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10 comments to “facebook-the-beyonce-jokes-will-be-over-by”

  1. violet says – reply to this


    i normally wouldn't care that she she or anyone would lip sync in a live show that's an extremely important show… but what she did was bullshit. i completely get that she had it for back-up in case there were technical problems, and the fact that it was really cold out… but the fact that kelly clarkson sang LIVE and sang BRILLIANTLY makes her excuse (or non-excuse) bullshit. if her VOICE wasn't up to par, she should've cancelled. but don't do it just to get press, and don't act like you sang live when you didn't and won't even give an explanation or statement about it, and when every other person who sang there sang live. pure and utter bullshit. i lost the little respect i had for her.

  2. Ky says – reply to this


    Oh please, child, it's destiny! *snap* *snap* *snap*

  3. Jamal says – reply to this



  4. Noelle says – reply to this


    There is actually two videos of this. One where the news showed her lip synching and another one having her singing with the recorded music. Obvi. people don't research this they just focus on the mistake.

  5. dee says – reply to this


    i'm not from america, but it was the national anthem (not just a song). now if she had some technical difficulties or flubbed a little, it would haunt her forever. don't let one tiny part take away from the day

  6. 6

    Re: dee
    If a woman singing her COUNTRY'S national anthem would be "haunted" by a few flaws here and there, then that is something wrong with the woman herself.
    (And there's something wrong with the country that made her feel that way!)
    Technical issues aside, what's the lesson here?
    That if you're going to sing something in public, you have to be "perfect"?
    Would the citizens of the United States have stoned her if she'd screwed up?
    Is the national anthem less patriotic or moving somehow to its people if someone hits a note that's a little too flat, or a little too sharp?
    Beyonce is an embarrassment to the music industry.
    What the hell has happened to the definition of "performer" ???!!!

  7. 7

    Ok, now that I think on it, did she drink a can of Pepsi beforehand? Is that why she caved?
    (I hear that 42 teaspoons of sugar can wreck your voice.)
    And was she wearing her whore get-up under that "demure" outfit?
    Such a terrible role model.
    "Just fake it, everybody! Pretend like you're singing! Smile at the President, and then release publicity photos of yourself sticking your ass out dressed like a skank! Endorse a product laden with sugar! Let your husband call you a bitch in his music, and then shake the First Lady's hand!"

    And we wonder why practically everyone else on the planet thinks the US is a joke.
    "Home of the Brave" ?
    If you can't sing your anthem in front of other people, that's not so fucking brave, is it?

  8. She's So Stupid says – reply to this


    Her post maternity comeback has now become a permanent joke and live on in infamy.

  9. 9

    In front of all those people around her and millions watching what was Beyonce thinking? Very disrespectful and stupid of her. They could've just played the tape and put a dumb mannequin there. KELLY CLARKSON SANG LIVE WITH NO TAPE and WAY BETTER THAN BEYONCE. So all these excuses for Beyonce are irrelevant.

  10. 10

    I'm sure it was a real insult to Marine Corp Band. Fake singing, fake pregnancy, fake president, its all FAKE.