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Russell Crowe Gives Video Middle Finger To Adam Lambert, Posts Studio Recording Of Stars!

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Russell Crowe may not be fondling burlesque beauty Dita Von Teese's exquisite lady lumps…

But he can TOTES sing, you guys!

And to seemingly prove Adam Lambert WRONG in his estimation that the stars of Tom Hooper's Les Misérables lacked the proper vocal ability to give justice to the musical's powerful tunes, Russell recently posted a STUDIO recording of himself singing Stars, with just a piano as accompaniment!

Judge Russell's singing talent for yourself (above)!

We must admit his voice sounds chocolate-cake rich, and we concede he does have an impressive talent…

But it just lacks the "umph!: — that POWER you're supposed to feel when hearing that song. But he isn't as terrible as many have made him out to be.

A BRAVO! to you, good sir!

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20 comments to “Russell Crowe Gives Video Middle Finger To Adam Lambert, Posts Studio Recording Of Stars!”

  1. 1

    perez you are a douche!!! Adam Lambert has more talent then you could ever dream of having!!!

  2. shel says – reply to this


    Stick with acting Mr. Crowe. Leave the singing to Adam Lambert.

  3. queenrosered1 says – reply to this


    Yeah..and this proves exactly what? That Crowe AGREED with Lambert about the fact that the director SHOULD have "sweetened" the vocals in the studio! How is this still even "news"? That's not Crowe giving Lambert the finger..it's Crowe showing folks that he (Lambert) was RIGHT!

  4. venfoil says – reply to this


    The marginally better studio performance by Crowe actually proves the point Adam made.

  5. Jenn says – reply to this


    I like BOTH Russell and Adam. But to be honest Russell IMO cannot sing. Well he can but I sure wouldn't buy His CD.

  6. fid says – reply to this


    I had no issues with Russell Crowe's singing in the movies. Actually if you listen to most of the stage versions of Les Mis a lot of the characters are not perfect singers, which I like. This is such a dark dramatic "musical" that the rawness of the voices worked for me. It would be weird if everyone sounded pitch perfect and produced to hell.

    Adam can sing but I personally do not find his voice appealing. Sort of like an animal in heat in the summer.

  7. 7


  8. Sue says – reply to this


    This only proves Adam right, he sweetened the pretty bad vocals with a studio recordingike Adam said, shows he is correct! The vocals are some better but nothing to crow about! Grow up Hilton, he was not giving a middle finger he was showing how it sounded better sweetened like Adam said, it would have been great raw if he was a singer of Adam's caliber! Adam never called RC or HJ name out, he just did not praise them as other's on the film! Your constant slandering of Adam is getting serious and redicous now!! Stop it !!

  9. Jason says – reply to this


    What took you so long Mario? Mario the BULLY is at it again. This just proves Adam was RIGHT. Made his point beautifully.

  10. sasha says – reply to this


    Hello, that was what Adam wanted in the first place….the studio version that could be tweeked with auto tune.

  11. 11

    I actually love the rock tenor thing that he has going on. Not the typical sound for Javert, but both my mom and I were pleasantly surprised by Russell in the movie.

  12. Lizzieblambert says – reply to this


    Perez you are wrong !!! this just proves Adam Lambert right.

  13. Chelsalina says – reply to this


    When Crowe's singing I just don't feel anything.. He's not bad but he's not good either. He's an amazing actor though.

  14. Katharina says – reply to this


    I don't get how you can like his singing. It's so incredibly boring no matter if it's live or a studio version. He sounds like he's just singing along to radio.
    Just watch the 10th or 25th anniversary concert, it's so much better. They had enough incredibly famous people in the cast, i don't get why they didn't hire someone lesser known who could actually sing.

  15. SeriouslyPH??? says – reply to this


    You cannot be serious. I look for a voice that grabs me deep within me, makes me roll my eyes back till they are closed, I catch my breath and my whole body breaks out in goosebumps. This doesn't have to be a 'sexy man'. It is when the voice goes beyond beautiful and you are able to feel the emotions of the song through singer. I do not get this from this recording. You do not have to be filming. I've gotten this form watching an awesome X-Factor contestant to an aspiring YouTube singer. Yes, Adam's voice does this for me (many times over). Gerard Butler in Phantom - Wow! I haven't seen Les Mis yet and I intend too. It is a fav of mine and I'm going with no hopes other than a good story line. THIS video that was posted did not help what ever cause is still being carried on that needs to be dropped…its been almost a month. Come on ppl.

  16. FedUpBatman says – reply to this


    Re: SeriouslyPH??? – LOL till I can't no more! Are you serious? You need a cold shower or something? Adam Lambert is so not sexy but oh so overrated, the product of media manipulation with a political agenda brainwashing tone-deaf and relentless bullies (who became the glamberts), to attack other musicians who have more talent than him. He is insecure and rude. So to cover these shortcomings, he has to be flamboyant and criticize other celebrities to be in the news, and you want people to drop it? Tell the chosen one to be careful what he wishes for. There's a reason he didn't win, and it had nothing to do with discrimination. Even my gay friends wanted to throw things at the TV during his performances. His voice is irritating, he has a tendency to go sharp or flat, and he's always screeching like a cat in heat. Oh wow! Maybe he's calling out to you. He certainly appeals to a certain specie, but not those with human ears.

  17. LadyLocks says – reply to this


    Anyone else notice how Perez dissed on Adam for his opinion and then a few lines later agreed with him? Looks like someone is trying too hard to be an ass, your contradictions are giving you away.

  18. Kimmel says – reply to this


    adam's fans like flies are everywhere and always try to prove nobody in the world sings better… give me a break… crowe's acting while singing is one of the most powerful performances in the movie and singing only makes it better i dare say… my hat off to russell… who gives a s*** about adam, he should stick to his popsy club tunes and grow up if he wants to get into a decent musical one day…

  19. Janet says – reply to this


    Perez; give it up now. This nonsense over Les Miserable has gone on for more than 3 weeks. Why are you so hung up on finding negativity regarding Adam. Do you make a career out of this or what? Everyone can criticise Adam but if he expresses an opinion about anything the world has to stop. Get a life.

  20. Luz says – reply to this


    To Adam lambert: Adam I love your singing and you are the best male singer ever but I feel that you should not be introduced as the first gay singer… Your lifestyle plays no part in your singing and really sets you apart.. You are the best male singer ever with no distinctions and people should just love you for being just plain Adam.. wishing you the best birthday ever. Please make a recording with cindi Lauper or Aguilera, Carey, Dion. These ladies will love working with you and any song you make with any of them will be an instant hit.