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Sylvester Stallone Abused His Half-Sister & Paid Her To Stay Quiet!?

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sylvester-stallone-abuse-half-sister-blackmail-mom-defends-him Toni-Ann Filiti

Not according to Mama Stallone!

New documents reveal Sylvester Stallone's half-sister, Toni-Ann Filiti, accused him of abuse in the late '80s and the action hero paid her crap-loads of cash to keep quiet!

As horrendous as those allegations sound, Jackie Stallone swears her son would NEVER do that!

Apparently the Rocky star's half-sister shook him down so, on his lawyers' advice, he paid her $2 mil up-front and continued giving her monthly payments of $16K.

Jackie revealed:

“This was nothing more than a shakedown. Toni-Ann was on 65 Oxycontin pills a day, and she threatened Sylvester. A drug addict will do anything. He was trying to help her. He caved in… At the time [in 1987] he was very hot, and his lawyers said, ‘Give her something just to shut her up.’”

Ugh! Accusations of abuse shouldn't be taken lightly, but the Rambo stud doesn't seem like that type of guy! And who knows what a drug addict would say to get paid?!

Is Sly a meanie? Was he blackmailed!! We honestly don't know what to believe!!

Now that the Stallone family's dirty laundry is public, maybe the world will finally learn the truth!

[Image via WENN & MGM.]

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6 comments to “Sylvester Stallone Abused His Half-Sister & Paid Her To Stay Quiet!?”

  1. 1

    I heard he raped her and she was going to send him to prison for a very long time….

  2. 2

    cup the balls

  3. test says – reply to this


    It would be best for him to come clean and tell the truth. If he has done that, then no wonder her sis became drug addict.

  4. jk says – reply to this


    It would have ruined him to fight these charges as hgew was just getting started on his careeer, he wasnt the one person she accused of this either. SHe is a drug addict and was very loose with her morals and he didbt want to slam her with this crap. But it wasnt sexual abuse, she said he beat her all the time and all kinds of crazy shit.l feel bad fior the guy . I am sure he didnt miss the money but I am sure it hirt him to have her comeup with this shit just to get moeny from him. I think her mother would have killed lsy for messig with his half sister and plus they werent even raised together were they??

  5. no surprise says – reply to this


    Well, the tapes were destroyed as part of the "settlement", so it could only mean one thing. He did it, admitted it in conversations with her that he didn't know she was taping. Maybe she DID blackmail him out of anger, but he deserved much worse than to pay money. Plus, if you read it, there was money for medical expenses. Why would she need medical help if he didn't do anything? Because h e fucked up her mind the rest of her life. PTSD. Not one bit surprised given his history. Wasn't he also a porn actor for awhile?

  6. no surprise says – reply to this


    Plus, coming out now and saying she was a hooker, drug addict, etc. when she can't defend herself is typical of what rapists do to victims. She likely was on drugs and maybe even turned to prostitution…very common with victims of sexual abuse. Keep in mind she was in her early 20s when the settlement was reached, and there is NO WAY a big star would have settled had he not done it. It is so hard to prove abuse. He would have had his pr people and attorneys just attack her like they are now. Except she had his admission on tapes. Why else would there be tapes destroyed as part of the settlement? Oh, but of course, as his f'cked up mother says, "he was trying to help her." If he was trying to help her, he would have just given her money, no "settlement" and no destruction of tapes, i.e. evidence. It is bad enough to blame the victim, but blaming her after she is dead. Yes, I do believe this because I have seen this too many times and this story is very typical of the abuse I see when rape victims come to our clinic.