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Don't Worry, Beyoncé! Here's 7 Other Celebs Who Have Been Caught Lip Synching Before!

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Tsk, tsk!

Whatever happened to letting one's own talent live up to it's own potential?!

Shocking as it may seem, Beyonce may (or may NOT) have lip-synched her way through the National Anthem at Barack Obama's second inauguration on Monday. As the controversy swirls, we're reminded that Bey isn't the first diva to be accused — and found guilty! — of using a recorded track for a live performance.

Interestingly enough, some of the most famous voices of our generation have pulled this trick before … including Whitney Houston, whose performance of the Star Spangled Banner at the 1991 Super Bowl to this day is the performance all others are compared to — and girl sure as hell didn't sing it live!

Wondering who else has been deceitful with their "live" performances?!

CLICK HERE to view our gallery of "7 Other Celebs Who Have Been Caught Lip Synching Before!"

CLICK HERE to view our gallery of "7 Other Celebs Who Have Been Caught Lip Synching Before!"

CLICK HERE to view our gallery of "7 Other Celebs Who Have Been Caught Lip Synching Before!"

CLICK HERE to view our gallery of "7 Other Celebs Who Have Been Caught Lip Synching Before!"

CLICK HERE to view our gallery of "7 Other Celebs Who Have Been Caught Lip Synching Before!"

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13 comments to “Don't Worry, Beyoncé! Here's 7 Other Celebs Who Have Been Caught Lip Synching Before!”

  1. 1

    You forgot Lady CaCa. She was caught lip synching when she fell from a piano bench and the mic moved away from her mouth but the singing never stopped.

  2. 2

    This is just embarrassing. She should have sung live for such an important event.

  3. JeffB says – reply to this


    For something as important as this, the producer of the event will often insist on the Star Spangled Banner being taped. This is very common for SuperBowls, even Whitney's wasn't live.
    Since no one said "and now, Beyonce, singing live…." how can it be deceitful?

  4. Ashlee says – reply to this


    So what? She's not the first singer to do it. It was still her own voice.

  5. Tnorris says – reply to this


    Some of these celebrities are completely missing the point on this whole Beyonce facade (throwing out her earpiece like she's singing live lol)…yes she can and has obviously sung live before, but when you sing live for other venues and not one of the most important days of our nation (regardless of politics) it kinda comes off as a little disingenuous to not only the President himself but to the nation as a whole…and therefore is disrespectful. Especially to cop out like that since when her management can't even handle managing her own schedule…I'm sorry but when it's an event like this you make time to rehearse…no matter what. Guess some people's standards are lower than others when it comes to honoring our country…the right way. And same goes for anyone in the past whose done anything similar.

  6. Tru U says – reply to this


    To be fair Mariah Carey didn't lip synching. She was singing to a back track and it messed up. You wouldn't have known unless she didn't say "Stop singing my part now." She did sing live and singing to a back track is common in the music world. Especially when singing sing their own background vocals

  7. 7

    She totally did Lip sync. I saw somebody saying at CNN, that she wanted to use the recording instead for her performance.

  8. Ryan says – reply to this


    Beyonce can't sing! She's a FAKE! She not only lip synched the song but also auto-tuned it to sound way more enhanced than her natural voice. This puts her in the same category as Lance Armstrong because they both used means of performance enhancement> She is pathetic just like her husband.

  9. MostAmazingSingers says – reply to this


    Seems like charice and kelly clarkson are those who really can sing that anthem live. Even tho Charice sang it better then Whitney, and it was live ladies and gentleman.

  10. 10

    I am not a Beyonce fan, however, the National Anthem is one of the most difficult songs to sing. She is not a great singer, (from a person who couldn't carry a tune in a bucket), so out of respect for the event and Anthem, I feel she should be given a pass.
    re: obumer: What an idiot! Caps lock does not make you more important, just more impotent.

  11. ABBELLA says – reply to this



    Im guessing the true winner here is CHRISTINA AGUILERA say what you want but she NEVER LIP-SYNC'S never needs to. she may have only once in the thousands of times since she was the age of 4yrs old, singing the ANTHEM in an emotional stew, messed up 4 words of the song , BUT ATLEST YOU KNOW SHE DID IT LIVE !

  12. ABBELLA says – reply to this


    whoa WAIT PEREZ 1. how can you say so sad that Milli Vannilli was treated so harshly " so sad " REALLY its not that they lip-synced perez its that they LIP-SYNCED to SOMEONE ELSE's VOCALS NOT THIER OWN..
    2. ANDBRITNNEY lipsynced at the VMA s??? NOT JUST THAT BUT HAS LIP-SYNCED HER ENTIRE CAREAR now thats just sad .. too bad when she was little brit could actually sing but her voice changed with puberty

  13. ABBELLA says – reply to this


    and its also to bad that MILLI VANNILI lypscyned to SOMEONE ELSES VOCALS whats trully sad is that they actually had decent voices of there own but after the defruaded the entire world by stealing the voices of others and claiming them as thier own NOONE CARED if they could actually sing or not .. thats why one of them took his own life for the shame and guilt and humiliation was too much for him to bear.. so PEREZ IN CLOSING its not so awful that they lipsynced once but that they stole anothers vocals AS THERE OWN with is fraud and theft