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Taylor Swift's Love Life Is Hilarious… To Everyone But Taylor Swift!

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Taylor Swift's heartbreaks are NOT funny and she'd rather not have her dirty relationship laundry aired for all the world to see!

Even though Selena Gomez's bestie for life makes millions off of spinning musical tales about her past love affairs, it seems the scarlet-lipped cutie is OVER the fact that her many short-lived romances are constantly gossiped about…

AND she's apparently super annoyed that her latest tryst with One Direction's Harry Styles has become the butt of MANY a joke!

One Swifty insider shares:

"At first Taylor just thought it was funny how much interest people had in her love life and she went along with it,” the insider revealed.

But now she’s the butt of jokes on Saturday Night Live, in the tabloids and on the late night shows. She laughed it off, but the jokes made about her at the Golden Globes got under her skin."

Breakups can be extremely painful, so we aren't surprised that Lady Tay is a tad irritated by the recent ridicule she's recieved post-Haylor…

BUT her whole success is based on pop-country tunes that SHE HERSELF boasts are about past loves!

And while we know Taylor's whole thing is being honest in her music and acting rather open when it comes to her fans, she can't really have her love-cake and eat it too.

Embrace it, dumpling! Don't let the haters piss on your game — especially not when you are the best player!

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58 comments to “Taylor Swift's Love Life Is Hilarious… To Everyone But Taylor Swift!”

  1. Anon says – reply to this


    She made her bed, now she has to lay in it.

  2. Fewer mine says – reply to this


    Oh I'm sorry… Now I'm gonna stop making fun of someone who makes millions just for writing shitty breakup songs

  3. goblin72 says – reply to this


    Then maybe she needs to stop and a take a look at why people are making fun of her. She dates all these guys and then writes these horrible songs about them. Eventually other guys would catch on and want nothing to do with her. She is completely delusional.

  4. izz says – reply to this


    Funny how everyone is talking about her "heartbreak" and how painful break-ups are. I don't think you can be this sad and heartbroken when you've only been dating for a couple of weeks. I doubt she's ever been in such a serious relationship that she'd be really heartbroken after the break-up. Maybe she should try to get to know potential boyfriends in private and not go out in public from the beginning. But that wouldn't get her the wanted publicity, I guess…

  5. 5

    The only difference between Taylor and any other gorgeous 22 year old is that she is in the spotlight. If I was rich, famous, and looked like her, I would totally be dating a string of men and making money off it. GOOD FOR U TAYLOR.

  6. barny says – reply to this


    Maybe if she did not act like a Whore and change boyfreinds every other week people would stop making her the Butt of jokes and laughing at her.
    Taylor can't sing and is an ARROGANT BITCH.

  7. Honest says – reply to this


    Nice article Perez…you are right. She does not need to change but embrace exactly what her huge fan base loves about her, honesty. If she looses that she becomes just like everyone else, jaded. Next song, Full Circle about true love over-coming all obstacles. About what was suppose to be in the first place with Lautner before an much older dark horse played them both. They both can face their detractors together, the world loved them the first time because of the genuine affection for each other. Now is their time to support each other and tell everyone else to take a hike. They stay single, they waste their time and become like everyone else…lonely. Make your happily ever after happen.

  8. 8

    I didn't realize she had dated anyone long enough for the break-up to be painful. LOL

  9. taytas says – reply to this


    LOL How about don't write a million songs about it, and this way no one will know.. keep it to yourself. don't air out your dirty laundry for the world.. learn from other celebrities who try to be discrete about their personal lives. what'd you expect?

  10. 10

    If she writes songs about each guy then she has to deal with the jokes. She purposely writes songs about certain guys, so either she stops that or deals with it!

  11. dodgyend says – reply to this


    yeah..she writes songs about guys she dates. but most of these songs actually put them in positive light. i am sure they are not complaining. i don`t get it.

    taylor never stop being you- lovely, honest, kindhearted, caring, talented. don`t let them lose your special spark.

  12. lisa taylor says – reply to this


    Maybe if she didn't write songs about her x-boyfriends no one would care…she really has a lot of never to say it bothers her when shes the one who always puts it out there.

