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Lindsay Lohan: Screw Rehab & A Plea Bargain, Bring On The Trial!

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Deals?! She don't need no stinkin' deals!

Lindsay Lohan did not accept a plea bargain offer which would have forced her into nine month rehab stint!

Instead, the troubled actress will roll the dice and possibly put herself on the stand in one of the most epic trials ever!!!

Sufferin' succotash, this is HUGE! If things go south, as they often do for the Mean Girls star, LiLo could wind up doing HARD TIME in jail!

Apparently, her new attorney Mark Heller whispered sweet nothings in her ear and convinced her to go the all-or-nothing route.

One source says:

“Mark believes he can get Lindsay acquitted of all criminal charges stemming from her car accident in Santa Monica last summer. Lindsay has convinced Mark that she never lied to cops when they asked her if she was driving the car that day. There was a plea bargain offer on the table for Lindsay to go to rehab for nine months, but she absolutely refused that. Mark won’t sign off on a deal that sends Lindsay to rehab for more than 60 days.”

Lindsay, in fact, thinks her best bet is to appeal to a jury!

The source continues:

“There is talk of Lindsay taking the stand because she feels that once a jury hears her side of events she will be acquitted."

Hmm — she is an awfully talented actress!! Maybe she can convince the world she wasn't driving that car in Santa Monica way back when!!!

Do U think The Canyons star will pull it off?! Or is she destined for disaster?

[Image via WENN.]

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20 comments to “Lindsay Lohan: Screw Rehab & A Plea Bargain, Bring On The Trial!”

  1. Nate says – reply to this


    For what lieing to cops? BFD! At most she should end up with a $100 dollar fine. Seriously what the hell America?!

  2. 2

    GOOD FOR HER; that EXTREMELY EVIL 12-Step religious AA/NA cult is a FRAUD & SCAM!

  3. 3

    Little girls are being snatched off the streets of Los Angeles DAILY & then tossed in dumpsters, and they are wasting resources on Lindsay….ABSOLUTELY INSANE!

  4. 4

    I don't know what everyone else is going on about- she needs 9 months in rehab.

  5. bobbi says – reply to this


    She will pull it off - she's lindsay lohan and she's fabulous! no jail time for you! =D

  6. 6

    Let her go down and wallow in herself. And when she is done wallowing, she can numb it by even wallowing in more alcohol, partying, and drugs. That is the way it works. And when people hit bottom, that is when they have a choice. They either wallow to their death or they turn a corner. A lot of people turn the corner, but a lot also continue to deteriorate and die. It is hard to tell what she will do, but I don't think she has reached that fork in the road yet. If she is really, really lucky, she will turn for the good before she hits the fork. Because even though turning for the good at the fork is better, it still leaves some very heavy wounds. It is not too late for her to avoid that.

  7. Cheetah1213 says – reply to this


    Re: Nate – Lying to cops is the tip of the iceberg, just one charge. Didn't you read:
    "ALL CRIMINAL CHARGES stemming from her car accident in Santa Monica last summer"

  8. Josh says – reply to this


    She will NEVER do hard time in jail. Hasn't the media figured that out yet??? That's why she just keeps doing this sh*t.

  9. Cheetah1213 says – reply to this


    I agree about the 12 step programs, they're full of religious crap and they have a very high rate of recidivism — they don't work, they're totally fraudulent. BUT there are a lot of better choices for rehab and therapy that she should get. She needs it — and badly.

  10. irvinegirl says – reply to this


    Hopefully if she goes to jail her face will deflate and go back to normal, especially those lips.

  11. 11

    Re: Cheetah1213 – The 12-Step religious AA/NA cult treatment industry has their fingers wrapped around the US Court Systems…they won't allow anything else.

    Judges & Lawyers OWN 12-Step religious AA/NA Treatment Centers & "Sober" Houses…IT'S A MULTI-BILLION A YEAR INDUSTRY!

  12. 12

    interesting, let's see how the dice roll.

  13. BobbieFisher2 says – reply to this


    First, drugs and alcohol had nothing to do with Lohan's case. So I don't understand the rehab stuff - it's stupid and irrelevant to the issue of lying, obstructing and reckless driving. She was found to be sober at the hospital. Now if it was another DUI then fine, offer rehab (though it would NEVER work on Lohan). But given Lohan's history of lying like crazy to the police ("those aren't my pants" Hahaha) and also reckless driving - then it is a big deal. Lohan has repeatedly shown a complete disregard for the laws of this state and this country. And that's what the MAX SENTENCES were made for. She is a prime candidate for the maximum sentences on all three counts plus the max on the probation violation. That could be 3 years in jail of which she serves 25% due to overcrowding. So that also equals about 9 months in jail. The same as the amount in rehab. And she's betting she could be out sooner than that. Either way though she's screwed with the American public. No one wants to see her on the silver screen ever again.

  14. 14

    Lock the useless skank up in jail.

  15. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Will be interesting to see what happens, she is not up before Judge Sautner this time.

  16. Magan says – reply to this


    What Jury in their right mind would believe anything that came out of her mouth?

  17. 17

    i think shell be in one cell her lawyer next to her in the other,,,

  18. big time says – reply to this


    yeah smashing into another vehicle, risking bodily harm to all those around her in the area, and lying about the investigation because lifetime will sue her for breach of contract not to mention she's on prob. (not being allowed to drive to and from set- lifetime breach) while being f'ed up on shit is no biggie. Americans need protection from the broke coke drunk whore I live here!

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    I wouldn't want to be her.

  20. 20

    Gosh I hope the trial is televised. Talk about Must See TV!!! Cannot wait to see her performance and so hope she gets what she deserves.