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39 comments to “Brandi Glanville Makes A Hefty Promise: Finally Shutting Up About LeAnn Rimes?!”

  1. 1

    Good for Brandi. Leeann was on Jimmy Kimmel and sounded totally nuts. you won't have to do a thing. let her hang herself

  2. 2

    This reminds me of when Michael Lohan vowed to stop talking to the press about Lindsay. Michael lasted about a week - I wonder how long Brandi will last?

  3. angie says – reply to this


    I'll believe that when it happens. After so long you just sound jealous and pathetic. Its been a few years. She needs to just get over it and move on with her life.

  4. 4

    It takes two to make a marriage not work, i don't believe that it was just LeAnn that made Eddie run away from Brandi

  5. 5

    I could watch this Brandi person all day. At least she doesn't look like a used-up washrag like Leeann.

  6. Sheila says – reply to this


    Re: JungianQueen – Are you for real? Brandi looks like Taylor, who looks like Camille…and so on….no originality there and can she wear anything other than black? Leann is an original all the way, while she may not be a faux natural beauty as in a California plastic barbie she is at least a classic beauty and original.

  7. Chris says – reply to this


    Please get that woman off RHOBH. Can we get some women who are actually married AND actual houswifes? Taylor, Camille, Brandi…. No men are going to marry those old Ho's. Too much surgery.

  8. Tiffany says – reply to this


    Re: JungianQueen – I can't watch her for one second. Those weird facial surgeries, she looks like Big Ang on Mobwives. Actually that is a perfect show for Breandi and her bad manners.

  9. Chris says – reply to this


    I hope you don't mean "unaltered" when you say LeAnn is "original". So far, LeAnn Rimes has had 2 nose jobs, full veneers and gingivectomy, had her jaw re-set (she claims for tmj, funny, it never bothered her until after Eddie, when she began trying to look like Brandi. Jaw re-setting drastically changes your face), lip plumping, breast implants (which she had to remove because they kept spreading farther apart), and botox (see her trying to cry through it in the Katie Couric interview), and she's only 30! Unfortunately all this "work" has not improved LeAnn's looks, she was much cuter before.

  10. Chris says – reply to this


    Oh… LeAnn's in the house! Commenting in her own defense! Hi LE!! I guess you can't talk but you sure can TYPE huh? You went too far with the "classic beauty" line. The only fan who'd make that comment is one who's using a braille computer.

  11. 11

    I'll believe when see it…well don't see it. She's too much of a nasty person to let that go.

  12. Nikki says – reply to this


    "Hey Brandi! How do you feel about LeAnn Rimes sleeping with your husband?…stalking him when he tried to give her the boot?…copying your hair, makeup, clothing, physique, wedding, etc.?….referring to your kids as her own?…whoring your kids out to the media?…leaving laxatives out that your son ate and got sick on?…letting your littlest boy ride his bike on a busy road with no helmet?…writing an entire album about sleeping with your husband while he was still married to you?… Brandi does not "bash" LeAnn. LeAnn does outrageous, irresponsible things, which very often involve Brandi's kids, and Brandi is asked about it. If LeAnn would stop with the craziness there would be nothing for Brandi to answer.

  13. 13

    didnt Leane say she has written about all this drama on her album? so its ok for her to use it but not ok for Brandi to speak of it? erm ok. Maybe Leanne should stop tweeting about brandis kids also when she knows damn well it starts trouble. Not everything needs to be tweeted about!

  14. 14

    LeAnn IS in the wrong, she should keep her mouth shut.
    I don't blame Brandi for being angry. When LeAnn wanted to hook-up with Eddie, she should have waited until he seperated, & filed for divorce.
    LeAnn & Eddie cheated and they are in the wrong.
    LeAnn should not be slamming Brandi.

  15. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Sheila – Leann, didn't you recently take a photo with Taylor? Didn't you have implant surgery? Didn't you get your teeth fixed? Don't you dye your hair? So you are not orginal.

  16. Collen1984 says – reply to this


    Re: Chris – Leann had her nose done? It still looks wide. She is kinda cute in a perky way. Brandi is pretty when she is just sitting there posing, but the sneers and the pursing of her mouth ruin it when she talks.

  17. 17

    Re: SweetSummerNight

    Brandi threw Eddie out.

    He did not leave.

    He paid for and convicted Brandi to attend marriage counseling and gave an interview denouncing Rimes as a "speed bump" in a long marriage.

  18. 18

    So sick of these talentless reality ”stars” being treated as celebrities now. The only reason Brandi Glanville is known at all is because of LeAnn Rimes. Funny how that works, huh…

  19. Chris says – reply to this


    And the only reason Rosa Parks is known is because of the beasts who expected her to sit in the back of the bus. Funny how that works, huh? How people take interest in innocent victims of those in positions of power?

  20. Chris says – reply to this


    Re: Collen1984 – Hi Colleen, yeah, 2 nose jobs at least. In her older pics the nose is longer/more bulbous. The tip has been made much smaller. The problem is that now her nose is too short for her face, (that, in addition to the botox makes her upper lip look long and dead) and her nostrils now look way too large for her nose (hence the wide appearance?) Her old nose kind of hid the large nostrils.

  21. 21

    I'll believe this when I see it or should I say when I don't see this? After all, some people don't have to be asked. They can still bring things up whenever they feel like it as long as they have the freedom to.

    God bless LeAnn always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of LeAnn)

  22. 22

    So here is the deal. This woman has to have a clue that she is being used until she is used up and then she will be yesterday's new and her book will be in the bargain bin next to Rielle Hunter's book.