  13. 13

    Deserved. If she wasn't a serial dater people wouldn't make fun of her. Maybe if she would just stay single a bit and not try to date every guy in Hollywood it would be a little easier for her.
    Side note: Perez, you are for shame. You run your mouth about Lance Armstrong then disable comments to ALL of the posts. What a cowardly thing to do.

  14. DD says – reply to this


    So what if she dates many guys ? How come and nobody makes fun of men for dating many women ?
    Get over it.

  15. PM2901 says – reply to this


    She dates 30-something's John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal, but wants us to believe at 23 years old she's still a virgin. She is seen going into hotels with her boyfriend du jour and emerging the next morning, but she wants us to believe she's still a virgin. She buys a home next door to her new boyfriend, but she wants us to believe she's still a virgin. If Miley Cyrus was doing those things, everyone would assume she's a big 'ol HO! But, because it's someone with the face of an angel and a permanent GOLLY GEE WHIZ look on her face, you believe the PR spin from her camp that she's pure as the driven snow. TayHO's snow has big-ass tractor marks all over it! Own it, Taylor. You're easy and lookin' for love in all the wrong places. Close your legs and go to sex addicts rehab and grow up. I'm sure you can figure out how to write a song about something else other than yet again another failed relationship.

  16. SFButterfly says – reply to this


    Re: rak723 – Well then maybe hang out with the likes of Hiltons and Kardashians! Oh wait.. why isn't she going after Paris' brother? I know Rob K. is too old for her taste, but then again, Mayer & Gyllenhahl are too!

  17. Rae says – reply to this


    It's one thing to write about life experiences. It's another to create life experiences so you can write about them. I have no sympathy for her.

  18. Mary says – reply to this


    Re: PM2901 – lol you're a complete moron. Never once has she ever proclaimed to be a virgin. You don't have to write songs about sex and hump poles to actually be having sex. And dating 6 guys in the span of 5 years makes her a sex addict? (the 13 guy theory is complete bullshit). Lol, boy I'd feel embarrassed if I were you, cause you look like a complete and utter moron for that comment.

  19. Mary says – reply to this


    Re: SFButterfly – Firstly, Rob K is a Kardashian. Not Paris' brother. Secondly, she doesn't date claseless men. Thirdly, you are an idiot.

  20. PM2901 says – reply to this


    #18 - Mary, it's called an opinion and freedom of speech. I don't look at Taylor's life thru rose-colored glasses like you. And, I'll refrain from calling you names because I'm a grown up and not infused in Taylor Swift's life in an unhealthy way. Good day! You should watch the Inauguration. It'll give you some balance.

  21. 21

    Well if she wasn't such a whore this wouldn't be an issue. The media only makes jokes about it because she is with a new guy every other month. & every time she is so in love. You reap what you sow.

  22. MaryDtn says – reply to this


    Justin has had haters for years and now Taylor has her own haters. Haters are homophobic red neck Neanderthal inbreeds. Celebs need to have each other’s back. Justin and Taylor should take their friendship to the next level. With similar schedules and careers they will rarely see each other, when they do, no drama, no BS, just fun. Just imagine the positive songs these two could belt out in 2013. Their true BFF(s) will support them. Have a great day.

  23. Dirti Sanchez says – reply to this


    Maybe if ya didn't hop from bed to bed to bed to bed to bed to bed to bed to hotel bed to bed, maybe then your anorexic butt wouldn't be platered all over the news!!!
    You bed hop and then want the world to feel sorry for you, sorry that annoying shyte got old long ago.Quit chasing Peter and then writing about it in an annoying squeaky nasally excuse of a song… Not hard to figure out!!

  24. 24

    Maybe if she wouldn't hop from bed to bed to bed to bed to bed to bed to hotel bed to to bed, she wouldn't have such a reputation.
    Keep you legs closed, stop writing songs about your bedroom romps.
    Leave "Peter" alone and quit whining about the many many many men you have slept with.. You jump from man to man, write a nasty song or 18 or an entire CD about them and then you want the world to feel sorry for you.. Are F-ing serious??????
    Get off the mattress!!!! your lookin like a HO!!!!!!

