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Oh here we go! Robert Pattinson seems to be having a BLAST filming his new movie down under, but all of that solo fun is reportedly giving Kristen StewaRead more…

25 comments to “Kristen Stewart Faces ANOTHER Cheating Dilemma With Robert Pattinson!!!”

  1. V.V says – reply to this


    Didn't you report last week that they broke up?

  2. 2

    Oh STOP, Perez!
    You KNOW this story is FAKE !!!!

  3. V.V says – reply to this


    Re: overthere – Yup, nothing Perez reports is accurate anymore

  4. kirai1 says – reply to this


    Perez is it eating you up inside that since the beggining they never gave a shit about you?
    They've never given you any interviews, thats why you make up all this story. You and your family should burn in hell.

  5. 5

    Perez, YOU are the biggest hypocrit in the world.

  6. 6

    Re: V.V
    I know, right? He C's & P's from other sites. No true A-list Celeb talks to him.

  7. 7

    Jesus. To see what you've become Perez…

  8. name says – reply to this


    i dont like her or much of him really, that being said i dont think it matters if she cheated on him he took her back and now they are in a "committed" relashonship… if they cant trust each other theirs no relationship (thats if this story is real which i doubt it is)

  9. Katie says – reply to this


    Wait… there's an article right above this one saying that she's devistated because they broke up 0_0 I'm confused.

  10. Maria Clara says – reply to this


    Lies, lies, lies to seel tabloids. Why cheat now if Robert could have had not get back with Kristen. He is emotionally and lovingly invested in this relationship. Why try to paid an ugly picture again? Then see them together, after Australia, going to New York and places? Robert can cheat a million times, but Kristen will always be number one.

  11. AnjeliMarie says – reply to this



  12. indie says – reply to this


    Absolutely! Rob needs to take the necessary time to let everything settle and THEN try and figure out if he can maintain a real relationship with this nitwit. anyway while he's doing this she's prob getting ready to shack up again with someone else - she's got the attention span of an ant

  13. guest says – reply to this


    Um, there's a reason the word HOMEWRECKER begins with the letters HO.

    Kristen Stewart = HO HO HO HO

  14. You're a bully says – reply to this


    Enough with your lies. You know NOTHING about this couple. And you continually show it with your whiplash stories. STOP….They are not broken up. They are not separated. He is not cheating. She didn't cheat. All staged. Come on, Perez…enough

  15. Heidi G says – reply to this


    Re: guest – And there is a reason your name is guest you spinless hide behind your computer hypocrite bully!

  16. 16

    I would say this is like bad fiction. But it's not really "like" it. It IS. Surely this era of fake celebrity reporting is coming to an end soon? Pretty please?!

  17. Lena says – reply to this


    Eh. I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that he's filming away in Australia, so the rumors are going crazy. Honestly, I'm not sure these two were every together in the first place…but if they were, I feel sorry for not just him but her too. The tabloids seemed to have laid off a bit, but the gossip blogs won't leave them alone. It's been what, seven or eight months since the affair happened? She fucked up, but no one deserves to have this shit constantly following them….Look at how all the men who have cheated are treated in comparison. Ugh, I'm going to pull a Britney fan and go Leave them alone! :)

  18. Miri says – reply to this


    I can't believe how people take their frustrations on Kristen and Rob it's scary and pathetic! Get a fucking life Perez(Hialeah) Hilton. Rob and Kristen are fine! Rob is in Australia getting ready to do a film. She will be going over in February to be with him. Do your research ass hole and quit copying the lies the other media mafia report! You are such a bully with Kristen I hope you get what you deserve! I am anxious to see you with another black eye crying on the Ellen show.

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    The goose meeting the gander wouldn't be too far fetched here, considering…but inciting it to happen wouldn't be cool.

  20. 20

    Im surprised you haven't been slapped with a lawsuit, I know America has their right for "freedom of speech" and everything but seriously 90% of the crap you write is pretty damn close to slander.

  21. JF says – reply to this


    Do you ever get anything right??? Does it bother you in any way that you simply regurgitate one false rumor after another from "sources" on the internet??? I would bet a trained monkey could do a better job of "reporting" on anything having to do with H'weird and it's related silliness. Honestly …. and in case you're not familiar with the word "honest" you can try Websters.com, you need to hang it up, Perez. This "blog" is of no service to anyone and if it does anything, it's simply to echo one false rumor after another which in anyones book can hardly be called a profession or a talent.

  22. lulu collazo says – reply to this


    I would be if I was her. I saw the movie "Remember me" and I saw what she saw. On and off chemistry between Rob and "Em" as I believe he calls her. The questions are: would he cheat on Kristen to get back at her, is there a license to cheat once being wronged from your loved one, are they really broken up? The answer is NO, NO, MAYBE. If he fell out of love from Kristen he should do the right thing and come clean instead of creating more anxiety to the one he loves or loved. It's only natural what she's feeling. I am not justifying what she did out of ignorance, but if he does it, it would be out of integrity. He's older, more mature and should take the high road. As for Kristen, I wish her all the best in the world. She is, after all, only human. She paid the price highly, enough is enough!

  23. Jem says – reply to this


    The title “Kristen Stewart Faces ANOTHER Cheating Dilemma With Robert Pattinson!!!” Is super misleading. There is no cheating scandal except in your fantasies. "Sources say gurl is TERRIFIED he'll cheat on her." That, Perez is not a cheating scandal. Who is your source? You? Your mom? Your dog? No methinks it is your delusional mind.

  24. guest says – reply to this



  25. 25

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