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Adele! Adele! Adele!

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Lots of exciting news!!!
Lots of exciting news!!!
Lots of exciting news!!!

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13 comments to “Adele! Adele! Adele!”

  1. bobsmith says – reply to this


    Please, Perez, cut your hair if you insist on being on camera. You look like a wild cave man.

  2. 2

    Oh Perez, you're so cute!

  3. 3

    Re: bobsmith – looks like a ape/caveman for sure

  4. BinC says – reply to this


    why would u say "who the FUCK is whatever name" … A will not be happy if thats her creatures name ..

  5. 5

    hypocritical motherfucker, you bitch and moan about people smoking dope and drinking, yet you own a piece of and push that drunks swill tyku, and your shirt tells us you smoke. fuckoff puss face.

  6. 6

    you realize you're wearing a stoner shirt, right? it's not about "breathing deeply", moron.

  7. Derre says – reply to this


    when did your nose get even bigger?

  8. Mary says – reply to this


    Hypocritical piece of shit! Go fuck yourself.

  9. YES A HATER says – reply to this


    i'm not hating on you for smoking weed or even telling us other people smoke weed, i am hating that you try to make it seem like what they are doing is bad, wrong, or you are against it. you are sad. i'm sure you'll say haters make you famous or why am i reading your blog? i'm not against these types of blogs. i am against people like you and gaga that act like they are changing the world with garbage. fine you have money and people know your name. NOBODY respects you even if they like you. it's one thing to read gossip, and another to write the most misleading stories to obtain readers. you're seriously ok with pissing off readers and celebrities every single day just to be on the D list? i will gladly admit that i read your posts often, but you are still one of the lowest people. at least the superficial admits to teasing people, but you BLATANTLY twist lies and play mother teresa to obtain clicks. i come here because i love seeing you get called out on your bullshit once in a while, and you never fail to deliver the bullshit. i feel sorry for you. you make me believe in the illuminati because nobody acts the way you do without selling their souls.

  10. nik says – reply to this


    I like that shirt. Where did you get it??

  11. nik says – reply to this


    Re: YES A HATER – for you to have this much hatred on your soul for a human is really scary. To actually take the time to register and spew hate like you do scares me. This blog was never meant to be serious. YOU have serious problems and I suggest you take some time to reflect and maybe volunteer and help someone in need. Really you take life too seriously and it might be time stay off gossip sites.

  12. Susannah says – reply to this


    Re: nikRe: YES A HATER
    Seriously, nik?
    YES A HATER is expressing her or her own opinion, and if you took the time to actually DIGEST the words instead of coming down on him or her as hard as you did, you would see that YOU are the one who needs help.
    "hatred on your soul" ?? Are you frickin' kidding me here?
    Get a grip.
    For the most part, I agree with YES A HATER. Perez IS indeed a hypocrit, and a LOT of the people who come here do so to tell him who he IS, and to call him out on his OWN bullshit.
    He DOES piss off celebrities and writers. Every day.
    He DOES twist lies and plays like Mother Teresa.

    "register and spew hate" ??
    Good grief.
    IF he was blasting out with putred name-calling and ignorant and ridiculous off the top swear words WITHOUT an actual opinion, maybe.
    But YES A HATER was only expressing an OPINION.
    (Not that he or she needs me to defend them.)
    For fuck's sake…
    Judgemental much, nik?

  13. YES A HATER says – reply to this


    it's not just his opinion, and it's not a joke. he reports stories that are either very misleading or intentionally misconstrued. i do not hate perez. i only used the word hater because that is typically what people who disagree with someone else are called. i actually feel sorry for him that he spends his life reporting things that don't matter, and usually getting it wrong. i'm not out saving the world, but i don't thrive off the misfortune of others. i wouldn't take him so seriously if he wasn't always being so judgmental of everyone he reports on, weed being a perfect example. i did not register for this site, but i do look at it sometimes. the most hate i spewed was calling him sad. and that was harsh, but i still feel it is sad to be extremely fake for such lame ends. he always contradicts himself, mostly when he is bashing one celebrity for doing something, but not caring when another does the same thing. whether you are or are not, you come off as the least genuine person i hear about, and i still think that is saying something. you write on here every day and we get to see the real you through all the fake things you post.