  25. Mary says – reply to this


    Re: PM2901 – I'm Canadian. And wow, quite the grown up to suggest not taking shots at someone, and then taking shots at them all within the same paragraph. Give yourself a pat in the back.

  26. jenn says – reply to this


    she's such a hypocrite she can write jokes about her exes but people can't write about justin bieber is constantly made fun of it's part of the job get over yourself and grow up and deal with it

  27. Dollymadison says – reply to this


    The press used to blame Taylor's success on writing about fairly tales and unicorns. Now they say its all about breakup songs. Fact is, shes just a damned fine songwriter, and people relate. Swift bashing Haylor stories are being picked up from the U.k. rag The Daily Mail, which gets fed stories from Simon Cowell's PR machine. You just lifted your Cowell/ Harry story from them yesterday, Perez. I'd be ticked if I was Taylor, too. Smeared by lies from an English gossip rag. Check it out, people.

  28. **** says – reply to this


    Re: Mary
    I don't see where he took shots at you; maybe you're just a little too sensitive. He was actually quite cordial, but you're still being a bitch. And over Taylor Swift, out of all people.

  29. 29

    my take on this is that for a young woman she gets emotionally invested in these guys all to quickly and then is of course devastated when it ends because of that regardless of the amount of time spent with the guy
    this tells me that she is a bit emotionally needy
    perhaps being in the spotlight at such a young age
    perhaps issues with her own father
    whoe knows
    I don't personally know enough accurate facts about her life to see where the connection is
    but I really believe there is one somewhere
    and a good psychiatrist/psycologist would be able to help her to recognize and deal with it and show her how her emotional dependency issues can easily be handled so
    she would better deal with possibly some unrealistic expectations far too early in relationships
    where is a good shrink when I need one to help me with what I'm trying to say here ???

  30. Lary says – reply to this



  31. Lary says – reply to this


    every day taylor, taylor, taylor leaves it man you're sick?

  32. @v@ says – reply to this


    Why does she HAVE to have a love life every minute? She could do to step away from one for a while. Quite a while.

  33. Daja Vu says – reply to this


    Michael J Fox summed it all up for those who have a difficult time understanding what Swift is about.

  34. Tammie says – reply to this


    I hate that she has become such a JOKE…. especially at her first Golden Globes awards show. I'm sure she wanted to make a favorable impression with all of her future movie directors, producers and fellow actors. But I think she regrets being the big joke for the awards show.

  35. Liz says – reply to this


    I am going to tell you exactly what is going to happen after this point;
    Taylor is going to write new music and there is going to be one, or maybe even multiple songs on her new album that is going to OBVIOUSLY be about Harry.
    And than she's going to go to talk about it, she'll probably say something that just gets people in a rally. It's going to turn into a war between fanbases. One D fans Vs. TSwift fans. Death threats and all that jaz.
    It's always a nightmare anytime Taylor dates someone. It's all everyone talks about is the break up BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW WHAT IS COMING.
    We know.
    Honestly, the best career move any male celebrity can make is to just not date Taylor Swift.
    If she doesn't want to be made fun of, she should stop trying to get revenge with her music.
    And can we all just try and sit and grasp the fact that somehow 'We are Never Getting Back Together' is for some reason considered a country song? Uh. What?

  36. Lary says – reply to this


    Perez needs to read

  37. Paul says – reply to this


    Re: rak723 – And that's fine. What most people have a problem with is that she always comes across as being the victim is every relationship.

  38. 38

    now she knows how jake feels everytime someone plays her song right after interviewing him for his new film on australian radio — as seen recently… SUCK IT UP TAYLOR..

  39. 39


  40. jj says – reply to this


    she should realize it long time ago, but poor taylor is living in her own fairytale world..

  41. TexasDove says – reply to this


    Seems like Taylor's parents gave her everything she wanted growing up. They even moved to Nashville because Taylor wanted to. But, they didn't teach her not to kiss and tell. They didn't teach her not to be in love with every male she dates. They didn't teach her to be a graceful loser. For some reason Taylor is stuck in her teenage years. She needs to grow up and take some singing lessons.

  42. kevin says – reply to this


    then stop writing about your pathetic 14 year old relationships you slut.

