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Kim Kardashian Responds To Damning Diary Leak!

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We knew it was only a matter of time before one of the K dolls chimed in! And surprise surprise — it's Kimmy!

Following the cray cray reports of her father's lost journal entries — ones aimed at drooling shame all over Kris Jenner's reputation — Kim Kardashian fires back.

The supposed journal of Robert Kardashian, which was leaked by widow Ellen, details the (alleged) disturbing behavior that went down in the early years of the Kardazzle Krib.

But the mother of Kanye West's little kimbryo tweets:

As for Kourt and Khlo? Totally mum at the moment.

Same goes for momager Kris. So if you wanna hear their side, you better tweet 'em harder than E! marathons 'em! Ha!

CLICK HERE to get more deets behind the shocking accusations!

[Image courtesy of inTouch.]

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16 comments to “Kim Kardashian Responds To Damning Diary Leak!”

  1. 1

    ugh whats that disgusting ad you have fly up when u click a link? Perez youre such a greedy hog selling ads in the most annoying way. no wonder your sites gone down the toilet. as long as you get ad money u dont give a fuck how annoying and intrusive they are.

    as for Kim talking about getting a job and selling stories to make cash. Er hello, look at yourself!! you whore out every aspect of your grubby life for dollars. Jealous somebody else is getting a piece of the pie?

  2. 2

    Selling your Soul to Satan has a lot of perks…too bad the Soul Sellers always FORGET….Satan NEVER keeps his part of the deal…..NEVER!

  3. 3

    Re: Lasqueesha – Perez sold this website for MILLIONS a long time ago….

  4. 4

    Robert Kardashian made a poor choice, leading to a pre-mature death by sucking the life out of him, and creating evil spawn that effected the world with porn stars and bad role models.

  5. 5

    now she has the Jenner girls to whore out

  6. 6

    Yeah, well she probably got being a whore from her mother.

  7. Steve says – reply to this


    Who the f#@k CARES!!! I wish their 15 minutes was up before it even started. It really irritates me that this family has made millions and millions of dollars for doing NOTHING!!!

  8. sue says – reply to this


    I believe every word of that diary. who the heck is pathetic kim to make judgement on her fathers x to get a job. look at the garbage shes hussling through to make that dirty buck. As for her father look where his karma got him. His repeated lies to chase that green buck at any expense. Now hes left behind a string of whores to continue with the same morals. i see much karma that lays ahead of that family. even money cant help a sick soul.

  9. Jus Sayin.. says – reply to this


    Kim Kartrashian would know all about what's it's like to be so desparate for money a person would do anything to get it….

  10. Kat says – reply to this


    Re: Jus Sayin.. – Hey, that is exactly what I was thinking while reading what Kim had tweeted lol, you took the words right out of my mouth.

  11. 11

    why would we not beleive ridiculous stories sold to the tabloids u want us to believe urs but not beleive someone elses ..

  12. SPR says – reply to this


    Where there is smoke there is fire. If all this is untrue, the Kardashians should have gone straight to their lawyers and sued her for defamation of character, slander, something…why argue it out in Tweets for God's sake? Makes you wonder. Kris brought this all on herself with her book of sexual escapades. Do you feel HOT now Kris? You are a disgrace to yourself and your children, problem is you started to believe your own publicity and thought you were beyond reprisals.. BIG MISTAKE. Your 'Empire' has no solid foundation, like talent for example, so down it must fall, YOU and only you will be the downfall of your house of cards. If Robert Snr. did write those those things in a diary and it is proven, what are you going to do then? Call him a liar too? You could pay his widow off to shut her down but wouldn't this confirm to your children that you are an evil person? Don't you think that we, the public, are going to wonder why she suddenly went silent? You life is a mess.. Kim, lest we forget, how desperate were you when you and Mommy Dearest sold your sex tape? People in glass houses and all that…

  13. brigi says – reply to this


    I'm so over them. They love the attention not to mention low class whores. They got it from their mom

  14. 14

    Porn star money is pretty desperate. I imagine Kris was snorting coke with Nichole Brown, Faye and OJ…partying their asses off while the kids were playing or sleeping. It's not right for the ex to sell RK's personal messages, but Kim is a far cry from perfect and shouldn't judge what you would do for money. The K's have done it all for money.

  15. 15

    uptil I saw the receipt for $4417, I didn't believe …that…my friends brother was like trully bringing in money part-time from there new laptop.. there sisters roommate has done this for only about 9 months and just now repaid the depts on there house and bought a great new Buick. I went here, FAB33.COM

  16. 16

    "sad when people need money and get desperate"

    says the girl who leaked her own sex tape?