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Taylor Swift Feels Like A 'Loser' After Falling For Harry Styles!

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Taylor Swift Love Loser Harry Styles

Aw, there, there, Swifty!

It sounds like Taylor Swift really IS taking her break up from Harry Styles pretty hard!

We previously mentioned how Tay had originally laughed along with the jokes made about her relationships, but now it seems like they are just getting to be too much!

At least, it seems this was definitely the case with Tina Fey’s Golden Globes playful joke!

A source stated:

“It wasn’t the week she could take a joke.”

The break up reportedly “killed” Taylor and even made her lose some faith in love!

The source went on to reveal:

“She feels like a loser in love and doesn’t have many friends anymore.”

Ouch! Don't be so hard on yourself, Taylor!

Although she also recently confessed to Vibe that part of her just “wants to be alone,” she’s obviously a bit of a hopeless romantic at heart, too!

Good thing she has an AHmazing bestie like Selena Gomez to help her deal with the pain!

And who knows, perhaps she’ll even link back up with Harry while they are both in Cannes this weekend…

[Image via Tumblr.]

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31 comments to “Taylor Swift Feels Like A 'Loser' After Falling For Harry Styles!”

  1. thebigboot says – reply to this


    Good, I'm glad she feels like a loser. The guys are wising up, they know she'll use them to further her career.

  2. Cannon says – reply to this


    What does this snot nosed little brat expect? You disrespect your ex's by writing songs about them and making money off them so to speak and then you complain when attention is brought to your love life? Duh? Girl needs to take a long break from singing because she is stale, her music is stale and quite frankly she is overkill, its too much of her.

  3. Nate says – reply to this


    GET OFF THE CRACK YOU HACK! IT WAS STAGED! IT WAS A SHOWMANCE! THESE "SOURCES" ARE FULL OF IT! Seriously why is Perez hire smarter people, mindless bullshit isn't fun anymore.

  4. Nate says – reply to this


    Re: Cannon – You understand asshole that this is made up bullshit right? Also that "relationship" was totally faked.

  5. 5

    “It wasn’t the week she could take a joke.”
    “She feels like a loser in love and doesn’t have many friends anymore.”

    Maybe she should stop being such a huge whore then.

  6. shanghai says – reply to this


    How did she not see this coming?? Harry seems a lovely guy but he's is young, rich and famous and did I mention very young. He is not the kind of guy to date if you are looking for love and a relationship. Taylor seems to learn nothing from past guys and that she needs to go for a different type altogether if she wants to be happy.

  7. Cannon says – reply to this


    I think everyone can agree she is a whore who exploits her boy toys and then cries about how they did her wrong. The jig is up and people dont want to hear it anymore! Tay way is a whorelay. Oh and harry styles is nothing more then pimple faced little puke, who is part of a manufactured machine called a boy band. Rich kids who are anything but talented, Taylor included, hey didnt kanye call her out a few years ago?

  8. Mary says – reply to this


    For those who are calling her a whore, let me point out a few facts that you may have not known:
    1) She has had 6 boyfriends in the span of 5 years. 6. not 13. I've dated around the same amount in a 5 year span and no one is calling me a whore. Many girls have reached that number, if not more.
    2) Connor and Harry were nearly back to back relationships, but before Connor, she was single for over a year. Jake Gyllenhall happened in 2010 (look it up). The songs about him came out recently, so people assume that relationship also occurred recently. What people neglect to understand is that she takes some 2 - 3 years to write, perfect and produce the songs for her album (which she seems to release every 2 years).
    3) She sings about her life and puts forth the utmost sincerity in her music. That means yes, it will show negative emotions about her exes. They're usually emotionally loaded songs she writes right after a relationship. And then after some time, she gets over them (listen to "Holy Ground"). She is now friends with many of her exes.
    4) The media focuses on all the negativity surrounding her love life but fails to report anything positive. For ex: Taylor was named the most charitable celebrity of 2012. She drives a Toyota. She shops at Macy's. She also regularly visits & gives shout outs to her fans who are cancer patients.

  9. ERV says – reply to this


    Maybe if she'd stop falling in love with every Tom, Dick and Harry (Pun Intended) She wouldn't have that problem of losing faith in love!

  10. Debi says – reply to this


    Re: ERV – Oh Come on When you were young were you perfect? I know I dated a lot doesn't mean she is a whore or anything. All young girls date boys their life just isn't in the public eye. Give her a break.

  11. 11

    she shouldnt lose faith in love u never do that u just stop stalking and calling it love

  12. 12

    Or here's a thought…how bout she stops dating asshats. You are young, attractive, and wealthy. If you are unlucky in love its because you have bad taste in men.

