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Michelle Williams DENIES Destiny’s Child Super Bowl Reunion!!

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Say it ain’t so!!

We’ve been rockin’ out to Destiny’s Child music for weeks now just in preparation for their big Super Bowl reunion.

But Michelle Williams might have crushed hopes and dreams all over with her comments on the Super Bowl rumors, but we refuse to give up so easily.

We mean, just check out how hard she’s trying to convince us (above)!

Nice try, gurl, but we’re onto you!

See you, Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland at the Super Bowl!

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23 comments to “Michelle Williams DENIES Destiny’s Child Super Bowl Reunion!!”

  1. The Scammer's Child says – reply to this


    Worldwide embarrassment named Beyonce and her Superbowl Half Time Show setlist will be booed and the worst setlist because she doesn't have a current hit !!!!!!!!!

    R I P :(

  2. Condolences says – reply to this


    This is boring. Can't quite remember when was last Bey hit the Top 10 on Billboard

  3. I Will Pass says – reply to this


    Thanks but no thanks.

  4. Yulanda says – reply to this



  5. Beyawnce says – reply to this


    Boring !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Leo90s says – reply to this


    Beyonce is cliche of everything that has ever been disingenuous about the music business. A soulless Mariah Doll, with plastic doll parts pregnancy, who was plucked off the streets of no where and put on–simply because the outfit was her size. In other words: commerce…created and puppet mastered by money grubbing music husband.

    The bottom line is that Beyonce was not built to last and is very “replaceable.” This is why she does not take breaks, and repetitiously puts out a generic by-the-numbers pop album every year. Being that she has little ‘star power,’. She mingles with the President to make her look important in order to sustain her momentum she has to continually strike while the iron is hot, while employing a multitude of petty ‘stunts’ to get attention (tacky baby, fake her colors,filling her butt with chemicals, referencing her tumultuous relationship with her dad to be in the cover of magazines.

    Rest in peace, hope your earpiece will save your Halftime Superbowl in which the last show you will ever perform before you join Fantasia Barrino and Janet Jackson hall of Shame.

    Good Bye! !!!

  7. livia says – reply to this


    the set list has already been released and destinys child is performing. for being a gossip website you're really not on your shit.

  8. Truth Tea says – reply to this


    I’m so glad Beyonce is finally getting the backlash she deserves. After all the stealing, lying and support of tyrannical dictators, its good to know that people are finally catching up with her. Just yesterday Howard Stern likened her to Lance Armstrong. She’s talented but completely disingenuous


  9. OhPlease says – reply to this


    The show will be great. She always delivers. There is no "WW" embarrassment because most people really don't care about the "scandal". When Prince performed did he have a current hit? No but he still crushed it. It's about the show and the performance. Beyonce always brings the performance and the wow factor. I think people need to grow up. She sang using a back up track of her own voice — big deal. Ever wonder why the other singers aren't trashing her? Because they do it too and they all lead off with "we know Beyonce can sing" — back away from the haterade. As for the dictator comment — you do know that all the proceeds went to Katrina victims…

  10. Yolo says – reply to this


    Beyonce so last decade..like your toilet seat!!!! :D

  11. GetReal says – reply to this


    Re: Yolo – Bey is growing up — you should try it sometime…

  12. Opssss says – reply to this


    Re: GetReal

    Worldwide embarrassment named Beyonce, just like your an old public toilet seat. Full of s**t !!!

  13. Fraudyawnce says – reply to this




  14. Monster says – reply to this


    ZZZZZZZZZZZZ…..wake me up when she gets BOOOOOed :D

  15. Flush It Gurl says – reply to this


    Beyonce is so last decade..like your overused tampon !!!! :(

  16. K Bye says – reply to this


    Puhlessze, she hasn’t done anything groundbreaking for the last 4 years.

    Time to sit her fake ass down and pop out more fake Ape babies.

  17. Opssss says – reply to this


    Her lips sync will be flawless as ever !!!! LOL


  18. Money Grabbers Ready says – reply to this


    Of course they will reunite with the release of new Destiny’s Child compilation ’Love Songs’ and to fix the lipsynching hiccup thanks to one of their members named Befraudyonce- America Biggest Scammer !!!!

  19. 19

    Re: Yolo – that was lame

  20. ayo says – reply to this


    Gosh!! you are such an irritant for saying those mean things about Beyonce. The woman is so humble and talented. its just not fair to her. Pls, put yourself in her shoe.

  21. The WholeStory says – reply to this


    Veteran recording engineer Ian Shepherd, who has more than 15 years of audio engineering experience, confirms that at least half of what was heard was live. After analyzing both the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times videos of Beyonce’s performance, Shepherd offers the following proof:
    •When Beyoncé starts singing, her vocals are hard to hear because the microphone is set too low, an issue the sound person quickly corrects. If it were a recording, this issue would not be audible.

    •At 1:16 in the New York Times video, Shepherd noticed Beyonce’s slight head tilt toward the microphone as the sound gets more bassy, which he says is the result of an acoustic quirk called the "proximity effect."

    •At 1:52, Beyonce removes her earpiece, which some people say is proof that she was lip synching. However, Shepherd told MTV News that this is evidence Beyonce was trying to hear what her voice was doing in the "real" world as she kept the audio feed of the recording in the other.

    •At 2:17, Beyoncé smiles, and Shepherd says you can "hear" that in her voice.

    •At 00:36 in the Wall Street Journal video you can hear the wind blowing and making a popping sound on the microphone as Beyonce’s scarf flies around her neck.

  22. GetReal says – reply to this


    Re: K Bye – Let's see - Several of the songs on 4 have gone platinum. Not bad considering she was on leave…

  23. Malachi says – reply to this


    Beyoncé has you all upset! In the meanwhile, she is completely unbothered. Seethe!