    The sad thing is that when her kids are old enough to google mommy… And trust me they will… What are the going to see? A hateful bitch that got dumped by her their dirt bag daddy who had an affair with a twit waitress before Rimes ever entered the picture. She was pregnant with their second kid.

    I call these folks shiny people. No matter how many times you bath them, powder them, perfume them they are never ever coming clean. A good sheep did wouldn't even do the trick.

    So sad for the kids… Who will be in Celebrity Kids Rehab with one of Dr. Drews triplets running the place in about 15 or so years…

  23. Robyn says – reply to this


    Re: Sweet Heart Holly – seems like a "sweet heart" would speak out in support of two children from a broken home and their struggling single mother, not in praise of the HOMEWRECKER who put them in that awful position and BRAGS about it.

  24. 24

    Here's some solid advise Brandi…Love your kids more than you hate her! Give them all of your efforts!!!

  25. zen says – reply to this


    Does she have any thing else to talk about? Why she look so plastic?

  26. Zen says – reply to this


    Re: Chris – hollywood's make believe housewife. The 'real' housewife who is not even a housewife.f

  27. Chris says – reply to this


    Re: Zen – no, she's not a wife anymore. She has LeAnn to thank for that. Brandi was not trying to be anything but a wife and mother when LeAnn Rimes began stalking her husband. She agreed to do reality television after she was left almost broke by cheating Eddie's mismanagement of their money and she had to make ends meet as a single mom. So if Brandi being in the public eye bothers you, thank LeAnn Rimes.

  28. 28

    Re: Robyn – If you have seen the last few chats that LeAnn has done on TV, she was clearly not bragging about what she has done. The reason why I never quit being a fan of her is because she doesn't continue to do what she did back four years ago. Does she continue to cheat and break up marriages?

    God bless you and her always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of her)

    P.S. Another reason why I never quit being a fan of her is because it isn't my place to punish her in any way. When it comes down to it all the way what she did is between herself, the Lord, and those who were mostly impacted by her choice of action which will never be her fans.

  29. Robyn says – reply to this


    Re: Sweet Heart Holly – Holly, I just read the following comment that was posted in response to you on another site; "We read about you Holly, yes, you are that well known. LeAnn tweets to you and you go spread the gospel. You are commonly thought of as her low IQ puppet, over 10,000 posts in her defense…" 10,000 posts??? I was mistaken to even engage you. I thought I was addressing a thinking, reasoning human being, not a starstruck sycophant who checked her brain at the door. You are living proof that the rumors are true, LeAnn sends people to do her bidding online.

  30. 30

    Re: shaygirl1309 – If anyone is going to hang themself it will be Brandi. She has the biggest mouth in all of Beverly Hills. Brandi isn't smart enough to SHUT-UP.

  31. LaineRC says – reply to this


    Good for Brandi! Leanne's never been worth her time, nothing but a washed up, homewrecking has been. Michael Jackson lookin' toad.

  32. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: sis4cows – Isn't Leann doing a reality tv show after she said that reality tv isn't reality? We know that Leann sends you all here because someone stated that you were all on her website making plans to come to this site to attack!

  33. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Sweet Heart Holly – Leann is bragging about what she has done. . Why do you make excuses for Leann when her behavior contradicts your beliefs? Holly is Leann!

  34. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Zen – Taylor and Kandi aren't housewives either, yet you had no problem posing or tweeting with them. So you are just jealous, which explains why you did a reality tv show after you told Leno that there is no reality in reality tv!

  35. jk says – reply to this


    I madre a promise to mylsef never to look at anything this attention whore is in. I can see why EC got the hell away from her. SHe wouldnt be eating if it wasnt for LR and she would have to pay someone to watch ehr kids while she isb out whoring. This woman makes me ill with her o after Eddie sweetie he is the one that left your skinny no talent ass, He was never faithful to you period guess you just didnt cut it??

  36. Truth says – reply to this


    Poor Leann! Her current hubby cheated on a perfect 10 like Brandi Glanville, and only ran to Leann when Brandi kicked his sorry butt out! Some men will ALWAYS cheat. Too bad for any lady who dares to take them in. :( the really sad part is that Dean Sheremet, Leann's first hubby, looked like he really, really loved her, and for him she didn't have to starve and try to compete with other women. She tossed out a diamond for a lollipop, it's gonna be tragic when Leann wakes up and realizes what she's done. I'm sorry for the broken home, but Brandi can do way better than Eddie.

  37. Zen says – reply to this


    Re: Chris – Someone must have been stalking the three to know so much. It is hard to break up happy marriages, I would think. Brandi looks like some cold, unhappy woman. If her husband had been someone else instead of That Cibrian fellow, he might not have lasted 9 years. Unfortunately, Leann still looks very much in love from the photos. That's why she should have her own kids. Woman's first priority and first love are often the kids. Especially for someone like Leann who had to start working from such a young age, I would suspect that she will be extra protective of her kids once she has them.

  38. Ally says – reply to this


    Kids of her own may really help Leanne to grow, because when Ed leaves, she'll have to share the kids with Ed and his new wife. She will be able to see what it's like and understand better.
    God bless all and Leanne always!

  39. Chris says – reply to this


    Re: Zen – hey Zen. I just read the stories like everyone else I guess. I was looking up Leann Rimes up one day, I don't know that I was a "fan", but I'd been rooting for her since she was a kid, little girl in a big industry, you know? And was shocked by all this mess. Then I looked up Brandi. What's done is done. I hope Leann is happy, not just with her husband & stepsons, but that she knows life is good even as newness wears off and kids grow up. And I hope that Brandi continues to do well and that the love of her life comes along and she's truly blessed. Sorry if my comments were hurtful.