian makes no sense. A simple google search could have told you that. Spend more than 3 minutes on your posts and proof read for goodness sake!

  10. 10

    Seriously, Perez?!? You really took a small comment and made it into an entire fiasco. Howard thinks you are a joke. And I couldn't agree more. I can't believe you still have the nerve to write about this. Lena is over it. You should be too…

  11. 11

    This snob is just another spoiled brat rich kid, and the more we support her work the dumber we become. I love the D, and will also say that our city has to be the most creative, stylistic, innovative, and cost efficient place in America. I have traveled a lot in the past 5 years, and Detroit has the most talented and original people I have seen thus far. I hate these snobby kids on TV now-a-days, drugged out slutty know it alls who think they know more than anyone else in the world. Boring!!!! I hope she catches AIDS on that silly show she does, and that would serve as a decent finale to a boring ass show like sluts or girls, whatever it's called….