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18 comments to “facebook-just-got-this-framed-and-love-it”

  1. windbourne says – reply to this


    Lovely! Love the frame as well.

  2. mike says – reply to this


    blasphemous and tacky, I can see why you'd love it.

  3. tempe says – reply to this


    Re: mike – Yeah for no other reason than the tit hanging out-Perez is soooo uber cool hipster and controversial.NOT !

  4. Aaron Carney says – reply to this


    I think perez is trying to tell us something here. He's got some serious mommy issues.

  5. mike says – reply to this


    Re: Aaron Carney – His mom is his only friend, this picture probably brings back many memories (mammories?)

  6. Gen says – reply to this


    So cool!
    Please don't let ignorant comments from ignorant people bother you. It's an awesome picture.

    From a mommy who's "still" nursing her 2.5 y/o son

  7. 7

    Why did your mother wear that silly head thingy when she use to breast feed you?

  8. 8

    That looks like Perez!! LOL

  9. 9


  10. thebigboot says – reply to this


    Re: Gen – 2 and a half year old? If this isn't a joke, you are absolutely sick.

  11. 11

    Hard up for interesting celebrity stories are you??

  12. Pauly says – reply to this


    Is it from Moira McFarland?

  13. Whitney says – reply to this


    Wow, I'm not even religious and that may be one of the most tasteless things I have ever seen, I can definitely see why you like it.

  14. Siva says – reply to this



    in my grandmothers house

  15. Siva says – reply to this


    is that breastmilk coming from her tit? My god perez, I just thought you but an ugly picture I didnt know you bought the most fucked up picture on earth. You truly disgust me.

    You deserve nothing.

  16. sz says – reply to this


    I like it. breast feeding is nothing to be ashamed of. actually we should be ashamed that we have made breast feeding into something to be hidden in our society. and btw to the poster who said breast feeding a 2.5 year old is disgusting. the WHO recommends that you BF for AT LEAST 2 years. fyi

  17. Clo says – reply to this


    one word…CULTURE!

    If you knew about Peru's culture you would know that this is a religious painting and can be seen in many churches. They have many images of virgin mary and this one is virgin mary of milk.

    calling it disgusting and other names is rude

    don't be scared of things you don't understand

  18. Gen says – reply to this


    Re: thebigboot – Tee hee hee. You are so ignorant. The WHO recommends to breastfeed for AT LEAST 2 years.
    But you are so ignorant that you probably have no clue what WHO is.

    I know plenty of women who are nursing toddlers and I can not be more proud of them/us.