  43. 43

    At this point I don't feel much sympathy for her. She makes her relationships public, and she comes across as a boy crazy teen who can't handle being single for very long. There are plenty of celebrities who have kept their romantic lives private for many years, but I think she WANTS her relationships to be public. Her call, so I can't feel bad for her on that.

  44. pinky says – reply to this


    obviously, she's making it a joke by herself. one day. she's gonna be known as the princess of break ups.oh, come on, doesn't she like have any other inspirations to write her songs..my cousin says she is an ass and I think she's right

  45. vicky McAleer says – reply to this


    She caused herself the shit… Now she's eating the shit! Get a life Taylor Swift no one wants to see you breaking up with all the boys u date!! We wanna see you happily married!! Stop bugging Harry Styles he ain't worth being loved by a ****

  46. Blue says – reply to this


    Re: pinky – You're an ass! And don't you people go on, telling me how I should not call people I don't know ridiculous names!!! If you can read all these comments you will see a lot of people calling Taylor names! "I am entitled to my own opinion." as you people would say, but seriously, think about it, you call a person names without getting to know them! BTW, I'm just giving you a taste of your own medicine! Stop it with the hate!

    P.S I'm a Swiftie, got a problem with that?!

  47. 47

    you can always tell exactly who has drank the punch on here when it comes to TS lol

  48. rox says – reply to this


    Oh the irony of your posts Perez.

    "Don't let the haters piss on your game" I recall you setting off a contest about her break-up with Harry. You hater.

    I know some much worst serial daters than her, the only difference is that their lives arent yours to see, therefore mock.

    I just really don't get why this is such a big deal. Everyone is brushing it off as "not being a real heartbreak, and she never had a long relationship". So if it's not THAT meaningful, why is it EVERYWHERE?!

    It's to a point that it's just to be mean. It's ridiculous.

  49. 49

    Then don't give people a reason to make those jokes about you. *plays the smallest violin in the world*

  50. No1Care says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse number 777
    not every one, just those idotic ones who think it make a difference.
    OT: couple weeks= heartbreak? Don't think so girly, besides you're not the only one they make jokes about. But to be fair dating a lot of guys=/= to being a slut or whore.

  51. TrueSay says – reply to this


    Stop being mad about the facct that she gets laid and you can't.

  52. Jayden Lee says – reply to this


    Oh come one…. Firstly, she looks like a dolled-up satan with those high eyebrows, and the string of men and writing music off them is Bad mouthing another human being. I'm not sure she got physically abused or that kind of stuff. I dont hear Rihanna writing songs (maybe I dont know one) after she got beaten half to death, to build a career?

    Now she knows how it feels to write people off! Satan always loses. Mr J Fox is right and being a father protecting his child not to get near Satan like her. Satan uses the media to corrupt others. Stay behind the fence, Satan! Some celebs have 2-3 bfs and being called a slut while Satan here uses others to be in a relationship (more than 3!) and make a career for own benefits. Kinda satanic way of working. Very Swifty, I must say. Swifty Satan Taylor!

  53. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Jayden Lee – Pssst. Having high eyebrows just doesn't make one Satan. Lol. Implying such a thing of another might, though.

  54. Susie Q says – reply to this


    U wanna play…you gotta pay. Why dont you shut the hell up Taylor…..seems like you're getting some of your own medicine. Payback's a bitch!!….lol

  55. pleasegoaway says – reply to this


    Re: Susie Q
    Karma's a B!tch is better xD she was mean and rude to others now others are being rude to her. Think twice before you decide to publicly embarass a guy. Instead of saying a song is about a guy, why don't you just keep it a secrret so noone will have a reason lash out at you

  56. Chelsea says – reply to this


    Re: rak723 – YES!!!! Thank YOU !! I totally agree!!!

  57. Chelsea says – reply to this


    People need to realize Taylor writes songs based on experience not just the guys she dates. Almost every female artist that is talented enough to write their own songs has written songs about their love life. Don't punish Taylor because she has the balls to stand I front of millions of people and admit her songs are based on her life.

  58. Chelsea says – reply to this


    Re: Paul – false. She admits when she's wrong hence her songs like breathe, back to December and others about her losing interest