    Let's get to the route of the issue. You want a famous boyfriend so you can be a famous couple and further your brand yadda yadda yadda That's the reason your relationships never work. Because they aren't relationships…they are business decisions.

  13. csz says – reply to this


    she is clearly codependent and dreads being alone. My one friend is the same way, she feels as though she has to always have a boyfriend and she's so young and puts way too much pressure on herself to be in love, so does taylor. I think you should just love being young and go with the punches and stop trying so hard to be in love. Breath and enjoy life!

  14. Lary says – reply to this


    Perez acts like he's this changed person and that he's so against bullying now just because he doesn't draw on celebs pictures & say nasty things about them anymore. But he still helps the spread of rumors. He will say anything to get attention and that's just as pathetic in my opinion. Especially when he does it about his "friends". His job is to gossip & spread lies. What an accomplishment. Ugh sorry I don't respect him at all.
    He’s a sad individual. I don’t know why celebs even give him the time of day.

  15. JuliaBashara says – reply to this


    welll i'm personally glad she feels like she's a loser because she is a loser and a total slut. women who aren't complete losers and sluts shouldn't be sleeping with that many guys in their lifetimes and i think its just rude that she is writing songs about them and making money off of them. i really hated her for dating harry because he definetly deserves better than that whore

  16. 16

    She was with him for how many weeks? This girl needs to grow some thicker skin…you think little teenage dating dramas are the end of the world wait until bills, houses and kids come into the picture, buttercup.

  17. 17

    It's the fact that she kisses and tells in her songs…it got to a point where she was embarrassing men. She goes through the men like a cattle drive and people are seeing, hey, maybe it's her. Ya think?

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    It shouldn't be 'love' yet after only a couple of months. She should still be assessing, whether or not he is good enough for HER. She needs to learn to love herself first.

  19. 19

    a LOSER she should feel more like a SLUT because that is what she acting like ….just saying

  20. 20

    *plays the smallest violin in the world*

  21. Bravobravisimo says – reply to this


    So now Perez makes junk up and says that "a source says". Goody. I think I'll start my own blog! I write better than Perez, and I'm much funnier. And smarter. And…. gooder. And darn it, I am just better in each and every way! Hmm..Yippee!!

  22. Dollymadison says – reply to this


    I notice some people gave really long comments here. Don't. I used to give really long comments, too. I thought people who gave really shorts answers were boring or not very long in the brains dept. But no! It is they who are smart ones! They let their feelings out boom, and then move on with their lives!
    So, I've practiced, and the short comments work! I have a great sense of inner peace and tranquility now. I was going to write a long riff in response to a guy, head think re Beyonce, lip synching, Marian Anderson at the FDR thing, etc but I stopped myself and just wrote: u dum. Then I tried: u suk. Finally: who care
    After writing "who care" i had time for a nap!! So try it! For this Perez think piece, just try something like:
    Perez u dum suk
    So try it. It's made ME a happier person. I'm sure it will u, 2.

  23. 23

    Re: chunkeh – stfu, having bfs doesn't make her a whore. Sleeping with a different man every night wouldn't make her a whore, you sexist asshole.

  24. Kat says – reply to this


    Oh please you bitches are crazy, She isn't dating just random guys. The guys she goes on dates with are HOT and Very eligible bachelors. Most of you bitches would be on your knees for them so stop hating that she actually had the chance to date them. When you're young you date people and hang out duhh. Its not like shes marrying all of them. You date casually for a couple months to see if it works out. Stop shaming and hating on people for something thats totally none of your business.

    You all are jealous bitches hating on girls you dont even know or have ever met. You all like to talk as if you're saints yourselves. Puhlease.

  25. 25

    hey you guys i bet ya will feel like that if you were famous you guys are rude (some of you) you should be respectful nice polite and generous not some slug thats very inappropiate and rude SO JUST GET OUT OF HER LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Swifty_Red says – reply to this


    She doesn't have friends anymore? She has 23 million swifties who want to be her friend! Taylor have A LOT OF Friends! Ha!

  27. Heather says – reply to this


    @Mary 100% agree! People are so judgemental and rude these days!

  28. John says – reply to this


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……good. Joke or not, this is still pretty funny!

  29. Sign says – reply to this


    Re: Nate – What, are you ten years old? You say their sources are BS, yet you provide no evidence yourself, then you call someone an asshole cause you THINK they're wrong? Seriously, grow up.

  30. A Swiftie says – reply to this


    :( what jerks these commenters are down there :(

  31. Burning Red says – reply to this


    Re: thebigboot – maybe she really likes them and she is actually getting her heart broken? Maybe she actually IS a nice person and does deserve this? Ugh why am I even wasting time on you?